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V-Varen Nagasaki (V・ファーレン長崎, Vi Fāren Nagasaki) is a Japanese J2 League football club based in Nagasaki. The club was established in 1985 as Ariake SC till they merged with Kunimi FC in 2004 and adopted the present name in 2005.

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Since 2006, V-Varen Nagasaki has been competing for the title of the Kysh Soccer League and, by extension, a spot in the Japan Football League. However, the club did not win the championship until November 2008, when they finished in second place in the Regional League promotion series.

They submitted their application for J. League Associate Membership in January of 2009, and it was approved at the board meeting held by the J. League in February of that same year. They were crowned champions of the Japan Football League in 2012, earning them promotion to the J. League Division 2 as a result. After another five years, they finally achieved their goal of winning promotion to the J1 League by coming in second place in the 2017 J2 League season.

ISAHAYA, JAPAN – SEPTEMBER 30: Segundo VICTOR IBARBO Guerrero of V-Varen Nagasaki looks on during the J.League Meiji Yasuda J2 match between V-Varen Nagasaki and Tokushima Vortis at Transcosmos Stadium Nagasaki on September 30, 2020 in Isahaya, Nagasaki, Japan. (Photo by J.LEAGUE/J.LEAGUE via Getty Images)

J. League: 2013–
In order to better prepare for their inaugural season in J. League Division 2, the club decided to bring in locally-born Takuya Takagi to serve as their head coach for the year. V-Varen Nagasaki played in their first ever J. League Division 2 match on March 3, 2013, against Fagiano Okayama at the Kanko Stadium in Okayama.

The club played Fagiano Okayama and the match ended in a 1–1 draw. Kichi Sat scored the first J. League Division 2 goal for V-Varen Nagasaki in the 25th minute of the match. The club then played its first home encounter in the J. League Division 2 on 10 March 2013 at the Nagasaki Athletic Stadium against previous J. League champions Gamba Osaka, which resulted in a loss for V-Varen Nagasaki by a score of 3-1 in front of a massive crowd of 18,153 people.

Financial troubles
After suffering from severe financial issues for some time, on March 8, 2017, the club was acquired by Japanet Holdings, the parent company of the Japanese television shopping behemoth Japanet Takata Co.,Ltd., and thereafter became a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanet Holdings. Japanet has made significant financial investments into the club, which has resulted in promotion to the highest level of Japanese football and the publication of plans to construct a new football-specific stadium on the site of the former shipbuilding operations of Mitsubishi in Nagasaki, which is scheduled to open in 2023.