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Rochdale AFC is an English professional football club based in Rochdale, Lancashire, England. The club competes in the EFL League Two, the fourth tier of English football.

Rochdale A.F.C.

Rochdale AFC Youth Development System

The overall and long term vision of Rochdale Association Football Club is to continue building a local football club that is both successful and sustainable on and of the football pitch.

Rochdale AFC aspires to achieve the highest league position possible, not excluding the Premier League, but Rochdale AFC are also realistic in understanding they are in an area surrounded by a large number of Premier, Championship and League 1 and 2 clubs, with the North West being the “hotbed” of English Football. This will obviously make their ambitions a lot tougher to achieve, but could also benefit them through their partnerships with those higher clubs.

From the achievement of this vision, Rochdale AFC also aspire to build state of the art facilities where the 1st team and Academy train and play in harmony, and where the opportunities for Academy players are viewed on a daily basis by the 1st team staff. They would also have a first class Sport Science and Medicine facility and the technology that goes with it to ensure players are on the pitch more.

With this success Rochdale AFC will attract more fans from the communities of Rochdale which will in turn boost the investment into the sustainability of the club.

On the playing side the club has and will continue to invest in the recruitment and development of players.

The club will continue to aim for a mix of experienced professionals, young professionals not getting their chance at a higher level, the recruitment of players from non-league football, so giving them a chance to progress within the professional ranks, and as many players as possible from within the ranks of our own Academy.

Primarily the two main points with regard to outcomes of the Football Vision is:

Producing young players to progress to play in the 1st team

Producing young players to play in the 1st team, who then may progress to a higher level and gain the Football Club transfer revenue to reinvest in strengthening the structure of the Club.

Rochdale AFC Elite Player Performance Plan

Rochdale AFC Elite Player Performance Plan concentrates on ‘Developing England Players of the Future’

The EPPP is a new and exciting partnership that will revolutionise the way we plan, deliver and monitor elite football programmes for young people. It is a framework made up of 10 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) devised by the Premier League, The FA and The Football League.

As you will have seen on the Home page of this site, Rochdale AFC has a Vision & Strategy with a Club & Academy Philosophy devised and implemented by ALL staff at the club, showing the way we want to develop young players to represent our 1st team

All clubs will apply to sit in a “Category” from 1-4 with 1 being the highest, based on things like the number of full-time staff, facilities and levels of resources on offer to players and their families at each KPI. The success of the application is based on an external audit against the criteria for each category and the levels of resources the club has at each KPI.

Rochdale AFC Academy is a Category 3 Academy.

The EPPP is made up of 3 player development areas:

  • The Foundation Phase (Under 9 – U11) – “Learning to Love the Game”
  • The Youth Development Phase (U12 – U16) “Learning to Compete”
  • The Professional Development Phase (Youth Team) “Learning to Win”

The Academy has full-time staff at each of the 3 phases to support the Head of Coaching James Prieditis, and all of the coaches in each phase. Rochdale AFC has the following Lead Coaches:

  • Foundation Phase – Dave Manning
  • Youth Development Phase – Dan Lloyd
  • Professional Development Phase – Chris Brown

All contact details can be found under the Staff Details area of their website.

From a football and player’s point of view, and for most Cat 3 Academies, the main area of the success criteria will be around the Coaching and Games Programme, and the Monitoring & Evaluation of each player within it.

Rochdale AFC Academy has invested in your son’s future development by resourcing our new online Performance Management tool. You can access this by clicking on the “Performance Clock” icon on the Home page of this site, where you can log in to view, then discuss with your son’s coaches and phase lead, all data is kept on your son.

Rochdale AFC and the EPPP, working together to develop young footballers. For more information, please click here to visit their website.

Rochdale AFC Recruitment Trials

At the time of this writing, there are no official publishings on Rochdale AFC trials/tryouts. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club or click here to visit their official academy news section.


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