Greetings my name is Hasskell, I am 32-year-old soccer player born and raised in the Westchester county in New York. I am physically fit, I was in better shape in my early 20’s. My hobbies are going to the gym, poetry, soccer, and any physical activity. My background is Peru. I also have a Bachelors degree in business administration in accounting. I have worked in several tax companies and done clerical work. I have 8 years experience in painting as well which is how I was able to pay for college.

Currently, I am working for a small painting business; Blue Sky Painting, working as both a painter and in the office. I have played for New Rochelle Highschool, The Westchester Flames, and currently go to pick up games I have found in some Facebook pages such as Westchester Football Diversity, Westchester County Co-Ed Soccer, and Westchester County pick up soccer. I also have participated in numerous pickup soccer games through all of New Rochelle parks and consider myself a 7.5 if you would rate me on a scale of 1-10. I know a lot of tricks but I try not to show off or do too much because the name on the front of the Jersey is always more important than the one in the back.


My name is Hasskell Munoz, a 32-year-old, 178 lbs, physically fit, fast running soccer player who plays midfield and very good at defense. I work as a painter, and I am former office clerk. I was born and raised in the county of Westchester in New York and my background is Hispanic/Peruvian ethnicity. I consider more of a team player rather than a stats player in my opinion but I do have some tricks up my sleeve. I do cross out, out maneuver or dribble out my opponent.


  • Team Player; I try to supplement the area where help is needed, most of the time its defense because everyone wants the glory by playing forward and not come back to defend, but I would do anything for my team, so that we can win, I distribute the ball smart and fast to my teammates when I am playing midfield.
  • Fast; I always play smart and fast when I am distributing the ball.
  • Passing; I mostly pass then dribble but when passing is not giving me the results I need( scoring). I have to switch up my strategy and try to out maneuver or dribble out some defenders and score but more importantly to give a smart accurate pass to someone who is available for an opportunity for a shot. Sometimes a goal for me is that one special deadly pass that has to be accurate is all it takes to win.
  • Team Motivation; I keep the team spirit alive by not giving a negative vibe or insulting a team mate, we have to work together even if you don’t get along with someone.
  • Not Panicking; You cant panic in a moment of desperation. Even in real life, an emotion blocks your thinking. lets say a car drives by and your not looking and you have little time to react, you cannot panic you have to think to survive. Same thing with soccer, you have to outthink your opponent. Soccer is mostly a mind game, being in shape is a bonus.
  • Pass to whoever is Open instead of Dribbling: Sometimes Just passing the ball to whoever is open is the answer, it shows you are not greedy and helps your team mates calm and relaxed for a game, but then of course if a simple pass is not working because he failed 3 times in a row you have to switch up strategy and probably hold on to the ball a bit longer until you see a hole, an opening for a better shot opportunity.


  • I was in better shape during my early 20’s when I had my 6 pack and disciplined eating habits. i do have a cheat day once in a while now that Iam 30 but I go to the gym everyday. I do weights and hit the treadmill. I will show you a picture of how much in shape I was to show dedication example.


  • My strengths are staying focused and serious but not too tense to the point that your panicking and are not able to think. I communicate without trying to yell too much and motivate my team mates with having a positive vibe. I hustle a lot and I am not Lazy, but I always remember that the balls travels faster than someone running, therefore a pass is more effective than always running from half field or more. I have learned that I use my dribbling skills when no one is open and there is a easy shot on sight. I also have good peripheral vision, sometimes I am facing the crowd and not the goalie, and the goalie doesn’t notice that there is an opening for a shot so I discreetly see the opening and take a fast accurate shot.




I have played in a lot of indoor places in Mount Vernon like Sports Underdome, the Omni, NY, Kinetic Sports club. I also played in A game sports complex in New Rochelle and Chelsea Piers Club in Stamford, Connecticut.

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