Vegalta Sendai Tryouts

Vegalta Sendai (ベガルタ仙台, Begaruta Sendai) is a Japanese professional football club based in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. The club competes in the J1 League, the top flight of Japanese football.

Vegalta Sendai Youth Development System


The role of the training department is to train each generation of youth (high school students under 18 years old) and junior youth (junior high school students under 15 years old). Established when Vegalta Sendai joined the J-League during the predecessor Brammel Sendai era. Vegalta Sendai completed the [Subordinate Organization Development Guidelines] in 2009, and will continue to work on integrated guidance from the junior generation to the top teams. We will put more effort into training so that as many Haenuki players as possible can be sent to the top teams.


As a symbol of reconstruction, we at Vegalta Sendai are always tenacious, never give up, full of power to go through, and share hope, courage, and excitement with the people of Sendai, Miyagi, and Tohoku with a variety of flexible and dynamic football. Communicate emotions and bonds to people all over the world.

Consistent Guidance System:

Vegalta Sendai Academy is based on a soccer school and consists of juniors (elementary school students), junior youth (junior high school students), and youth (high school students). As the players grow, we provide the most suitable guidance for that age group and have an integrated guidance system from a long-term perspective.

Academy Goal – Nurturing players and people who can be used anywhere:

  1. Produce players who are active in the top team of Vegalta Sendai and Japanese national team players.
  2. Produce players who can play an active role in universities, high schools, and other clubs.
  3. Produce future Vegalta Sendai club staff, coaching staff, sponsors, supporters, ticket holders, parents of academy players, and other athletes.

Academy Practice Field

The main practice area of ​​Vegalta Sendai Academy is My Navi Vegalta Sendai Izumi Park Town Soccer Field. Please observe the etiquette during the practice tour. In addition, it may not be possible to tour due to schedule or facility circumstances.

Location: 1-1-2 Akedori, Izumi-ku, Sendai 981-3206 (inside Izumi Park Town Sports Garden)

Vegalta Sendai Academy Recruitment

At the time of this writing, there is no official recruitment / trial information for Vegalta Sendai Academy. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club.


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Vegalta Sendai School

Vegalta Sendai Soccer School is active in 12 schools throughout the prefecture. Various events are held, such as guidance tailored to each age group by the Vegalta Sendai Academy coach, exchanges with top team players, and exchange games with other J.League club school students.

We offer free trials at each school and are looking for school students at any time.

At Vegalta Sendai Soccer School, we aim to improve basic skills, techniques, and athletic ability with the philosophy of fostering a rich humanity through soccer. In addition, by cultivating independence, cooperation, morals, and manners, we aim to develop human resources who can play an active role in society and to grow physically and mentally.

Information on each course

Regular course
The most basic 50-60 minute course that is active at 12 bases in the prefecture. In addition to the basics of soccer, we also provide training to develop the basics of exercise and coordination skills. This is a course for children from beginners to advanced to practice while having fun.

Level up course 
A 90-minute course for athletes aiming to improve their level. We aim to be a player who can play an active role in the game by refining his skills and individual tactics. Many athletes who participate in the Sports Boy Scouts also participate.

Advanced course
A course aimed at joining the Vegalta Sendai Junior Youth Team. The target is 5th and 6th graders, and a selection will be conducted to select and act on the players. The coach is a junior youth coach.

Goalkeeper Park Clinic 
A 60-minute course specializing in goalkeepers. Direct guidance will be provided by a GK professional coach who holds a JFA-approved GK license. We aim to acquire basic skills and skills that can be used in practical forms.
It is held only on Mondays at Izumi Park Town School.

Girls course 
A 60-minute course for girls only. We aim to improve soccer while having fun with other girls. Female coaching staff are in charge of guidance.
It is held only at Aoba school.

Adult soccer clinic
A 90-minute course for adult men and women on weekday nights. Recommended for those who want to solve their daily lack of exercise and kick the ball for the first time in a long time. You can enjoy soccer with full pitch for adults.

Experiences and enrollment are accepted at any time (enrollment in the middle of the year is also possible). Please apply from the Vegalta Sendai Soccer School Web system by clicking here.


Vegalta Soccer Club was initially established in 1988 under the name Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Soccer Club. In 1999, the club became a member of the J-League after having spent some time competing in the JFL under the name Brummell Sendai. In 1995, the club was promoted from the Tohoku Regional League to the JFL. When Vegalta joined the J-League, they decided to pay honor to Sendai’s well-known Tanabata celebration by naming their team after the festival.

The names Vega and Altair, which were given to two different heavenly stars in the Tanabata mythology, were merged to produce the name Vegalta. In 2002, they were awarded promotion to the highest level of competition for the first time; however, the following year, the team was demoted to a lower level. They were given the promotion once more for the season of 2010.

Despite the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in 2011, they were able to attain their best rank to that point, which was fourth place in the premier division. In 2012, despite leading the table for the majority of the season, Sanfrecce Hiroshima’s challenge proved to be too strong.

They lost the penultimate week game to relegation battler Albirex Niigata, which cost them the title and elevated them to their highest position in history as second-place winners. Despite leading the table for the majority of the season, Sanfrecce Hiroshima’s challenge proved to be too strong. In 2018, the Vegalta finished in second place in the Emperor’s Cup, but the Urawa Reds were able to take home the trophy.