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Peterborough United FC is an English professional football club based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. The club competes in the EFL League One, the third tier of English football.

Peterborough United F.C.

Peterborough United FC Youth Development System

Peterborough United FC is very proud of the pathway and development opportunities they have for young players at Peterborough United, highlighted by the progress of all players, the number of first team debuts and appearances in recent seasons from academy graduates and current youth team players, and the successful outcomes for the players who move on from the club.

The future for their academy programme is very exciting both on and off the pitch. Peterborough United FC is in the process of becoming a Category 2 academy. The development of the facilities at their Training Base will have huge benefits to their players and the wide community.

Peterborough United FC have a clear vision to consistently produce young players who progress to graduate into their first-team. The success of players in the past couple of seasons, such as Harrison Burrows, Ronnie Edwards, Ricky-Jade Jones and Kyle Barker are clear evidence of this. Underpinning this vision is their mission statement – ‘create young people and young players of value’. their aim is to support the holistic development of all the young players they work with; providing them with opportunities that will help them grow as young people and provide positive life experiences that will remain with them for a long time.

Peterborough United FC has a clear playing philosophy and identity from the first-team right the way through the academy. their recruitment, coaching programme and performance support programmes are all aligned to support this philosophy and identity, ensuring a long-term view is maintained in relation to the development of the person and the player.

The ambitions of the club and the academy are driven by their owners, who provide outstanding support to enable us to grow. Their investment and support, the active involvement of the first team manager and staff and the outstanding commitment of their wonderful staff ensure their young players have such a positive environment in which to learn and develop.

Peterborough United FC has a culture of growth with formal procedures in place to monitor performance against agreed targets, all of which are designed to support the long term aims of the football club as a whole.

Peterborough United FC wants to support their players to ensure they retain their ‘love’ for the game whilst expecting them to be hard-working, honest, humble; to be ambitious and willing to learn whilst enjoying the fantastic opportunities afforded to them and the experiences that will provide them with so many great memories.

Academy Vision

To produce three academy graduates playing a minimum of ten first team games each per season.

Peterborough United FC Academy vision is to continue to provide talented, well balanced young people and professional footballers for Peterborough United’s first-team squad.

Peterborough United FC aim is to become a leading Category Two Academy. They will continue to invest in their training facilities and new technologies to enhance their reputation and improve performance in order to develop the players of the future. They will actively seek to recruit and retain, through their recruitment and coaching staff, the best young players within their local region and beyond. Peterborough United FC owners continue to ensure that considerable financial investment is provided to ensure they achieve their vision.

It is Peterborough United FC owner’s stated intention to be in a position that a minimum of 3 academy players/graduates will each play a minimum of 10 first team games per season from 2024/25.

Academy Mission

Peterborough United FC’s mission statement is to ‘Create Young People and Players of Value’.

They will embrace and maintain a competitive culture that allows for, and supports, the development of the youngsters as people and footballers through continuous learning and education, through team work and enjoyment; whilst creating memories and experiences that have a long-term positive impact on their youngsters, in order for them to achieve their maximum potential in a positive, supportive and professional learning environment.

Academy Philosophy

The philosophy of the Peterborough United Academy is to focus on a purposeful playing style of football in all moments of the game – in possession, out of possession and in moments of transition.

Peterborough United FC uses our key headlines of ‘Playing On The Front Foot’ and ‘Owning The Ball, Owning The Pitch’ to help summarise their playing approach across the academy:

This means that they look to recruit the players with the potential to meet the demands of their philosophy. Peterborough United FC’s coaching programme is designed to equip their players with the multi-disciplinary skills that allow their teams to control and influence the game when in or out of possession.

Peterborough United FC Academy values, behaviours and coaching methods underpin the development of young people and players. Peterborough United FC will recruit and develop players and staff with similar beliefs and work ethics to create an outstanding environment based on learning. Peterborough United FC aspires to play attack-minded, purposeful football, utilising the space on the pitch to play through, round or over opponents. Out of possession, their preference is to press from the front and play with organisation, discipline and a will to defend.

The implementation of their philosophy, the delivery of their programme in line with their mission statement and their progress towards their vision are reviewed and monitored by their Academy Management Team and the club’s Technical Board. Both groups consist of senior academy and club staff, including the owners, the first team manager, the academy manager and the director of football.

Peterborough United FC International Pathway Programme

Peterborough United’s International Programme is a premium network of affiliate clubs playing girls and boys football from U9 to U18 across the world.

As part of the membership, affiliate clubs receive the following:

  • Purchase of Peterborough United playing kits for all club players at a discounted rate to provide uniformity of brand
  • Peterborough United academy coach sent to your club to hold a football workshop and coach the coaches sessions for one week per year
  • An invitation to visit Peterborough United’s training ground for one week each year to play relevant age group matches against the Peterborough United academy squads
  • Annual international conference for football administrators to collaborate on best practice and learn from a leading professional football club
  • Commercial revenue opportunities created by international network of clubs
  • For more information, please email [email protected]

Peterborough United FC Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, there are no official publishings on Peterborough United FC trials/tryouts. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official academy news section.


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