My name is Antoine Camilos, I have a Brasilian passport but have lived all my life in Lebanon.
I have been playing soccer all my life and am getting better and better, my confidence is growing and the passion that I have for this game keeps on growing.
I like watching soccer but nowadays all I feel is regret that I am not the one playing because I believe in my abilities to become a very good soccer player.
I can use the experience that I have gathered throughout the years and hopefully keep learning and training to be more effective and efficient.
I have won the boys Lebanese championship twice with my club back in Lebanon called Racing FC when I was about 14-15 years old. I have also went for university in London and won the Division 3 university championship with my university called HULT international business school. I played every game of these championships as a starter in the CM position but nowadays my play has shifted more to the wing where I can use my trickery and eye for passing more efficiently.
Since then I have played in 4th division in Lebanon with a club called MSL but this was a period where I was working and building my career in business.
I have now moved to Canada, looking to reside here, and would love to continue playing soccer and reaching a high level because I am confident in myself that I can achieve that.


As an athlete, I can say that with more training i can become in top shape.
I was always fast, and physical but always thought i needed. more muscle mass.
3 years ago i decided to gain strength by doing some weight training. I went from 135 pounds squat to a 375 pound squat in around 7 months. I gained 8 kilos of muscle and then changed my style of training to become more flexible and agile.
I am ready to work even harder because i love working out and always want to improve daily.


  • I love to be a playmaker. Setting up assists and scoring goals.
  • I love to dribble and i use both of my feet to dribble, pass, cross and shoot.
  • I am a good dribbler, and have good vision to spot teammates making runs and giving them the best pass accuracy and speed.
  • I am physical and never shy away from a challenge and I love playing games that are physical and demand extra effort, that’s when I say I am at my best.


  • I am 178 cm, and I weigh around 76 kilograms.
  • My dominant foot is my right foot but my left is very reliable and I use it a lot.
  • I love physicality and love to get into opponents heads and start fouling me


  • My strength is my mind in the game.
  • It comes natural and I am always thinking and executing what I think are the best options available.
  • My other strength is the ability to use both feet and can cut inside or stay on the wing and deliver a cross.
  • I am very defensive as well I would never leave my man and would never let an opponent get past me.
    I have the passion and the mind for the game to play it at a higher level.



MSL Football Club

Lebanon – 4th division



 Division 3 UK university championship champions 2017-2018 season. Runner-up 2018-2019.


Racing Athletico FC

 U16 Lebanese championship

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