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KF Bylis is an Albanian professional football club based in Ballsh, Mallakastër District, Albania. The club currently plays in the Kategoria Superiore, the country’s highest football league in Albania.

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KF Bylis History

In September of 1972, the club that would become be known as Ballshi I Ri was established, and from 1973 through 1976, they competed in the Albanian Third Division. However, because of restrictions that only allowed a single side to represent each area in Albanian football, they were not permitted to play the sport between the years 1976 and 1981. In 1981, they returned to the sport and started competing in the Third Division, which they eventually won in 1986 to earn promotion to the Second Division of the Albanian football league. The club spent the decade between 1986 and 1996 competing in the Second Division, from which they were promoted after a successful 1995–1996 season. During that season, the club set a national record by scoring 124 goals while only allowing 21 to be scored against them. This achievement was recognized by the esteemed French football publication France Football. Nevertheless, despite the fact that they had a record-breaking season, they ended up in second place in the league but were still able to earn promotion to the Albanian Superliga.

The club’s first season competing in the highest level of Albanian football resulted in them finishing 14th out of the 18 teams in the league. During the 1998–1999 season, the club finished in third place, only two points behind the team that ended up winning the championship, which was KF Tirana. As a direct result of this, the club qualified for the UEFA Cup for the very first time. KF Bylis’s first taste of competition in Europe came against the Slovakian side Inter Bratislava, whom they ultimately defeated by a score of 5-1 on aggregate. The next year, they would once again finish in a strong position, this time in fifth place, tied on points with Vllaznia Shkodr, who finished in fourth place, but they would be defeated by Vllaznia Shkodr 4–3 in the play-off for a spot in the UEFA Intertoto Cup. They had another disappointing season in 2000–2001, finishing in fifth place once again. This earned them a spot in the UEFA Intertoto Cup, which is how they became acquainted with the Romanian team FC Universitatea Craiova the following year. After a thrilling 3–3 tie away in Romania and a disappointing loss at home, they were defeated with a final score of 4–3 on aggregate.

KF Bylis then started having difficulties, and they were eventually relegated following a terrible season in 2002–2003 in which they finished second to last with only 26 points and three wins out of a total of 26 games played. After the 2004–2005 season, in which they scored a total of just 13 goals in the league, they were demoted to the third level for the second time in their history. The team was able to earn promotion back to the Albanian Superliga for the 2008–09 season after achieving back-to-back promotions between the years 2007 and 2009.

Between the years 2006 and 2014, Besnik Kapllanaj served as the president of the club, during which time he also owned 75% of the club’s shares; the remaining 25% were held by the Ballsh Municipality.

An altercation took place between the president of the club and the head of competitions for the FSHS, Besnik ela, on March 15, 2014, while the club was competing at home against KF Laci. The FSHF delegate ela was struck in the head with a baton by Kapllanaj, which resulted in the man needing to be sent to the hospital owing to the severity of his injury. Because of the excessive number of spectators present inside Adush Muca Stadium, Cela did not start the game. After some of the spectators had departed, the remaining fans started to throw rocks into the stadium in protest of the decision made by the FSHF to prevent them from watching the match, which began 20 minutes later than it had been scheduled to begin. After then, Kapllanaj is said to have induced a power outage, which prevented the cameras used by SuperSport Albania from broadcasting the game live as intended. In the dying minutes of the match, KF Laci were given a penalty, which prompted the crowd to become unruly and start throwing rocks onto the field. Erjon Vucaj, who was KF Laci’s captain and was tasked with taking the penalty, was given instructions by Pashk Laska, the president of KF Laci, to purposefully miss the penalty in order to keep his teammates out of further danger. After the final whistle, Kapllanaj physically attacked KF Laci’s players by beating them with a baton.

He also hit Besnik ela, who later filed a police report against Kapllanaj once he was released from the hospital. The incident occurred after the final whistle. On March 19, the president of the club, Besnik Kapllanaj, tendered his resignation from his position just a few hours before the disciplinary commission of the FSHF announced their decision to punish him with a lifelong ban from participating in any athletic activities in Albania. The commission also relegated the club to the Albanian First Division for the 2014–15 season, handed KF Laci a 3–0 victory in a game that had originally ended 0–0, and expelled the club from the Albanian Superliga with 9 remaining games of the 2013–14 season. Additionally, the commission gave KF Laci a victory in the game that was originally tied 0–0. After being charged with violence the previous day, Kapllanaj surrendered himself to the authorities in charge of law enforcement in Fier the following day.