Fagiano Okayama Tryouts

Fagiano Okayama (ファジアーノ岡山, Fajiāno Okayama) is a Japanese football club based in Okayama, the capital of Okayama Prefecture. They play in the J2 League, the second tier of the country’s football league system.

Fagiano Okayama Youth Development System


At Fagiano Okayama Academy, in order to train Fagiano warriors who can represent Japan and play an active role in the world
(1) Strive to develop independent human resources with rich humanity
(2) We value the connection between people and strive to build a strong and loved team.

KEY WORDU-12U-15U-18
TechniqueAcquisition of basic techniques and techniques. Mastering individual tacticsDemonstrate techniques according to the situation. Acquiring group tactics from individual tacticsDemonstrate techniques with individuality according to the situation. Acquiring team tactics from group tactics
Hard workChallenge as many times as you like without fear of failure. Acquisition of ability to move flexibly and freelyDemonstrate the ability to continue playing with all your strength and with your friendsDemonstrate the power to continue playing continuously, explosively, without giving up until the end for the team
fair playLearn the rules, follow the rules and enjoy soccerObey the rules and respect your opponents, friends and refereesStrictly adhere to social rules and embody fair play with a spirit of respect
Gratitude and compassionWith “Thank you” in words!“Thank you” for action!To those who say “Thank you”!
Pride and responsibilityHave a big “dream”!From “dream” to “goal”!From “goal” to “reality”!
Humble and refreshingBright and healthy, challenge mindAlways have a desire to learn and have an open mindIndependent words and deeds, positive mind


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Soccer School

Fagiano Okayama Soccer School aims to promote sports rooted in Okayama through soccer and to contribute to the growth (cultivation) of children who will lead the next generation, based on the club philosophy of “Dreams for Children!” I will continue to work.

Course introduction
At the soccer school, we are developing four courses tailored to the purpose of children, with the pillars of rich human development through soccer, increase of soccer families, and improvement of competitiveness.

Basic Course

It is a fun soccer course, and even children who play soccer for the first time can participate without difficulty.

Challenge Course

This course is for more motivated players, aiming to improve their personal skills and understanding of soccer.

Special Course

It is a course that aims to be a top-level player and pursues improvement in competitiveness.

Goalkeeper Course

This is a course where you can steadily acquire basic skills while feeling the fun of a goalkeeper.

School Venue Information

The school is open at 17 venues in the prefecture, mainly in Okayama City !!

Enrollment Information

Apply for a free trial school by clicking here.

614-11 Masuda, Higashi-ku, Okayama City Masada Clubhouse

(Reception hours: Weekdays 9: 30-18: 00)


The previous Kawasaki Steel Mizushima F.C., who are now known as Vissel Kobe, moved to Kobe in 1975, which is when the new club was established. The former members of the club got together and established a new organization that they called the “River Free Kickers” (RFK).

Following then, the club participated for several years in the prefectural league. They started their ascent up the ranks in 2003 after adopting the name “Fagiano Okayama” as their stage name.

The year 2005 saw Fagiano Okayama’s entry into the Chugoku Regional League as a promoted team. Fagiano was the first club in history to achieve J. League Associate Membership in July of 2007, despite the fact that the team was still competing in a level that was lower than the JFL.

As a result of taking first position in the games that determined who would advance to the regional playoffs, Fagiano was granted promotion to the JFL on December 2, 2007. They qualified for J. League promotion in 2008 by finishing in fourth place in the final JFL match week, placing them below Tochigi S.C. and Kataller Toyama; on December 1, the promotion was made official by J. League, and Okayama competed in J2 for the first time in 2009. Okayama Gas is their primary sponsor, and the Sanyo Shinbun, which is a local newspaper in Okayama, is one of their back sponsors.