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KF Teuta Durres is an Albanian professional football club based in Durrës, Albania. The club currently plays in the Kategoria Superiore, the country’s highest football league in Albania.

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At the time of this writing, KF Teuta Durrës has a web form on their website that can be used to apply to the Academy. Please click here to visit the form page.


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KF Teuta Durrës History

Klubi Sportiv Urani, which literally translates to Uranium Sport Club, was the original name of the club when it was established on January 29, 1920. They changed their name to Sport Klub Durr’s barely two years later in 1922. They did not change their name until they were one of the six founding members of the Albania National Championship, along with SK Tiran, Sknderbeu Korc, Bashkimi Shkdran, Urani Elbasan, and Sportklub Vlor. In 1930, just before competing in the National Championship, the club decides to honor Queen Teuta of Illyria by changing its name to the Klubi Sportiv Teuta Durrs. This is done in preparation for the competition. In the first National Championship, they competed against six teams and ended up finishing fifth overall with a record of three wins, two ties, and 10 losses. The following year, they competed in the league and finished in second place after losing the championship final to SK Tirana by a score of 4–1. This was despite the fact that the club’s goalkeeper, Niko Dovana, famously scored the equalizer in the first leg of the match, which resulted in a 1–1 draw.

Following the establishment of communism in Albania, the club was compelled to alter its name, and it is now known as KS Ylli I Kuq Durr, which can be translated as “KS Red Star Durr.” After only another three years, in 1950, the club reverted back to being known as SK Durr’s until changing its name to SK Puna Durr’s the following year, in 1951. This was the first of two name changes for the organization. In 1958, the club changed its name once more, this time to KS Lokomotiva Durrs, which was the name they used right up until the fall of communism in Albania in 1991. Since 1991, the club has been known by its current name, KS Teuta Durr, and the name of the football team is KF Teuta.

Edmond Hasanbelliu, a local businessman and the owner of Eurotech Cement, was designated the new president of the club in 1999. Almost immediately after taking office, he appointed Hasan Lika to the position of manager. He started making investments in the club and brought in Albanian national team players Sokol Prenga and Suad Lici, as well as a host of other players including Orges Shehi and Arjan Sheta. In the first season when Hasan Lika and Edmond Hasanbelliu were in charge of the club, they came in third place, behind Tomori Berat and the team that ended up winning the championship, KF Tirana. Teuta also had a great run in the Albanian Cup, as they were able to overcome Flamurtari Vlor, KF Tirana, and Dinamo Tirana on their way to the championship match against KS Lushnja. The match ended 0–0 after extra time, but Teuta prevailed 5–4 on penalties to take the title. The following year, they competed in the UEFA Cup qualification tournament and advanced to the second qualifying round, when they were pitted against an Austrian team called SK Rapid Wien. After suffering defeats of 4-0 and 2-0, they were eliminated as a result of the aggregate score of 6–0.

Hasanbelliu, the club’s president, made the announcement in November 2013 that the club had sold a fifty percent stake to the Swiss company Gea Sport. Gea Sport had vowed to invest in the club in order for the team to achieve success both domestically and in European competition. The first thing that the company did after becoming shareholders was to get rid of the Albanian coach Gugash Magani and hire the Italian Roberto Sorrentino. Sorrentino was the first foreign coach the club had ever had. In less than two months since becoming shareholders, Gea Sport was involved in the recruitment of 11 players during the January transfer window, the majority of whom were professionals from outside the country. This was done in an effort to make a run at the league championship. After a succession of unsuccessful performances with the first team, Sorrentino was let go from his position as coach on February 24, 2014. The following day after Sorrentino’s departure, the club made the announcement that Ilir Daja would be taking over as manager.

KF Teuta Durrës Stadium

The Niko Dovana Stadium, which first opened its doors in 1965 and now has a capacity of approximately 13,000 spectators, is where the club plays its home matches. In the years between 1958 and 1991, when the club was known as Lokomotiva Durrs, the location was formerly referred to as the Lokomotiva Stadium. In 2010, the Albania national team played an exhibition match against Uzbekistan here at the stadium, which also served as their home venue for the match. According to the official website of the club, the league’s average attendance for the 2013–14 season was 2,638.