Soccer Shooting Drill [Intermediate 003]

Solo Shooting Soccer Drill – Targeted Focused Training

Soccer shooting drill


The purpose of this soccer shooting drill is to practice accuracy power shots from outside the box. Follow run path as shown in the animation below. As you approach each ball, make sure to focus on aiming at a specific location but with power behind the shot. Lean forward and follow through with the inside of your foot. Following through with the shot is one of the keys to having an accurate shot with power. 

After you complete this drill, evaluate your technique. If you feel like you are not accurately hitting the desired location, evaluate how far back or forward you are leaning. Continue to practice until you start to see improvements and continue with the same technique that was improved. Note: this might not come naturally in one training session. Continue to practice for several days or weeks. 


Drill Overview

Soccer shooting drill

3D Drill Overview

Soccer shooting drill