• I want to be a world class professional football player like Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappe, Suarez, Neymar and more, that is my goal and dream
  • I eat like a professional, I play like a professional, I train like a professional, I live like a professional
  • When it comes to food I go really hard on my self, whatever I would get I will check the sugar, fat and ingredients
  • I train every day, I have strong discipline and Great confidence
  • I am a very nice and respectful teammate
  • When something goes wrong for example you miss the goal or the opposition team score it’s essential to just put that behind you and keep playing because if you keep looking back at the past and torturing yourself your gonna go nowhere but if you learn from it maybe you can go somewhere


I am very restrictive my myself, for Example what I eat, what temperature is healthy to run or train, how much hours is healthy to train and not over due yourself to have fuel for tomorrow, having a balanced lifestyle, staying as healthy as possible, There is always a football by my side no matter if i’m sitting on the couch or sitting in the car or even walking to brush my teeth, making an healthy smoothie as my daily routine, doing specific football workouts lower, core and upper, Running daily at local park, I am doing lots of plyometric Exercises (regarding to football). Taking many vitamins “both from natural food and Capsules” because as a footballer you have to be depleting your resources. I am very strict with myself of what I intake as in if it’s healthy or how much grams/calories and the ingredients is there. I train and play football 5x a day sometimes 6x or 7x depending on the schedule for example you miss a day or you have to go shopping and more of things like that


  • My style of play is when I’m with the ball and im about the shoot and there would be someone running with me on the other side for any rebounds from the goal keeper or an passing option, I would shoot and most of the time I will but it would depend on the space I have around me and how open the goal is in front of me and from experience when your out there, you would have a clearer image of what you would do rather than typing whatever’s on the top of your head.
  • I learn’t that you should make use more time from when the ball is rolling, for example when i pass to a teammate and the ball would be rolling to him, it’s essential for you to use that time of the ball rolling.
  • Learn’t that scan before receiving the ball or even while and after because without that you would see nothing else but the ball and you. You wouldn’t know the passing options, shooting options, clearing and so on


  • 178cm tall
  • Right footed
  • 70 kg


  • I have strong will
  • I have really strong discipline
  • I am very confident and when i’m not I can find it
  • Im an average tall length
  • I have a strong and stable core connected with upper body and lower from doing football specific normal and plyometric exercises
  • I have great balance
  • I am strong on and of the ball
  • I have great fast twitch muscles from training them every day
  • I have great agility, great skills, and a first touch which i’m practising every day.
  • I turn my nervousness into excitement in under pressure situations
    and etc


I started playing football at a very young age then moved on playing in an club called Ararat, and trying to move in to National premier League to get more noticeable from the scouts, managers and clubs, and for higher quality training, challenge, and people who pursue football and not just play it for fun or to get closer to friends. I play it to get my dream as an professional footballer and fun


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