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Stockport County FC is an English professional football club based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England. The club competes in the EFL League Two, the fourth tier of English football.

Stockport County F.C.

Stockport County FC Youth Development System

Stockport is the largest city located within the county of Cheshire. Home to 136,920 people, it has a strong working-class culture. Stockport’s predominant industries of the 19th century were the cotton and allied industries. It was also at the centre of the country’s hatting industry which by 1884 was exporting more than six million hats a year, hence the Club’s nickname – the Hatters.

Whilst Stockport County FC have all experienced challenging times over the last few years, it is with great optimism and excitement that they can look towards a bright future at the Club under the current ownership and leadership team. Stockport County FC’s historic football club now has strong foundations to build upon. They will strive to have a community Club that plays football at the highest sustainable level, whilst attaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity. The Academy will play a pivotal role in this overall vision, ensuring they create a long-term sustainable model that is committed to holistic player development . Stockport County FC aims to ensure that our players become well-rounded individuals, with the opportunity to progress through their Academy programme into their first-team, or into alternative playing and educational pathways.

Stockport County FC will also ensure that the environment provided is inclusive and respectful. The Academy will aim to teach all its players to be positive, disciplined, hardworking, and committed – all key values at Stockport County Football Club. Stockport County FC encourages all our players to take full advantage of the outstanding resources and support available. Players’ overall success is contingent upon their effort in everything they do there. It is important they are all mindful of their personal responsibility to the greater good: you, your team, the staff, and Stockport County FC. Everyone’s decisions and personal behaviour affect the whole. Stockport County FC expects all their players and staff to represent the Academy in an exemplary manner.


‘A launchpad for new lives in football’

  • To be renowned as a leading learning and development programme for young people and staff.
  • Delivering an elite performance environment and provision for players
  • Maximizing staff potential with high support, high challenge, and high performance
  • Primarily the main points regarding the outcomes of the football Vision are:
  • Producing young players to progress to play in the 1st team
  • Producing young players to play in the 1st team, who then progress to a higher level and gain the Football Club transfer revenue to reinvest in strengthening the structure of the Club
  • Develop players who act as guardians to Stockport County FC culture, spirit, values and playing style
  • Providing our very own top class fit for purpose training facilities
  • To develop a fit for purpose staffing structure
  • To be financially sustainable

Stockport County FC Academy Programme

To develop all of their Academy U9-U19 players, they deliver the most relevant and cutting-edge games model, individual model, team training model and principles of play, which focus on high performance, high challenge, and high support.

Stockport County FC expert staff deliver from our Academy base at Stockport Sports Village and at their first-team training ground at Carrington. A huge part of the academy’s aims is teaching young players to take ownership of their own development to create lifelong habits. Every academy member is provided with a gym programme, allowing time to take part in additional individual training drills and analyse video clips of their own performance via access to the cutting-edge technology the Club employs through VEO. They are tasked with identifying their own personal goals, whilst the coach supplements these with team goals.

Players’ benefit from the below

  • The required amount of training hours a week, in accordance with EPPP regulations
  • Progressive development models
  • Individual learning plans and objectives
  • UEFA-licensed coaches and ex-professionals
  • Outstanding Educational provision
  • Access to expert tutors
  • Excellent player-care support
  • Regular player reviews
  • Access to VEO/HUDL for video analysis
  • Social media coverage
  • A variety of competitive high-quality fixtures
  • Technical and Tactical sessions planned with a multi-disciplinary approach
  • Gym training and programme
  • Pre, mid, and post-season fitness testing
  • Specialist goalkeeper training
  • Access to outstanding medical care
  • Full playing and training kit

The games programme

Stockport County FC have developed an excellent games programme. Stockport County FC will play predominantly against other category three to one academy teams, but also against non-league, grassroot, county and school teams. This variety of competitive fixtures gives their young players the opportunity to face different problems and achieve several learning outcomes.

Playing Philosophy

The following Playing Philosophy provides meaning and direction to the technical and tactical program:

Out of Possession

To look to Press from the front, with Intensity and good 1v1 defending skills. If they can’t press, they Delay, Deny and Dictate (3D’s) to a point of being able to press again.

In Possession

To create goal scoring opportunities through individual and combined movements to play round, through and over the opposition. Players will be encouraged to be clever and take risks in the appropriate areas of the pitch in order to create goal-scoring opportunities.


In to Out Possession – Upon losing possession of the ball, look to counter press and regain possession to quickly attack.

Out to In Possession – Upon regaining possession Stockport County FC looks to counterattack quickly to create goal scoring opportunities, Release early to the furthest forward pass , if that isn’t available, Run forward with the ball and attack the space, or retain and build (3R’s).

Identity & Values

  • Identity = Intensity
  • Competitiveness – “Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is.” – Vince Lombardi
  • Work rate – “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”
  • Body Language – Turning up with a confident posture will translate into a positive attitude within both yourself and the people around you.
  • Togetherness – Working for the team in every way possible
  • Respect – Demand respect and show it to your peers
  • Enjoyment – The main reason people watch and play football.

Stockport County FC Recruitment Trials

Like most clubs, Stockport County FC has a network of scouts who work for the club on a local and national basis, as well as other contacts. The scouts look at players from under-9’s up to professional levels and will make recommendations on players that they may consider inviting for a trial.

It is important to note that any Stockport County Football Club Scout that approaches a player will have appropriate ID. Any approach from someone purporting to be from the club, but who does not have sufficient ID should not be taken seriously.

Can I write in to be invited to an open trial?

At present it is not Stockport County FC policy to hold open trials. They always watch players at their local club/school based on recommendations before inviting them in for trial. If you are interested in a trial, please complete the form by clicking here. You can also write about your football background, this can be completed at the bottom of the form. Information such as DOB, position, approximate height and weight and the club/s played for should be provided as well. Any representative honours such as schools, district, county etc should also be included.

How can I be sure that my talent has not been overlooked?

Rest assured, with literally thousands of scouts representing the various clubs, if you have the required level of ability, you should be spotted. Stockport County FC scouts may or may not be wearing club branded clothing. Many people don’t think they have ever had a scout at their games when in fact just the opposite could be true.

I have waited years to be spotted. Should I give up?

Within reason it’s never too late. Some players mature later than others, and lots of top-class professionals have entered the game at a relatively late stage. Keep playing the highest standard of football possible, and never give up hope, above all always try your best as you never know who is watching!

Due to the high levels of correspondence they receive, Stockport County FC is unable to enter into communication and respond to everyone. Please do not repeatedly contact them, as they will keep your trial request on our files, and will either be in touch or come along to one of your games if they feel you have the qualities and skills Stockport County FC requires. If you meet the criteria Stockport County FC is looking for, they will contact you within seven days of your application.


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