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Bristol City FC is an English professional football club based in Bristol, England. The club competes in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football.

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Bristol City FC Youth Development System

The Bristol City FC’s vision is to have a first team squad built on a core of home-grown talent developed from the Bristol City FC Academy.

Bristol City FC’s collective vision is to achieve sustainable, repeatable success at the highest level with squad built on a core of home-grown talent. In order to accelerate towards their vision, they will challenge against the strategy outlined below:

Category 1 level performance with a Category 2 structure & Robins HPC
To maintain and enhance a “people first” culture. The players are central to all that they do.
Represent Bristol City Football Club at all times, by being a positive role model, displaying enthusiasm, respect, integrity and honesty.
Continue to develop our facilities to the highest standard.
Identify and attract the best playing talent into our system from our local area.
Continue to optimise and develop our playing talent.

At Bristol City Academy the players range from Under-7s at Pre-Academy level, right the way up to the Under-23s players who are banging on the door of the first team.

The U23 squad plays in the Southern Professional Development League 2 and the U18s play in the equivalent for their age group.

These leagues help to develop Bristol City FC’s players and give them regular matches against competitive opposition. They also enter into a number of cup competitions throughout the year in order to test the boys and put their training to good use.

Academy Education

In 1998 the Academy began a 3-year programme that included 12-hours a week in the classroom for their Under-18 ‘Scholars’. Bristol City FC realised that help was needed to help players prepare for alternative careers if their dreams of footballing glory didn’t work out.

Bristol City FC’s first group of 14 scholars were typical of what was to follow; three of them had very successful football careers, another three went to University, one suffered a serious injury while others chose to combine semi-professional football with other jobs.

The very successful education programme within the Academy has played a major part in helping their boys find careers in (and out) of football and it has always been well-supported by the club.

Since the 1998 intake, Bristol City FC has had another 17 groups (and the scholarship was reduced to a 2-year programme in 2004). There are many interesting stories among the 165 graduates, but the bare statistics are:

  • Gained professional contract = 78
  • Played league football = 32
  •  Played over 100 league games = 22
  • Total league appearances (up to September 2017) = 6541
  • University entrance = 30
  • Current semi-professionals (as of September 2017) = 30+

Other occupations include: Accountant, Bank Manager, Boxer, Bricklayer, Businessman, Coach, Council Worker, Electrician, Fitness Instructor, Heating Engineer, Insurance Salesman, Lecturer, Policeman, Security Services

Bristol City FC Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, there are no official publishings on Bristol City FC trials/tryouts. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official academy news section.


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