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KS Kastrioti is an Albanian professional football club based in Krujë, Albania. The club currently plays in the Kategoria Superiore, the country’s highest football league in Albania.

KS Kastrioti

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KS Kastrioti History

The club was initially established in 1926. In 1949, the club went through a brief period of dissolution; in this year, however, it was re-established and given the name Kruje. After those two years, the club was called Puna Kruj, and then in 1958, it officially became known simply as Kruj. Since the 1990s, the club has spent significant amounts of time playing in all three of the English divisions: the Super League, the First Division, and the Second Division. Kastrioti was elevated to the Super League during the 2008-2009 campaign and maintains his status there up to this day.

FK Kastrioti has been living in Sh.A. again since the summer of 2011. There is clear evidence that the rapid investments made by the new presidency, both in terms of Albania’s physical infrastructure and in terms of luring high-quality and well-known players to the country, have already started to bear fruit. As a result of the renovations that have been carried out, the Kruja Stadium in Kastrioti has taken on a new appearance, and the team is currently competing at the highest levels of the Albanian Superliga. Because of the investments that have been made in the club’s structures, there is a fresh and upbeat attitude that has been brought into the club as a whole. The goal of KS Kastrioti is to improve to the point where it is considered one of the top clubs in the country.

Kastrioti has not been victorious in either the Super League or the Cup of Albania; nevertheless, he has been crowned champion of both the First Category and the Second Category.

KS Kastrioti Stadium

Kruj is the name of the city in Albania that is home to the stadium that KS Kastrioti calls home. The Municipality of Kruj is the owner of Kastrioti Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 8,400 people and a maximum capacity of the same.

Kastrioti Stadium Albania

They will play at Redi Maloku Stadium, which has a capacity of 3,000 seats, during the 2018–19 season of the Albanian Superliga because the municipality was not able to finish renovating the stadium in time for the Albanian Superliga. As a result, the team has been forced to move down to Fush-Kruj. The last time Kastrioti Stadium had renovations was in the year 2008.