Blaublitz Akita Tryouts

Blaublitz Akita (ブラウブリッツ秋田, Burauburittsu Akita) (formerly TDK S.C.) is a Japanese professional association football team based in Akita, Akita Prefecture. In 2014 they entered the J3 League after previously playing in the Japan Football League, the third tier of the Japanese association football league system.

Blaublitz Akita Youth Development System


Academy Player List

Soccer School

At Blaublitz Akita Soccer School, professional staff convey the joy of soccer to children under a consistent concept from infants to elementary school students .

In addition to improving skills, we are working with the goal of “mental growth” such as children’s independence, spontaneity, and cooperation with colleagues.
We aim to train professional soccer players from Akita Prefecture and produce local star players.

Special Class

Blaublitz Akita Soccer School holds special classes for school students. We hold a selection once every three months to provide guidance at a higher level. We also participate in tournaments and engage in interleague games with other J clubs.


I want to participate in a free trial, how can I apply?
To apply for a free trial, please call ( 070-5475-5860 ) or fill out an information form by clicking here.


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1965 marked the beginning of operations for the club with its headquarters in Nikaho, Akita. In 1982, they were given the opportunity to compete in the Tohoku Regional League. In 1985 and 1986, they participated in the Japan Soccer League Division 2 competition.

They have won the championship of the Tohoku Regional League for five years in a row, most recently in 2006. As a result of their victory in the National Regional League Playoffs, they were given automatic promotion to the Japan Football League. The club has said that it is prepared to break away from its parent corporation and compete in the J. League in the event that its final yearly standing ever makes promotion to that level possible.

TDK made the announcement in May 2009 that the football club will become independent beginning with the 2010 season and would center its operations around Akita. In the latter part of the year 2010, the name of the club was changed to “Blaublitz Akita.” In German, the words for blue and lightning, respectively, are blau and blitz.

The team relocated to the city of Akita and started playing in the J3 League the following year (2014). The club’s first two seasons in the professional competition both ended with them finishing in eighth place. They became the first professional third-tier champion to not be promoted after winning the title in 2017, which was their fourth season.

However, because they did not have a license to play upper-tier football, they were not promoted, making them the first team to win a professional division without being promoted. Akita, on the other hand, was successful in regaining their J2 license on September 27, 2018, and as a result, they were promoted to the second division for the first time in more than three decades when they won the championship in the 2020 season.