Paulo Dybala Roma Transfer

While almost 8,000 supporters chanted the Roma song, Paulo Dybala took in the breathtaking panorama from the steps of one of the most recognizable structures in the Eternal City.

During this evening’s dramatic presenting ceremony at the Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, better known as the Colosseo Quadrato, in EUR, La Joya’s eyes were filled with tears.

After expressing his gratitude to the fans for the warm reception, he sat down on the steps with his legs crossed and took in the scene of 8,000 supporters singing the Roma club anthem.

Dybala Roma Welcome

Paulo Dybala’s first day with the Serie A club Roma resulted in more shirt sales than Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut day with Real Madrid. Dybala broke the record set by Ronaldo.

The figures that the Portuguese player achieved after signing with Juventus in 2018 are lower than what Dybala produced after completing his free transfer to Roma last week. The Portuguese player signed with Juventus in 2018.

According to Corriere dello Sport, the numerous club shops owned by Roma have been overrun with supporters attempting to purchase the new shirt that features the Argentine forward’s name printed on the back.

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