Ventforet Kofu Tryouts

Ventforet Kofu (ヴァンフォーレ甲府, Vanfōre Kōfu) is a Japanese football (soccer) club from Kōfu in Yamanashi Prefecture. The team competes in the J2 League.

Ventforet Kofu Youth Development System


Ventforet Kofu’s academy (training organization) is a soccer school for children (middle and senior), elementary school 1st to 6th grades as a dissemination department, a U-12 team for elementary school students, a U-15 team for junior high school students, and high school students (U-18) as a training department.

In each category, we provide guidance that suits the child’s growth process and have an integrated guidance system with the top team at the top. Furthermore, we are striving to produce players who are active in the world from here in Yamanashi.

Academy Recruitment

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Soccer School

Ventforet Soccer School is open to 6 venues in the prefecture for 6th grade to 6th grade elementary school girls, girls, and junior high school students. !! ] Is the slogan. The soccer school, which opened in 2004, currently has about 550 students enjoying learning soccer.
Through soccer, experienced coaches are active while valuing the joy of moving the body, soccer skills and tactics, as well as cultivating humanity that can be used in society.
We are accepting admission to the soccer school at any time.

Basically, you will have a free trial before joining.
We hope that you will feel the atmosphere of the usual school and consider joining.
We are waiting for your application!

(1) If you are interested, first try it for free!
Please check the schedule and venue, and apply using the free trial application form or by phone (Tel: 055-267-7686).
Please tell us the venue, grade, child’s name and contact information you want to experience.

(2) Let’s actually experience!
Please speak to your coach when you arrive at the venue.
We will give you a set of enrollment materials. We kindly ask you to actually experience it, read the materials, and consider joining.

(3) Hope to join!
Please contact the soccer school secretariat.
Please check the materials you received during the experience.

(4) Join!
At the time of school on the first day of participation, ① Venue name ② Grade ③ Child’s name,
① Admission fee 3,500 yen (From the second year of enrollment, an annual membership fee of 3500 yen will be charged in April) ② Monthly fee for the current month ( 4,000 yen or 4,500 yen) ③ Membership application ④ Please fill in the account transfer request form and hand it to your coach.
A school membership card will be issued at a later date.

  • If there is no space available, you will be asked to register for waiting.
    The school secretariat will contact you when you can join.
  • After joining the school, you will be required to purchase school-designated clothing. online shopPlease purchase more.
  • Please register your contact e-mail address when you newly join, and then we will send you the membership number required for online purchase by e-mail.
    6,500 yen (tax included) [Designated clothes: shirt 3,500 yen, pants 2,000 yen, socks 1,000 yen]
    Chest number print: 320 yen (tax included) Uniform number print: 640 yen (tax included) Name print: 1,080 yen (tax included)


Kofu Club (1965–1994)
The Kakujo Club, an old boys’ club from Kofu Dai-ichi High School, began recruiting graduates of other high schools in 1965 with the objective of gaining promotion to the Japan Soccer League.

This was the year that the Kakujo Club also formed the club that bears its name. In 1972, the club became a member of the JSL Division 2 when it had just been established. They remained there until the end of the league in 1992, which was also the year that they became a founding member of the league that was formerly known as the Japan Football League.

In contrast to other mainstream football clubs in Japan at the time, Kofu Club was founded by unpaid volunteers. The majority of the players for those other clubs were employees of the businesses who sponsored them.

KOFU, JAPAN – JUNE 27: Dudu (R) of Ventforet Kofu celebrates scoring his side’s first goal with his team mate Riki Matsuda (L) during the J.League Meiji Yasuda J2 match between Ventforet Kofu and Albirex Niigata at the Yamanashi Chuo Bank Stadium on June 27, 2020 in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan. (Photo by J.LEAGUE/J.LEAGUE via Getty Images)

Ventforet Kofu (1995–present)
The team was rebranded as Ventforet Kofu in the year 1995, and it debuted in the J.League Division 2 the following year, in 1999. Between the years 1999 and 2001, the club through a terrible period in which it suffered financial difficulties as well as miserable results on the pitch, including a string of twenty-five consecutive losses. Despite these challenges, the team was able to emerge victorious.

After finishing in last place for each of the past three seasons in a row, Ventforet was given the nickname “Excess luggage of J2.” Ventforet showed remarkable improvement in 2002, and in 2005 they ended in third place, earning them promotion to the Japanese first division by virtue of their victory over Kashiwa Reysol in the promotion/relegation play-offs.

However, with only one week left in the 2007 season, the squad was demoted to a lower division. The squad earned a promotion for a second time at the conclusion of the 2010 season. The team was once again demoted at the end of the 2011 season, despite the fact that striker Mike Havenaar was in contention for the award for the top scorer in division one the following year.

Nevertheless, it returned after only one year’s absence as winners of division two. This was Ventforet’s first championship in its thirty-six year history, and it came after only one year’s absence. To the end of the 2017 season, Ventforet competed in the top flight of the Japanese League.