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Derby County FC is an English professional football club based in Derby, Derbyshire, England. The club competes in the EFL League One, the third tier of English football.

Derby County F.C.

Derby County FC Youth Development System

Derby County FC Academy’s vision is to continue to provide talented, well balanced young professional footballers for Derby County’s first-team squad and become recognised as the ‘Academy of Choice’ for young players within their local area and beyond.

Derby County FC aims is to become a perennial Category One Academy, enabling us to compete at the elite level of youth football both at home and abroad.

Derby County FC will continue to invest in their training facilities and new technologies to enhance its reputation and improve performance in order to develop the players of the future. They will actively seek to recruit and retain the best young players within their local region and beyond and considerable financial investment has been pledged to ensure this is achieved.


Derby County FC’s mission is to identify, develop and support talented young footballers in order for them to achieve their maximum potential in a positive, supportive and professional learning environment.

They will embrace a competitive culture that encourages team work and fun, whilst positively impacting on their young players.


The philosophy of the Derby County Academy is to focus on a purposeful passing style of football. This means that they will recruit with such intention and equip their players with the technical and tactical skills that allow their teams to control and influence the game when in or out of possession. They will create an environment where their players will have the athletic ability and mental strength to regain possession of the ball and consequently regain control of the game.

Derby County FCAcademy values, behaviours and coaching methods will underpin this philosophy. They will recruit and develop both the players and staff with similar beliefs and work ethics to create an outstanding team spirit both on and of the pitch. They want to play attack-minded football through a positive, purposeful and forward-thinking incisive passing game, exploiting the space and progressing through the pitch when possible to enter the final third in order to create goal-scoring opportunities. Out of possession, press from the front and play with organisation, discipline and a will to defend.

The Academy technical board consists of members who are able to implement and oversee both the first team and the Academy’s playing philosophy. This will help to ensure that both parties are working towards achieving the same goals through the same methods.

It has been agreed that the Under 21 Squad will look to replicate both the training and match preparation methodology of the first team, in order to prepare the development squad players for when first team opportunities arise. The Under 18 age group and below are given the opportunity to develop all aspects of their game, in order to give them a fully rounded football education.


1. To ensure that the individual needs of young footballers are at the heart of all their activities.

2. To set high football, academic and social standards and act as a positive role models in all their behaviours

3. To provide a supportive disciplined environment where players and staff take pride in themselves and their surroundings

4. To develop an outstanding network of talent identification that ensures that all players, parents and partners are treated with honesty, integrity and respect

5. To develop an outstanding learning programme that will maximise players’ potential and produce outstanding young footballers

6. To effectively communicate the aims and objectives of the academy with all stakeholders

7. To promote and support positive outcomes related to health, education and overall development

8. To recognise and celebrate players’ success and recognise and acknowledge sound attitudes and behaviours

9. To develop positive and honest relationships with all stakeholders including players, parents, feeder organisations and all external partners

10. To provide all their young players with a 360 degree experience, to ensure that they are equipped for alternative career pathways

Derby County FC Academy Development Centre

The Derby County Development Centre Open Training Sessions take place on a regular basis during the year.

The Academy holds a series of Open Training Evenings to find the best young male talent in the Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire area.

Since the Development Centres were originally set up, over 100 players have progressed through the Development Centre system to sign for Derby County’s Academy.

The Development Centre gives children the opportunity to train free of charge on a weekly basis, in an environment that will develop them technically, tactically, psychologically and socially.

Successful trialists will earn a place at their chosen development venue or given the opportunity in the Rams’, shadow squad or Academy.

Open Training Evenings:

Open training sessions can be found by clicking here.


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