Renofa Yamaguchi FC Tryouts

Renofa Yamaguchi FC (レノファ山口FC, Renofa Yamaguchi FC) is a Japanese professional football club based in Yamaguchi, the capital of Yamaguchi Prefecture. They play in the J2 League, the second tier of the country’s football league system.

Renofa Yamaguchi FC Youth Development System


With the aim of promoting as many players as possible from Renofa Yamaguchi FC U-18 to the top team, even those who could not achieve the top promotion flew from the club as first-class members of society and became involved in the club again in some way. We aim to develop human resources who can give us.

What is Renofa’s style?
Based on the common guideline RENOFA PLAY MODEL created by the club, in order to train players from the academy, organize and strengthen top teams, we will emphasize the unification of the leaders of all categories and promote strengthening in a way unique to the club. That is Renofa’s style.

Renofa style items

  • Detailed contents of each chapter will not be disclosed for tactical reasons.

Chapter 1 What is Renofa Football?

STEP 1. Understanding and practicing football base (principles)

STEP 2. Acquisition of Renofa play model Concept of Renofa play model

2-1. Attack (Buildup → Pathwork → Breakthrough)

2-2. Attack (from defensive to offensive / positive transition)

2-3. Defense (from attack to defense / negative transition)

2-4. Defense (Pressing → Guidance / Interception → Death Defense)

STEP 3. Acquisition of Renofa base

3-1. Qualities required for GK

STEP 4. Renofa Game Design

Chapter 2 Renofa Coach Style

2-1. Renofa coach mindset

2-2. Approach to players

2-3. Approach to coach

Chapter 3 What is Renofa Club Management?

3-1. Goal setting and action presentation

3-2. Mind approach to players

3-3. Top team player formation

3-4. Academy policy

3-5. Analysis / Information management / IT utilization method

Athletes from the academy

Aiming to be a world-class upbringing club, we aim to win the J-League with a club composed of players from Yamaguchi Prefecture. In particular, we will give top priority to the promotion of the top team of the players belonging to the academy, and we would like to compete in the J-League with players who have acquired the concept of the club through integrated guidance from the school to the top team.

Academy Recruitment News


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It was originally known as the Yamaguchi Prefecture Teachers Football Club (, Yamaguchi-ken sakko kyin dan), but it is more commonly referred to as Yamaguchi Teachers or Yamaguchi KFC today (for comparison, Tochigi S.C. and Gainare Tottori also began as teachers’ clubs and are now competing in the J.League).

The original football team was comprised of teaching staff who were based within Yamaguchi prefecture. The Yamaguchi Football Association began looking into the possibility of entering a team from Yamaguchi into the J.League in February of 2006. A new football club was formed, and Yamaguchi Teachers was chosen to serve as the team’s primary base of operations.

At the same time, a public petition was made to name the new club, and in March of that same year, Renofa Yamaguchi F.C. was picked upon as the winning name. Renovation, fighting, and paying a fine are the three individual English words that are combined to form the word renofa. The team did not have a designated home stadium for their games in the Chugoku league, so they traveled throughout the prefecture to a variety of different locations to play their games.

These locations included Yamaguchi Ishin Park Stadium, Yamaguchi Kirara Expo Memorial Park, Onoda Football Park, Shunan City Athletic Stadium, and Yamaguchi Football Park. However, as of recently, all of their home games have been moved to the Yamaguchi Ishin Park Stadium.

YAMAGUCHI, JAPAN – JULY 18: Kazuma TAKAI of Renofa Yamaguchi in action during the J.League Meiji Yasuda J2 match between Renofa Yamaguchi and FC Ryukyu at Ishin Me-Life Stadium on July 18, 2020 in Yamaguchi, Japan. (Photo by J.LEAGUE/J.LEAGUE via Getty Images)

Renofa Yamaguchi F.C. is established with a hometown manager and local players, sponsorship from local businesses and enterprises, and local action plans within the local community; yet, the club’s long-term goal is to compete at the national level in the J.League.

During the era of Yamaguchi Teachers, the club’s finish in the Chgoku league was regularly in the middle to lower half of the table. On the other hand, since since the formation of the new club in 2006, the team’s overall performance in the league has been steadily improving, resulting in them finishing higher.

This came to a head in the 2008 campaign, when they finally secured their first victory in the league. That year, the squad competed in the All Japan Regional Football Promotion League Series and came fourth in the final round. As a result, they were not promoted to the Japan Football League. They achieved their first victory in the Emperor’s Cup during the 2009 campaign when they prevailed in a penalty shootout against Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C. When the non-profit organization Yamaguchi Athletics Club was established on May 24, 2011, managing control of the team changed hands, and the new NPO is now in charge of the organization that had managed the team since its inception as a private organization.

Since the team’s inception, it had functioned as a private organization. Renofa Yamaguchi was officially accepted by J.League to play in J3 League beginning with the 2015 season. This was contingent on the club finishing in fourth place in the 2014 Japan Football League as well as obtaining the appropriate licensing. They earned the first ever awards in their history during their inaugural season in the J.League, which included a third tier title and, as a result of that, promotion to the J2 league.