My passion and devotion for beautiful game I call Fútbol (Soccer) started back in Atlanta, GA . I come from a hispanic background 1st generation family.I began playing for soccer league as early as 6Y (2006-2009). I remember being part of two teams one season because I didn’t have my best friend I grew up playing soccer with, my front yard neighbor . I remember crying in order for me to also be on his team because I needed be with him. Before I even joined my 1st league league him and I would play for hours every day in his front yard . I enjoyed playing the sport it was my passion .

We had to relocate to to financial circumstances to Knoxville ,Tn. The only out look for me was Soccer. I played for Ayso region 124 that’s all we could scrape money for. I was team player that had the vision we made it every huge tournament I believe was every 2 years in host citys . Also play during the winter in an indoor facility called D1 for athletes under management by Michael Hendrickson and Christi Hendrickson (2009-2018 )I was the play maker for the team just needed to be more vocal. During the same time I would also play soccer for Cedar Bluff, my middle school, were I played for 1 and half years we beat a lot of the opposition in our area under management by Chuck Sissom Cesar Ramos ,before moving again in the same city but opposite side of town and many wanted me to play for Gresham Middle School but ended up not playing the remainder of middle school season .(2011-2012)

I eventually landed my first club team called IFA,Inter Futbol Academy (2014-2016), based in Knoxville , Tn . I was there for 2 years we played the best of the best clubs in our city (FC Alliance, Greenback,TN Club team, 3v3 Tournaments, and college teams)While most of us were underaged compared to the other teams at times under coaching management from coach Dave Goldschmitt & coach Zinyor Babiker (Zee) . Until the league got discontinued. During my high school season for Central High school (2014-2018) I was a freshman playing Varsity . I remember a game not playing the whole match and I was called up to take a Penalty Kick . I ended up scoring for my team in an intance moment as a freshman in a varsity game . As my soccer development continued I begun to trust myself and believe myself because I never believed I was talented .

We all know that’s the first step in commitment to yourself as a player . I begun to increase my footwork on my own because I reached an age that after U18 you have to begin doing stuff on your own. I never knew how important technology was so I want to showcase my talent through videos . That’s the only way I know because I know the road to the MLS is not easy and some players receive great insight compared to other players that have the same passion or even more but have the guidance others players don’t have . So i’m currently going to start taking videos every day as a proper start to the right direction .

Soccer player


Have won with my teammates from 6Y-9Y
Have won many AYSO tournaments
Have won many tournaments with IFA (Inter Futbol Acdemy/ Inter Milian Academy )
During the 12th grade my varsity season we came close to win our district but ended up losing .
Have won Player Of The Year for only the players in my team (not district)
Play pickup till this day age 22 enjoying every moment


  • Right Wing/ Left Wing
  • Make outside runs and have the vision to locate the ball in the feet of forwards .
  • Also play short and enjoy when the whole team controls the ball on the field as a team.


  • 5’9”
  • Both Feet


  • Field Vision
  • Make fast runs
  • Both feet



IFA (Inter Futbol Acdemy / Inter Milan Academy)


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