Santiago Ormeno Chivas Transfer Guadalajara

On Monday afternoon, Deportivo Guadalajara (Better known as Chivas) announced the signing of 28-year-old striker Santiago Ormeno from Club Leon. A move that has caused so much controversy and attention amongst Mexican pundits and analysts.

Why, you may ask? Could it be that Ormeno only managed to find the back of the net for Club Leon only once in 31 games last season? Has one of the biggest and most sacred teams in Mexican football fallen off so bad ambitiously? The answer to that may be yes, but there is a much bigger debate at hand.

What has so many Mexican pundits talking about this lackluster move is Ormeno’s nationality allegiance. Chivas has a strict “Mexican Only” policy where all players in the team must be Mexican. Ormeno is Mexican considering he was born and raised in Mexico, however he is listed as a Peruvian as he accepted to play for the Peruvian national team last year.

Ormeno’s grandfather is Walter Ormeno, who played as a goalkeeper for the Peruvian national team and various clubs throughout Latin America in the 1940s-1960s. Thus, giving him dual citizenship.

When looking at the information given and Chiva’s policy, what’s the issue? Ormeno is Mexican undoubtedly. However, within the past few days there has been a screenshot regarding Chivas policy stating that the player must be not only Mexican, but they must represent the Mexican national team. Many pundits have criticized Chivas, calling them hypocrites as they are signing a “non-Mexican” player and stepping all over a policy that has been honored and in place for years.

Many fans and pundits believe this might be the beginning of a new era at the club, as they believe that Chivas could potentially take away the “Mexican Only” policy and begin to sign foreign born players.

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