Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo Tryouts

Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo is a Japanese professional football club based in Sapporo, on the island of Hokkaido. The club competes in the J1 League, the top flight of Japanese football.

Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo Youth Development System


The Consadole Sapporo Academy organization started in 1997 based on “Fuji Sports Plaza” in Kuriyama-cho, Yubari-gun.

First, U-18 and U-15 were launched, and then U-12 was established in 2002. Since then, the base has been relocated to Higashikariki in Sapporo City, and a consistent training system that continues to the top has been established.

In 2012, he won the national championship in the J.League Youth Championship, and won the “Best Training Club Award” at the J.League Awards of the same year. Ryosuke Shindo and Daiki Suga are the first players from the academy to be selected as A representatives in the 2019 season, and the results of their training are steadily appearing.

Academy Recruitment

Under the slogan “To the world with Hokkaido,” Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo has been focusing on the activities of the Academy Group in order to develop athletes who will play an active role in the world from Hokkaido. And in order to make our dreams come true, we want players who have the “ambition” to take on the challenge seriously.
Therefore, we are holding a selection this year as well. Please click here to check tryout dates and to register.

Consadole Soccer School

At the Consadole Soccer School, which started in 2001, we value the feelings of children who want to play soccer, love soccer, and want to be good at it. Children who have no experience in soccer are also welcome. Let’s enjoy soccer at Consadole Soccer School! Click here to visit the Consadole official website.


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The history of the Consadole club can be traced all the way back to 1935, when the Toshiba Horikawa-cho Soccer Club was established in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. In 1978, they were given a spot in the Japan Soccer League Division 2, which has since been eliminated. In 1980, they changed their name to the Toshiba Soccer Club, and in 1989, they were elevated to the JSL Division 1 level of competition.

Their best finish came in the 1990 and 1991 seasons, when they came in fourth place. They played their final season as Toshiba S.C. in 1995, having been demoted since they were not prepared to participate in the J.League when it was implemented. In 1992, they entered the Japan Football League, which had just been founded. They had ambitions of becoming a professional team, but the owner, Toshiba, did not think that Kawasaki was an appropriate place to call home.

This was due to the fact that Verdy Kawasaki, one of the most prominent teams at the time, was also based in the city at the same time. Toshiba considered that the city was not large enough to accommodate two clubs at the same time. (Since then, Verdy has relocated over the Tama River to Chfu City in the western part of Tokyo and been renamed as Tokyo Verdy 1969; the only remaining professional club is Kawasaki Frontale, which was formerly a part of Fujitsu.)

They came to the conclusion that Sapporo, with its supportive local government and people, would be the best place to establish a base for a professional soccer team while they waited for the Sapporo Dome to be finished in the year 2001. Prior to the beginning of the 1996 season, the ownership was changed from Toshiba to Hokkaido Football Club plc.

However, Consadole still wears the red and black colors that their predecessor, Toshiba, wore on their uniforms, despite the fact that Toshiba no longer has a financial interest in the club.

SAPPORO, JAPAN – JULY 04: #14 Yoshiaki KOMAI of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo celebrate their first goal with his team mates scored an own goal by Tokushima Vortis player during the J.League Meiji Yasuda J1 match between Consadole Sapporo and Tokushima Vortis at the Sapporo Atsubetsu Stadium on July 04, 2021 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. (Photo by J.LEAGUE/J.LEAGUE via Getty Images)

The JFL title originally belonged to Toshiba S.C., but it was passed on to Consadole Sapporo. Their first season, which took place in 1996, was not a resounding success as they finished fifth and were not promoted. On the other hand, in 1997 they won the JFL championship and were consequently promoted to the J.League. Their first season in the J.League was in 1998, and they finished 14th out of 18, but this did not ensure that they would remain in the top division. The J.League began having two divisions beginning with the 1999 season, and the play-offs were to be played with a total of five teams (four clubs from the J.League and the JFL champions).

Not only the results of the 1998 season but also those of the 1997 season were considered when choosing who would participate in the play-offs. This was done in order to determine who would advance to the next round. Consadole, who did not participate in the previous season, finished 14th in the aggregate ranking and was forced to face the play-offs despite placing higher than Gamba Osaka, who had been fourth in 1997. This was due to the fact that Consadole did not participate in the previous season.

They were the first team in the history of the J.League to ever experience relegation, and they did it by losing all four of their games, including two against Vissel Kobe and another two against Avispa Fukuoka. In 1999, Takeshi Okada, a former coach for the Japan national team, was hired to serve as the head coach of the club in an effort to make a fast comeback to J1. However, this endeavor was unsuccessful, and the club ended fifth. Their significant expenditures on players worked against them, and by this point, the club owed more over 3 billion yen, which is equivalent to almost $33 million in American currency.

The filing for bankruptcy appeared to be an almost probable outcome. They made significant cuts to expenses in the year 2000. As a direct consequence of this, the starting lineup for the squad frequently featured as many as eight players who were on loan from another club. Nevertheless, this plan was successful, and the club was promoted to J1 after winning both the J2 championship and the title.

This year marked the first time in the club’s history that they turned a profit in a single fiscal year. In 2001, they placed 11th overall in J1 competition. However, when the season came to a close, the club was unable to convince Okada to renew the contract, and several of the team’s most important players also decided to leave. They had the worst record in 2002 and were consequently demoted back to J2 for the second time. In 2003, they sought once more to get back into the first division as quickly as possible by investing a lot of money; nevertheless, the team did not play very well on the pitch.

They finished in ninth place, and their debt once again surpassed the threshold of 3 billion yen. The financially troubled club came to the conclusion that it needed a significant reorganization and consequently let go of several highly paid prominent players, one of which being Yasuyuki Konno, a club mainstay. The revitalized but inexperienced team finished last in J2 in the year 2004. The silver side was that they were able to significantly lower their debt to less than one hundred million yen when their financial circumstances improved. Both in 2005 and 2006, they came in sixth place.

They got as far as they ever have in the Cup, which was the semi-finals of the Emperor’s Cup in 2006, 15 years after they got that far in Kawasaki. This is the furthest they’ve ever gotten in the Cup. They were finally crowned champions in 2007, and as a result, they gained promotion to J1 for the 2008 season. After suffering a defeat on October 19, 2008, Sapporo was officially demoted to J2 for the 2009 season.

As a result, they passed Kyoto Sanga to become the most relegated team in the league. They were promoted to Division One after placing third in 2011, having won the Japanese second-tier championship a record five times (including two JSL Second Divisions as Toshiba, and one former JFL title), which earned them the right to break the record.

Consadole had one of the worst seasons in J.League history in 2012, finishing with the highest goals conceded per game ratio, the worst points per game ratio, and the highest loss percentage in league history. This was due to the fact that they were relegated after just 27 matches, making the 2012 team one of the worst to ever compete in the top division. The team changed its name to “Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo” at the beginning of the 2016 season and has kept it since then.

The club officially became known as Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo in the year 2016. The team defeated the Vancouver Whitecaps 1-0 to take first place in the Pacific Rim Cup event, which was held for the first time in Honolulu, Hawaii, on February 9, 2018. 2018 was the year that they finished in fourth place, which was their best finish ever in the J.League era and in Sapporo. This came 27 years after they were in the same position in Kawasaki.