Julián Araujo Barcelona Transfer

Even though FC Barcelona was unable to complete the acquisition of Julian Araujo from LA Galaxy before the transfer deadline in January, the 21-year-old will still be moving to Barcelona in the near future. The transfer was not finalized until after the deadline.

Last week, Director of Football Mateu Alemany revealed that he would be joining the club. However, in order to figure out what the best option was, they had to figure out what the best solution was after their appeal to register Araujo was refused by FIFA. They have submitted an appeal about the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport at this time.

“It wasn’t my request, but I’m delighted that he’s coming. They’ve already been watching him since before I arrived. Now this situation has arisen and I’m delighted. He’s going to be with me for a while and then move on to the first team. He’ll be able to integrate bit by bit, and hopefully have a nice career here.” said Rafa Marquez, ex-Barcelona center-back.

Araujo is expected to train with FC Barcelona’s youth teams while he gets back in prime shape since the MLS preseason just started.


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