Kyoto Sanga FC Tryouts

Kyoto Sanga FC (京都サンガF.C.) is a Japanese professional football club based in Kyoto. “Sanga” comes from the Sanskrit sangha, a term meaning “group” or “club”. Founded in 1922, they are the oldest club competing in the J.League.

Kyoto Sanga FC Youth Development System


Sanga Academy aims to develop “top athletes with excellent mental and physical skills” with an emphasis on “humanity” with a consistent teaching policy from the elementary school age to the high school age.

A professional soccer player training project that can play an active role in Japan and around the world in collaboration with Kyocera, Ritsumeikan Gakuen, and Kyoto Sanga FC. Through communal living in the athlete dormitory “RYOUMA”, school life at Ritsumeikan Uji High School, which promotes international education, and training in the training ground, we aim to develop athletes who have all the mental and physical skills.

Academy Recruitment

U-12 SP course / Pre-SP course

Kyoto Sanga FC U-12SP course, GKSP course, pre-SP course are active in 2021 Kyoto and Shiga prefectures with 9 U-12SP course venues, 2 GKSP course venues, and 6 pre-SP course venues. In addition to the basic instruction in football of carrying, we value the process of recognition, judgment, decision and execution in the previous stage, aiming to complete the basic technology necessary to step up in a higher level environment, and human beings We are working to promote the improvement of sexuality and promote to the U-15 team.

Please participate in the selection held around March every year. Only successful applicants can join. Click here for more information.

Scalar Athletes Project

From Kyoto to Japan and the world.
Mission: Foster the world’s top athletes who have both true literary and martial arts.

The Scalar Athletes Project is a soccer professional and top player development project promoted by Kyocera, Kyoto Sanga FC, and Ritsumeikan School Corporation.
The synergistic effect of the splendor of sports and the splendor of academics will form a richer personality and expand the possibilities of athletes who will fly into the future.

Scalar Athletes Project Implementation Guidelines

  1. Currently active with students enrolled in 2006 as the first students of this project
  2. Athletes who meet the academic ability standards of Ritsumeikan Uji High School will be admitted to Ritsumeikan Uji High School.
    (1) Details such as the examination eligibility criteria and entrance examination method for Ritsumeikan Uji High School are separately stipulated.
    (2) It is possible to go on to Ritsumeikan University internally (the academic ability standards, etc. are specified separately).
    (3) Tuition fees will be borne by Ritsumeikan as a school and will be borne as a scholarship. * Tuition fees may not be exempted.
  3. All of them move into the player dormitory “RYOUMA”, live a communal life, and practice on a dedicated ground.
    (1) About dormitory life
    Kyoto Sanga FC is responsible for managing the dormitory life
    Conducting social education throughout life, including dietary management by a dedicated dietitian
    Use your own bicycle to move to school, practice area, dormitory
    Kyoto Sanga FC will bear all dormitory and food expenses
    (2) About the dedicated ground
    Practice at the artificial turf ground dedicated to training in Sanga Town Joyo
  4. Kyoto Sanga FC comprehensively supports Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School soccer club
    (1) Dispatch one coach as a high school soccer club manager
    (2) Implementation of training matches and joint practice with Sanga U-18
    (3) Advice from Sanga Medical staff (trainer)

Kyoto Sanga FC Soccer School

You can choose a class that suits your purpose and goals.
You can combine different classes!
Choose the class that suits you and improve your soccer level in a fun way!

Soccer School

There are various classes such as classes that aim to acquire and improve basic soccer skills and classes that allow you to grow through various experiences, in addition to soccer.

Adult Soccer

This class is open to all participants regardless of their soccer experience. You can learn from basic skills to actual play.

Kindergarten Soccer

This classroom aims to help children grow up in good physical and mental health. The course is open with the cooperation of the host garden. This course is for children enrolled in the kindergarten where the course is being held.

Enrollment Information

First of all, let’s participate in the free trial school!
Feel the state of the school with your skin.
Experience schools will be held at each school venue that is being held.
Please note that depending on the venue, you may be required to register for waiting at the time of enrollment.


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The team was originally known as the Kyoto Shiko Club when it was founded. It is considered to be one of the few “genuine” Japanese football clubs because it is only focused on the sport of football and is not affiliated with any other organization. In 1993, after the J.League was created, Kyoto Shiko Club, aided by funds from local new sponsors Kyocera and Nintendo, professionalized (though some players broke away and formed their own clubs; see below for more information) and joined the former Japan Football League under the new name Kyoto Purple Sanga. However, it was unable to rise to a Japan Soccer League First Division that was dominated by company teams, much like Ventforet Kofu.

Since they entered the J.League for the first time in 1996, Kyoto Sanga have been relegated three times, giving them the unfortunate distinction of being the club with the most relegations in the history of the league. At the conclusion of the 2000, 2003, and 2006 seasons, the squad was demoted to J2; this was more times than any other team.

Even though they had a large number of players with national team experience on their roster in 2003, they were relegated. Stars like Park Ji-sung and Daisuke Matsui have subsequently moved for richer pastures. By winning the promotion/relegation playoff in December 2007, the club elevated themselves back to J1 status for the fourth time in their entire history. On November 14, 2010, a 0-2 loss at home to Urawa Reds sealed Sanga’s relegation back to J2 and brought an end to their three-season stint in the top division.