Montedio Yamagata Tryouts

Montedio Yamagata (モンテディオ山形, Montedio Yamagata) is Japanese professional association football club based in Tendo, Yamagata. The club plays in J2 League.

Montedio Yamagata Youth Development System


We have established an integrated guidance system for junior Shonai, Murayama (10 years old) to youth (18 years old).
At this year’s academy, we will raise the keywords of “stickiness,” “simple,” “family,” and “challenge,” and the entire group will work toward the guidance and training of athletes and promotion to the top.
For that purpose, we think that “improvement of the qualifications of instructors” is an indispensable condition, and we will provide more detailed and more specific guidance and training to athletes, such as “outline of instruction by age group”.

Montedio Yamagata Academy focuses on the development of “Yamagata-like players” and is passionate about contributing to the development of soccer culture and developing players and leaders who are active in Japan and around the world from Yamagata. Click here for current academy roster list.

Academy upbringing policy

  • We aim to develop athletes from a medium- to long-term perspective with the growth of athletes first.
  • By acquiring the habit of “thinking” by the athletes themselves, they will be trained so that they can solve problems with their own power.
  • We respect sportsmanship and strive to develop athletes who are loved by the people around us.
  • We will teach you the “learning attitude” of the importance of taking on challenges by always acquiring the attitude of practicing and engaging in games with 100% concentration.
  • Foster strong players who will never give up until the end.

Self-improvement of leaders

Leaders must learn the ever-advancing view of soccer and teaching skills.
Based on the “Instructor Guidelines”, we will enhance the sharing of various information and internal training on instruction methods. We will also promote exchanges with leaders outside the club and strive to improve the skills of the entire region.

Academy Recruitment

Please click here to visit their official academy new section for the latest trial information.


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Soccer School

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* We will inform you about the admission by mail at a later date.
* If you cannot apply using the above method, please contact the school office.
* Please check the release below for the selection of players for S-class Murayama and S-class Shonai.
Notice of Montedio Yamagata S Class Murayama U-12 Player Selection
Notice of Montedio Yamagata S Class Shonai U-12 Player Selection Meeting
Notice of Montedio Yamagata S Class Shonai U-10 Player Selection Meeting

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The NEC Yamagata Soccer Club was established in 1984 and has its center of operations in Tsuruoka. In 1994, it was able to advance to the Japan Football League (which had previously existed). After changing its name to Montedio Yamagata in 1996, the team has been competing in the J. League Division 2 ever since the competition’s first season in 1999.

They made their debut in J. League Division 1 on November 30, 2008, after having earned promotion that day. 2010 was the year that they finished 13th in the league, which was their best finish ever. On the other hand, in 2011, two good rental players from Kashima Antlers returned to their own squad, and this had a negative affect on the team, which led to it being relegated back to J.League Division 2 at the end of 2011.

In addition to that, the majority of the team’s players becoming hurt in the midst of the season is the primary reason why they are dropping down to Division 2. Shinji Kobayashi, the manager of the team, resigned at the end of the season despite the fact that many supporters had praised his achievements over the course of the previous four years. By virtue of having won the promotion playoff final, Yamagata was able to return to J1 after spending three seasons in J2. On the other hand, after only one season, they were promoted to J2.