Tochigi SC Tryouts

Tochigi Soccer Club (栃木サッカークラブ), commonly referred to as Tochigi SC are a football club based in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. They will play in the J2 League. The team’s colour is yellow.

Tochigi SC Youth Development System


At Tochigi SC Academy, there are four categories, “U-18”, “U-15”, “U-12”, and “Ladies U-15”, and they are showing remarkable performance in various competitions such as national competitions.

Academy Recruitment

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Soccer School

At Tochigi SC Soccer School, we will strive to maximize the independence and infinite power of children and nurture them.

We value the sense of unity as the Tochigi SC family and the connection with the academy team.

We support children’s smiles and achievement of goals through guidance that suits each individual’s age development / development and level.

Kids class
For children in the age group who are very curious and have a remarkable development of the nervous system, from the play with the ball, the fun of using the body freely, the fun of controlling the ball, and the goal in cooperation with friends This is a class where you can experience the fun of achieving it.

Basic class / Ladies class
You will learn the basic skills necessary for soccer, such as “stop”, “kick”, “carry”, and “communication”, while learning in an easy-to-understand and fun way. In addition, it is a class where you can experience the joy of becoming able to do what you cannot do and enjoy learning teamwork through soccer.

Skill up class
We aim to provide higher quality coaching to children who have high goals as soccer players and are motivated to achieve them, and create an environment where they can concentrate on soccer. This class aims to support each individual while maximizing their potential while developing their individual characteristics. This class is for players who belong to a team with aspirations. However, this does not apply to first and second graders.

Special class
Select children who have a passion for higher goals, a habit of thinking and acting, and who excel in individual characteristics, and with an eye on the post-golden age (rapid growth period), each person’s “mind,” “skill,” and “body.” We will provide coaching to enhance your habits. In addition, as much as possible, we will work closely with the children’s teams and regional training centers, aiming to develop athletes in collaboration with the local community.


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The group was established in 1953 by educators from the Tochigi Prefecture. They first began playing under the name Tochigi Teachers’ Soccer Club ( Tochigi Kyin Sakko Bu), which literally translates to “Teachers’ Soccer Club.” In 1994, they rebranded themselves as the Tochigi Soccer Club and began to open their doors to players who had careers outside of soccer.

Tochigi won the Kanto Regional League in 1999 and received promotion to the Japan Football League as a result of their second-place performance in the play-off for the Regional League. In March of 2005, they made the announcement that they would establish a task force to give serious thought to turning professional and attempting to acquire J.League status. The task force was established.

(L-R) Hiroshi Nakano (Tochigi SC), Koki Kazama (Frontale), Sabia (Tochigi SC), FEBRUARY 16, 2013 – Football / Soccer : 2013 J.League Pre-Season match between Tochigi SC 2-0 Kawasaki Frontale at Tochigi Green Stadium in Tochigi, Japan. (Photo by AFLO SPORT)

J.League Associate Membership status was awarded to them in January 2007, and by the end of the 2008 season, they had qualified for promotion to professional status on November 16. Promotion to professional status was made official by J.League on December 1, and since 2009, Tochigi has competed in J2 competition.

Tochigi was relegated to J3, the third and lowest professional level in the league system, for the first time ever in 2015. This occurred after the team finished in last place in 2015. After two years, in 2017, they made their way back to J2 in the runner-up position.