Nagoya Grampus Tryouts

Nagoya Grampus (名古屋グランパス, Nagoya Guranpasu) (formerly known as Nagoya Grampus Eight (名古屋グランパスエイト, Nagoya Guranpasu Eito)) is a Japanese association football club that plays in the J1 League, following promotion from the J2 League in 2017. Based in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture and founded as the company team of the Toyota Motor Corp.

Nagoya Grampus Youth Development System


Grampus Academy will transform the way of training in the Japanese sports world and strive to become the most trusted club in the Japanese academy market.

Academy mission
Our mission is to provide the best learning place where we can learn independence and independence through soccer from the perspective of children and continue to take on challenges to improve our human power.

Academy goals

  • Fostering players who are world-class and represent Japan
  • Training players who are active in the top team

Current Player Teams

Academy Recruitment

In training, Nagoya Grampus make selections from time to time.

  • U18 (High school student) ・ ・ ・ We are mainly engaged in scouting activities.
  • U15 (junior high school student) ・ ・ ・ Selection is held once a year.
  • U12 (elementary school students) ・ ・ ・ Selection is conducted about twice a year. * U10 (4th grade) and above

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JSL era

The prominence of Toyota Motor SC’s sister company, Toyota Automated Loom Works SC, was greater (founded in 1946 and which was one of the founding members of the Japan Soccer League). In 1968, when Toyota ALW were demoted to regional leagues, Toyota Motor saw an opportunity to advance at their expense and took advantage of the situation. In 1972, the club was one of the original participants in the JSL’s Second Division and went on to win the division for the first time.

They continued to play in the JSL right up until the J.League was established in 1993. In 1977, they were demoted to Division 2 of the Junior Soccer League. After making a temporary comeback in 1987–1988, they were finally promoted the following season, in 1989–1990, and they remained in the first division for the last 26 years, until 2016.

J.League era

In 1993, the J.League welcomed its first “Original Ten” members, one of which being the Nagoya Grampus Eight. Grampus won the 1996 Emperor’s Cup under the direction of future Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger, who also led the team to its best-ever finish in the J.League, which came in second place.

At the beginning of the 2008 season, the name of the team, which had previously been known as “Nagoya Grampus Eight,” was shortened to “Nagoya Grampus.” In 2008, the club of Nagoya chose former player Dragan Stojkovi to fill the role of manager.

They achieved a podium finish of third place, which earned them automatic qualification for the AFC Champions League. Marcus Tulio Tanaka, Mu Kanazaki, Seigo Narazaki, Yoshizumi Ogawa, Keiji Tamada, and Joshua Kennedy were all members of the team that Stojkovi led to victory in the 2010 season of the J.League. Under Stojkovi’s direction, the club was able to win the championship.

As a result of Nagoya Grampus’s poor performance in 2016, the club was demoted to the J2 League for the very first time in its existence. Boško Gjurovski departed his role as manager. On January 4, 2017, Yahiro Kazama was selected to take over the managerial responsibilities of the club.

In the promotion playoff final that took place on December 3, 2017, Nagoya Grampus and Avispa Fukuoka played to a scoreless draw. Despite the result, Nagoya Grampus was able to secure promotion back to J1 League at the first attempt due to their superior regular season rank than Avispa Fukuoka.

Kashima Soccer Stadium curse

Since Nagoya were dealt a defeat by the Kashima Antlers at the Kashima Soccer Stadium on 16 May in the 1993 J.League season opener, Nagoya suffered a losing streak of 22 consecutive games to the Kashima Antlers at the Kashima Soccer Stadium, which included games for the Emperor’s Cup and the J.League Cup. The streak ended with Nagoya losing 5–0 to the Kashima Antlers in the J.League Some 15 years later, on August 23, 2008, during the J.League season, the Nagoya Marinos eventually defeated the Kashima Antlers at the Kashima Soccer Stadium to earn their first victory over Kashima.