Real Madrid Crest

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, commonly referred to as Real Madrid or simply Real, is a Spanish professional football club based in Madrid. The Madrid Football Club, which was established in 1902, has always had a white home uniform. King Alfonso XIII gave the club the honorary title real, which is Spanish for “royal,” and the royal crown on the emblem in 1920. Since 1947, Real Madrid has held their home games in the 81,044-seat Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in the heart of Madrid. Real Madrid’s members, or socios, have owned and run the club for the entirety of its existence, in contrast to the majority of European sports organizations.

Real Madrid Logos

The club’s three initials, “MCF” for Madrid Club de Ftbol, were interlaced in a beautiful pattern over the club’s first crest’s white background. The letters took on a more streamlined form and appeared inside a circle in 1908, marking the crest’s first alteration. Not until Pedro Parages’ presidency in 1920 did the crest’s design undergo its next alteration. At that time, King Alfonso XIII gave the club his royal sponsorship, which arrived in the form of the name “Real Madrid,” which means “Royal,” and was put to the club’s emblem along with Alfonso’s crown.

Real Madrid Soccer Crest

All royal emblems (the crown on the crest and the title of Real) were abolished with the monarchy’s demise in 1931. The dark mulberry band of the Region of Castile took the place of the crown. The “Real Corona,” or “Royal Crown,” of the crest was reinstated by the Francoist dictatorship in 1941, two years after the Nationalists’ Civil War triumph, and the mulberry stripe of Castile was also kept. Additionally, the club returned to using the term Real Madrid Club de Ftbol and the entire crest was made in full color, with gold being the most noticeable.

In order to better position itself for the twenty-first century and further standardize its crest, the club most recently changed the crest in 2001. The mulberry stripe was changed to a more bluish hue as one of the adjustments.

Real Madrid Frequently Asked Questions

Real Madrid’s most frequently asked questions regarding the crest.

What is Real Madrid crest?

At the time, Real Madrid, which means “Royal,” was given to the team by King Alfonso XIII as royal patronage. The club changed its name to Real Madrid Team de Ftbol as a result of the addition of Alfonso’s crown to the club’s crest.

What does the Real Madrid logo mean?

The logo’s colors all have meaningful meanings. Yellow frequently mimics gold, and in Real Madrid’s instance, this demonstrates the club’s ties to Spain’s royal family. Red stands for boundless energy and the drive to triumph, while Blue represents steadiness and commitment.

Did Real Madrid remove cross from logo?

Real Madrid will remove the Christian Cross from its logo in a clothing deal with the Middle East. Real Madrid’s club crest would be changed to eliminate the Christian cross found on numerous clothing products marketed in the Middle East.

What does Hala Madrid means?

The Spanish expression “Hala Madrid” means “Go Madrid,” “Forward Madrid,” or “Come on Madrid.” It is a cheerleading and supportive remark that Real Madrid supporters utilize. It serves as a sort of rallying cry for Los Blancos supporters and is regularly used by the players themselves.

Is there a cross on Real Madrid logo?

As part of a “strategic collaboration” with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, a major bank in the United Arab Emirates, the Spanish soccer team Real Madrid has eliminated a cross from their emblem in the middle east.