SC Sagamihara Tryouts

SC Sagamihara (SC相模原, SC Sagamihara) is a Japanese association football club based in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture.

SC Sagamihara Youth Development System


Hello, this is Shigeyoshi Mochizuki. Thank you for always supporting SC Sagamihara.

In March 2008, we launched a soccer team with Sagamihara City as our home.

From April 2010, Sagamihara City has moved to a government-designated city, and for the first time in Japan, three government-designated cities (Yokohama City, Kawasaki City, Sagamihara City) and six J-League Clubs (SC Sagamihara / Yokohama F) ・ Marinos / Kawasaki Frontale / Shonan Belle Mare / Yokohama FC / YSCC)

Our club will walk with you to a soccer club rooted in the community so that we can be proud of Sagamihara City.

What I want to convey to children through soccer in the upbringing age is the importance of having a “dream”.

“Dream” usually has the image of a goal of wanting to be like that. But before that, I think it’s important that you really like and enjoy yourself. You can do your best in pursuit of it from “like” and “fun”.

I think it is our role to convey the fun and fun of soccer to children, to develop the characteristics of each child, and to bring out the potential of children without having to fit them into a single model.

All the staff will make an effort to produce J-League, Japan national team, and players who can play an active role overseas from training.

Academy Recruitment

  • U-18 (Youth) team made up of high school students.
  • Junior Youth consists of junior high school students, and there are three categories, U-15, U-14, and U-13, for each age group.

Academy selection information and dates can be found by clicking here.


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SC Sagamihara Performance Football College opened in April 2019. Finally realized by the cooperation tag of SC Sagamihara and Europlus International!

SC Sagamihara Performance Football College opened in April 2019. SC Sagamihara of the J League professional soccer club, Japan’s No. 1 soccer study abroad, and Europlus International, an overseas agent organization, have teamed up to start a new professional player training institution.

Preparing to aim for all overseas, J League, and university!
Started as a specialized school type U21 club aiming for the J League and overseas professional league.
Since it is connected to the top teams, it is possible to promote to the top while still in school, as well as joint practice and practice games, depending on your ability. In addition, junior colleges can be taken together, and after graduating from a two-year course, it is possible to transfer to a four-year university.
In class, soccer IQ, tactical understanding, mental, physical, nutrition ,. You can learn all the practical elements that a professional needs from a specialist.
Aim for a professional contract by making full use of the world standard program and Europlus’s worldwide network.

In order to become a professional, we have prepared two courses, a short-term intensive type with a one-year enrollment period and a two-year junior college joint course for 18 years old! The tuition fee is also reasonable, about half the price of a regular soccer vocational school or a four-year university.
In addition, it is a commuting type vocational school, and the best points of clubs and schools! Aiming to become the first “hybrid practice type new school” in Japan.

Strict players enter the school. There is a big reason for that. It is to create an environment where the instructor can see all the players. The more you spend, the less time you spend on one player. In addition, with the slogan of “Producing professional players in a year” , powerful members who can move toward their goals will gather.

Recruitment 2022

We will hold a practice session for admission in April 2022.
Don’t miss this chance!

What is SC Sagamihara U21, SC Sagamihara Performance Football College?

The school opened in 2019 and recorded a contract rate of 77% from the first year!
In 2021, the TOP team promotion player was born!

Soccer School

Schools for elementary and preschoolers focus on making soccer and sports lovers more enjoyable than improving soccer skills.

For school applications and inquiries, please click here or see contact information below.

MAIL [email protected]
TEL 042-810-7780
FAX 042-810-7788

Business Hours Tue- Fri 10: 00-17: 00


After three years of consecutive promotions via the Kanagawa Prefectural League, they advanced to Division 2 of the Kanto Regional League in 2011. This followed their entry into Division 1 of the Kanto Regional League in 2011. They were successful in the Regional Promotion Series in 2012, which led to their advancement to the Japan Football League.

The team joined the newly formed J3 League in 2014 and remained there for seven seasons before being promoted to the J2 League in 2020 as the runners-up. This promotion came about as a result of the club finishing in second place.

SAGAMIHARA, JAPAN – DECEMBER 13: Ryuji Saito of SC Sagamihara (#13) celebrates the first goal during the J.League Meiji Yasuda J3 match between SC Sagamihara and Blaublitz Akita at the Sagamihara Gion Stadium on December 13, 2020 in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan. (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images)

Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi, a player who has represented Japan at the international level in the past, has appeared for SC Sagamihara.