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Hull City AFC is an English professional football club based in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. The club competes in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football.

Hull City A.F.C.

Hull City AFC Youth Development System

The Hull City Academy develops talented young footballers from the age of eight to 23. There have been significant developments at the Academy since the club achieved Category Two status in the summer of 2015. The Academy recruits players of outstanding potential that can be nurtured into future first-team regulars. In line with the Football Association’s charter of quality, the Academy prepares players of the future for the club and enables them to progress both on and off the field.

Hull City Academy

Since the move to Category Two status, the Academy has had in excess of 18 players appear for the first team in competitive fixtures. Local players now make up a large proportion of the first team squad, which represents a tremendous achievement for both the players and staff alike. Hull City Academy is keen to build of this success through constant improvement and innovation, both on and off the field.

Hull City Academy Mission

Hull City Academy has a number of key roles to play in support of the successful application of the club’s vision and mission: To support the senior squad by producing talented local players who can play a substantial part in the success of the first team.

Produce players that not only support our first team, but also other surrounding clubs at both full-time and part-time football clubs. To give opportunities to members of the local community in all aspects of the work carried out at the Academy. By engaging with locally educated and trained individuals, we can enhance our identity.

Hull City U21s

To develop individuals who on leaving Hull City are equipped with the attributes that enable them to have a successful career in their chosen field. To maintain its growing reputation locally and nationally for delivering excellence and providing all with an experience that is both enjoyable and beneficial.

To maintain its progress based on our Club values – â€˜Respect, Belief and Dedication’. To deliver the mission consistently, Hull City will continue to work closely with all the partners and stakeholders. While they always look to build new relationships, Hull City’s main focus will be the ongoing work with the following stakeholders:

  • Premier League
  • The EFL
  • Bishop Burton College
  • All Hull City Departments
  • Tigers Trust
  • Our Club and Academy Sponsors
  • The University of Hull
  • All Local Media
  • The Football Association
  • East Riding County FA
  • Hull Boys Sunday Football League
  • East Riding Schools
  • Hull Schools
  • Humberside Schools

Hull City Academy Vision

The vision for the Hull City Academy is to have the best Academy in the region. An Academy with a strong East Yorkshire base, which includes not only their players but their staff, too.

To achieve its vision, Hull City must continue to invest in our staff, players, and facilities. This will then assist in the continued development of all at their Academy and ensure that no matter how long they spend at the Academy, they have enjoyed the experience with them and left not only as improved individuals but with skills that will assist them for many years to come.

To have guidance and support senior management of the club so all staff feel valued in their role and are able to use their expertise in their chosen field with the knowledge that support is always available. All staff are aware of their own responsibilities within the Academy Performance Plan and are measured on this accordingly.

Players are under no illusion that to succeed at our club, they must adhere to Hull City values so they give themselves the best possible chance of progressing through each phase of the club. They do this with the aim of becoming individuals who become a significant part of our first-team squad.

By having this clear focus, all staff and players are fully aware of the part they can play in achieving Hull City’s goals.

By communicating its vision, all supporters of Hull City are aware of our aims and can take pleasure in seeing the progress we make. Having an Academy that their local community and supporters are proud of can only enhance the continued development of our club.

Hull City Academy Identities and Values

The Academy continues to build on its strong local links, providing an opportunity to local players to grow, develop and realise their potential. Hull City strives to establish and maintain a professional environment that stands out in the locality, having a constant dialog with their players and parents and thus creating a family environment where players feel supported while also being challenged.

Hull City is proud to have produced local players who have made the step up to the first team. Exactly 50% of their recent league debuts for Academy players have been from boys born within the Yorkshire region, one of whom is the youngest-ever player to start a first-team match for Hull City.

For Hull City Academy to maintain this progress, they must all share the same values which will shape all connected with the club for the future.

Hull City Academy Playing & Coaching Philosophy


Playing Philosophy:

Be comfortable receiving the ball in all areas of the pitch, play without fear of making mistakes and express themselves at all times. As the players progress through the phase, our style of play will become more evident in playing out from the back and through the thirds.

Coaching Philosophy:

Safe and enjoyable learning environment where coaches guide and allow mistakes with praise given for intent.


Playing Philosophy:

Development of team shape, units of play and roles and responsibilities. Introduction to playing positions and tactical understanding. Play out from the back, break lines and play forward where possible. Defend as an individual and as a unit. Midfielders to rotate positions. Strikers play quickly in and around the penalty box, be creative in wide areas and develop composure in front of goal.

Coaching Philosophy:

Maximise potential through an enjoyable learning experience. Learning through exploration and discovery.


Playing Philosophy:

Build on and develop understanding of roles and responsibilities acquired in the transition phase. Maximise potential through an enjoyable learning experience. Learn the principles of forward-thinking possession-based football through exploration and discovery.

Coaching Philosophy:

Principles of the game through an enjoyable learning experience. A more challenging environment with a shift towards performance.


Playing Philosophy:

To play forward-thinking football with an emphasis on playing through the thirds. Players to stay on the ball in a composed and controlled manner. Players on, around and away from the ball to stay connected to the ball by beginning to predict play and positioning themselves in an organised manner ready to receive the ball.

Coaching Philosophy:

Move towards specialisation with more emphasis on execution. More challenge and shift towards performance and outcomes.


Playing Philosophy:

To play forward-thinking forward with an emphasis on playing through the thirds. We expect our players and teams to be organised when out of possession and committed when defending. Players need to be aware and react quickly to the transition. Systems of play: 1-4-3-3, 1-4-4-2 and 1-3-5-2.

Coaching Philosophy:

Develop professionalism and individual responsibility. Encouraging innovation in pursuit of specialisation. Emphasis on performance and results.

Hull City Academy Education

The Academy takes a holistic educational approach to producing young players who are well rounded in all areas and can apply their knowledge in a practical situation.

In all areas of their development, whether football, educational or social, Hull City attempts to expose all young players to a range of experiences to produce confident, socially adept individuals who are eager to learn and develop. The Academy works closely with schools to ensure each young player is on target with their academic development and is available to attend their School Release Programme in years 10 and 11. Following school, those players who are offered an apprenticeship take part in a full education framework, meaning players are qualified for employment or university as an option for the future.

Hull City believes that each young player is a unique individual who needs a secure, positive and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. Hull City is committed to helping players meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking and invites a sharing of ideas.

Hull City Recruitment Trials

  • The Hull City Academy provides opportunities for talented young footballers from Hull, East Riding, North Lincolnshire and the wider Yorkshire region to step up from grassroots football into their Category Two programme.
  • This process begins with the Tigers Trust after school clubs and holiday Football Centres, before moving on to their Development Centres at U7s and U8s.
  • From the Development Centres, players with the necessary potential can progress to their Pre-Academy for U7s and U8s.
  • The Academy groups operate from U9s to U23s, which enables players with the necessary ability and potential to be recruited at any stage of their development.
  • Hull City aims to ensure the local catchment area is represented through its Academy and also seeks to help grassroots and schools football to continue to flourish.

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Hull City U21s


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