Chicharito Mexico Return Tata Martino

It is inevitable that Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is a missing piece in Gerardo Martino’s lineups. The Mexican National Team has been performing below standards and does not seem to show much improvement.

The current striker of Tata Martino’s choice as of recently is Raul Jimenez. Although Jimenez is a starter in the Premier League for Wolverhampton, his performances at the National and International levels have been subpar. This leaves Mexico with very few options and Martino is left with substituting Jimenez with other strikers who are also not performing at the highest level.

Tata Martino

The World Cup is only a few months away and Mexican fans are wondering why is Chicharito not playing on the Mexican National Team? As of recently, Chicharito is the most in-form striker Mexico has to offer. He is scoring multiple goals with LA Galaxy and plays with a passion, unlike others.

Not to mention, Chicharito is one of the current few Mexicans that has a long history of playing for elite clubs in the past such as Manchester United, Bayer Leverkusen, West Ham United, Sevilla, and Real Madrid.

So it begs to differ why is Chicharito Hernandez not on the Mexican National Team? The short answer is he made some comments after the 2018 World Cup that did not please the Mexican Federation Board of Directors. His criticism of the Mexican management upset certain people, which caused them to not want Chicharito on the national team anymore.

Chicharito Tata Martino Controversy

Mexico’s recent form in friendly games ahead of the World Cup has created controversy and we believe that Martino is much more open to bringing Chicharito back.

According to various sources, Gerardo Martino has contacted Chicharito, which opens up the possibility of him making his return.