Cambridge United FC Tryouts

Cambridge United FC is an English professional football club based in Cambridge, England. The club competes in the EFL League One, the third tier of English football.

Cambridge United F.C.

Cambridge United FC Youth Development System

As an Academy, Cambridge United FC strives to create a development programme that shares the values and vision of the club to foster a learning environment based on their core values, which are to be: Hard Working, Honest & Humble. Cambridge United FC aims to maintain, continually review and improve their practice so that their young players are offered the best programme possible to allow them to be the best they can be. The philosophy is centred on the creation of an environment where all aspects of the Academy programme are challenging and inspirational.

Cambridge United FC Academy Vision is to create an ENVIRONMENT where they can ACHIEVE their HIGHEST LEVEL, both in football and in life.

Cambridge United FC Academy teams will play with an emphasis on penetrating attacking football that dominates the midfield…
They will focus on: forward passing, forward running and forward-thinking wherever possible. They will try to press the ball as high up the pitch as the game allows and be flexible in our team shapes.

Cambridge United FC Academy players must be competent in tight areas and are challenged to be a match winner through destroying, creating and goalscoring. They must develop good game understanding in possession, out of possession and in transition to enable them to progress through the performance pathway.

Cambridge United FC Academy is not rigid tactically. Their football philosophy is not restricted to a particular system. Their football philosophy is all about principles of play that remain constant but can be implemented through different formations and systems.

Cambridge United FC Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, Cambridge United FC Academy has a trial link available on their official website. Please click here to visit the trial link for more information. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official academy news section.


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