Yokohama FC Tryouts

Yokohama FC (横浜FC, Yokohama Efushī) is a Japanese professional football club based in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, part of the Greater Tokyo Area. The club currently plays in the J1 League, which is the top tier of football in the country.

Yokohama FC Youth Development System


In the process of growing up from a boy to an adult, we will seriously face the players who spend a lot of time in soccer, create a future-oriented program, high-quality instruction and an environment where we can concentrate on soccer, medium- to long-term. We aim to develop professional soccer players in the future by maximizing the potential of the players.

And not only as a soccer player, but also as a human being, the player will become a mentally respectable adult, and will grow up to be a well-balanced adult so that the range of activities can be expanded in fields other than soccer.

Establishing Yokohama FC’s unique integrated guidance system, setting appropriate “tactical” and “physical” loads according to age and position, so that “individual features” can be maximized in the team through training and games To nurture.

In addition, a player who can play an active role as a professional soccer player in the future by creating an individual program for the purpose of “strengthening the individual”, promoting individual growth through a support menu specialized for issues, and acquiring the basic power as a player. We will work on training.

Academy Recruitment

  • Youth Selection Target: Third grade of junior high school
  • Jr Youth Selection Target: New junior high school first grader
  • U-12 Selection Target: New Elementary School 2nd grade to New Elementary School 6th grade

2021 Youth Selection Implementation / Recruitment Notice can be found by clicking here.

Soccer School

At Yokohama FC Soccer School, our training philosophy is “to support children to grow up to be strong people with the wisdom and courage to play an active role in society in the process of becoming adults through soccer .”

Click here to visit the soccer school website to learn more.

Yokohama FC Football Academy Soccer School

At the Yokohama FC Football Academy, we want to cultivate the strong feelings and ability to act to realize each and every one of us, “I want to be better!” And “I want to be like this!” I want to help you! With passion and conviction, we are opening a soccer school.

Under the consistent Yokohama FC training guidance policy, we will support the development of the mind that will be the basis for overcoming difficulties, from the aspect of soccer, in the important habit of continuing to think and act toward the goal. Click here to visit the Academy Soccer School website for more information.

U-12 enhancement category

In the scout selection and open recruitment selection, a junior generation soccer player who has more passion for professional players, has a habit of thinking and acting, excels in individual characteristics, and has pride in joining the future Yokohama FC top team , Yokohama FC Junior Youth Staff will teach you directly. To enter this class, you will need to submit the consent of your team and the consent form for the activity.

Athletes Course Special

From among the athlete course students, select children who have a passion for higher goals as soccer players, a habit of thinking and acting to keep learning, and who excel in individual characteristics, and post-golden age (rapid growth period) With an eye on it, the class will be taught directly by the junior youth staff based on the consistent training guidance policy of Yokohama FC Football Academy. The purpose is to support each person to maximize their potential while expanding their characteristics.

Participants in this class will not be selected by the general public, but will be selected from among the students of the Scout / Athletes Course.

Athletes Course

For children who have high goals as soccer players and are motivated to achieve them, we will develop basic skills, aim for higher quality coaching, and create an environment where we can concentrate on soccer. This course aims to support each person while maximizing their potential while developing their characteristics. The purpose is to improve each person’s “mind,” “skill,” and “body,” and as much as possible, we aim to develop athletes in collaboration with the local community by closely coordinating with the teams to which the children belong and the local training center. I will continue.
This course is a level-divided course that only those who have passed the scout selection can take, and the training is based on the menu unique to Yokohama FC Football Academy.

  • Participation in classes
    Depending on the opening status of each school building, participation may be required twice a week.
    (Required twice a week):
    Higashi Totsuka School, Yokohama Bay Isogo School
    For Higashi Totsuka School, you can choose from the 4th to the 2nd day of the week.
    (Once a week):
    Umi no Koen / Yokohama FC Soccer School, YOKOHAMA FC / KEIO Soccer School, Tanimoto Park School, sfida futsal park Yokohama Kamoi School, Hodogaya School
  • If you wish to participate twice a week, you can also carry it with other school buildings.
    Whether or not to change classes
    Once you have passed the “Athlete Course”, in principle, you will not be asked to return to the “Basic Course” unless you wish. However, this does not apply if there are significant problems with the practice attitude, etc. due to decreased motivation. Also, if the days of the week do not overlap, you can have the “Athlete Course” and the “Basic Course”.

