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FC Santa Coloma is an Andorran professional soccer club based in the village of Santa Coloma, in the parish of Andorra la Vella, Andorra. The club currently plays in the Primera Divisió, the country’s highest soccer league in Andorra.

FC Santa Coloma

FC Santa Coloma Youth Development System

There are different stages in grassroots football but the important thing is that in each of them we are responsible for the children enjoying what they do.
Basic training must be educational and fun but linked to values ​​that make the little footballer grow in every way.

At FC Santa Coloma we have qualified and licensed coaches, many of them footballers, who perfectly understand the needs and feelings of the boys at every moment.
The essential thing is that the footballer acquires solid foundations on which to base his football-personal maturity process, which must be related to the improvements that allow him, little by little, to become a competitive footballer in all levels: decision, psychological and physical.
Everyone prefers to win and there is no greater reward after a week of training, but we prioritize the child’s growth as a footballer over the result they get when playing the match, but without losing sight of competitiveness.

Compete to practice what has been learned, evolve through the competition and gradually adapt to the real situations that football proposes.
Next to this competitive function is that of training young talents who can play in the first team and who knows if in a few years they will become part of the future of world football.


The Benjamins team is made up of a group of players from the youngest members of our Club. Led by Juan Fernando Laín and Alex Moya compete in the League of their category organized by the Andorran Football Federation and have fun playing soccer while learning and developing their skills.

The concept of attack, that is to say, explain to young people what it is to attack and why it is useful. For example , explain that attacking is when they go to the other goal to score a goal. Positioning, telling the kids how to position themselves on the field, explaining that there are places for each player and telling them what they are.

DEFENSIVE PRINCIPLES: The concept of defense, that is, tell the little ones that you have to defend so they don’t score and explain to them how they should position themselves so that doesn’t happen. Proportional distribution of the spaces, so that they know where they must be placed in the field so that they are not all in the same place and leave free spaces unoccupied.

CONCLUSION: It is the first stage of the footballer, in which he still does not assimilate the concepts well so it is necessary to give them minimal notions of tactics since at this age it is very difficult to make them understand a system. The ideal system at this age is: 1-3-3


At this age they explain what attacks consist of and how they are carried out. They are told how to achieve breadth and depth in the game, so they can see how it is achieved and why it is useful. It is the stage in which the unmarking of a player is explained to him, whether a breakaway or a support, and it is explained to him that one of the purposes of the unmarking is the creation of free spaces, a basic element that they must learn at this stage.

At this stage it is explained to him that it is a mark, how it is done and why it is used. They are taught as a whole to fold back, it is an action in which they must coordinate with other colleagues.And they are taught to move while defending, with moves such as swapping, covering or swinging. These are defensive moves in basic displacements for defense in soccer. They are exchanges of positions and hedges with colleagues.

It can be said that at this stage they are taught a basic evolution in the game. They must know the structure of defend-create-attack. It is a stage in which technical concepts typical of sport are instilled in them, such as marking or folding. These first steps are the basis for further more extensive development of tactics and game systems.


In this stage, the previous concepts given in fry are reviewed. And new ones are added, which are the walls, explaining how they are made, why they are used, etc… and the changes in orientation, showing them and explaining the purpose of these changes in orientation. They start talking about game control and permanent aids. They must already understand almost every offensive principle out there.

The principles touched on above in fry are revisited and cover and swaps are explored in particular. Explaining to him that these are actions of defensive help whose objective is not to leave a defensive zone in danger and to rationally occupy the positions in the defense.The concepts of entry, anticipation and interception are added as a basis for defensive actions during a match.

At this stage they are taught that strategy is actions to take advantage of, surprise or neutralize the opponent during the set piece match. They are introduced to the use of the strategy. But at this stage, it is also not advisable to overload a lot of strategies, so there are small brushstrokes.


All offensive principles
must be known . And all that pertains to it as utilization and understanding. At this stage the player must know everything he has learned during the two previous stages and have very clear concepts such as clearances , width and depth , changes of orientation, walls, etc …

Same as what has been said regarding the offensive principles , we now refer to the defensive ones in which at this stage the player must already have assimilated all the defensive principles that he has learned during the previous stages , such as marking, retreating , coverage , barter, swaps, etc … 

It can be said that at this stage all the defensive and offensive principles and is a stage where strategy begins to be refined . Players are introduced to complex tactical actions

FC Santa Coloma Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, there are no official publications on FC Santa Coloma trials. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official Facebook page for the latest updates.


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FC Santa Coloma History

Santa Coloma Football Club was established in 1986 as a result of the efforts of a group of football enthusiasts who competed in the National Football Tournament on behalf of the village of the same name, which is located in the territory of Andorra la Vella (the former amateur league of Andorra). Subsequently, FC Santa Coloma joined Primera Divisió in 1995 as one of the original founding members of the league. Since the year 2001, the club has had a lot of success in all of the Andorran competitions, as evidenced by the fact that it holds all of the records in the Premier Andorran League (13) and the Andorran Cup (10).

At the tail end of 2017, the Andorran club and the Spanish LaLiga team Villarreal CF announced that they had reached an agreement to work together on the grassroots level of football.