Basic Course

Experience the joy of being able to do what you can’t do, and teamwork from the characteristics of soccer (independently, having a positive relationship, complementing each other while showing individuality and characteristics, to achieve good performance. Learn to connect) happily.

We will passionately support professional leaders so that they can look at each individual’s characteristics, expand their future potential, and develop independent thinking and action habits. Based on the consistent Yokohama FC training guidance policy according to each person’s growth process (growth / development and skill acquisition), the basic skills necessary for soccer “stop” “kick” “carry” “run” “good communication” From a professional instructor, you will learn the points while learning in an easy-to-understand and fun way.

Kinder Course

For children in the age group who are very curious and have a remarkable development of the nervous system, from the play with the ball, the fun of using the body freely, the fun of controlling the ball, and the goal in cooperation with friends First of all, let them experience the joy of achieving it.
Professional instructors are passionate and gentle so that they can experience the joy of being able to do what they cannot do, creating a positive atmosphere from each individual’s perspective.

Phoenix Club

Yokohama FC has established a training support fund “Phoenix Club” for the purpose of strengthening and training the academy, and promotes human resource development in which sensitive young players can play an active role on a global basis through various programs. We are working to develop top teams, representatives from Japan, and players who can play an active role in the world in the future.

The sponsorship money provided will be completely separated from the operating expenses and will be used to support activities such as overseas expeditions and participation in international competitions for the purpose of strengthening and nurturing the academy.

To learn more about the Phoenix Club, please click here.


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In 1999, the Flügels and the Marinos, two of Yokohama’s J.League clubs, merged to form Yokohama FC, the city’s current professional soccer team. Fans of Flügels believed that their team had been disbanded rather than amalgamated with another, and as a result, they were opposed to the idea that they should start rooting for Marinos, who were formerly their main opponents in the neighborhood.

Instead, the former Flügels supporters established the Yokohama Fulie Sports Club. They did this by collecting funds from the general public in the form of donations and by forming a partnership with the talent management business IMG. Yokohama FC is the first professional sports team in Japan that is owned and operated by its fans.

It was founded by the Fulie Sports Club, which was inspired by the socio model developed and implemented by FC Barcelona. Yokohama FC hired Pierre Littbarski, a former star of the German national team as well as the World Cup, to serve as the club’s manager for its inaugural season in 1999. Yasuhiko Okudera, the first Japanese footballer to play professionally in Europe, served as the club’s chairman during that same year.

The club attempted to gain entry directly into the professional J.League, but the Japan Football Association only permitted entry into the amateur Japan Football League (JFL), which was the third level of the Japanese football league system at the time. Additionally, the Japan Football Association ruled that the club would not be eligible for promotion into the J.League Division 2 at the end of its first season.

Therefore, in spite of the fact that Yokohama FC won the JFL championship in 1999, they won the JFL championship once again in 2000 and were promoted to J.League Division 2 as a result.

The club competed in J.League Division 2 for the subsequent six seasons before winning the title of champions in 2006 and earning promotion to J.League Division 1. After only eight years of operation, Yokohama FC made their debut in the top division of Japanese football in 2007, barely nine years after the club was founded.

Due to the team’s poor performance throughout the season, they were relegated to a lower division with five games of the season yet to play. Despite the fact that they were demoted early, Yokohama FC were instrumental in determining the final standings at the other end of the table. Kashima Antlers were able to claim the J.League Division 1 championship by virtue of their victory over title contenders Urawa Red Diamonds on the final day of the season.

In 2018, Yokohama FC was just separated from automatic promotion by goal difference from winning the promotion playoffs. The team competed all the way to the J2 promotion final, but ultimately fell short against Tokyo Verdy, who won in stoppage time. In 2019, Yokohama finished in second place in J2 and earned promotion to J1 on the basis of their finish.