Do professional soccer teams have open tryouts?

Many professional soccer clubs all around the world have dedicated open tryouts at specific times throughout the year. They allow players to showcase their talent in an open tryout format, which could either be a full field 11v11 game or drill based.

These open trials are usually announced with very little notice so it is important to always stay in shape. Continue to play on competitive teams during the off-season to be ready at any moment. Take post game/training recoveries very serious because the last thing you want is an open trial to be announced and you are injured.

Professional soccer clubs who don’t host open tryouts usually rely on scouts to find their talent. This is usually performed by dedicated staff who go watch local games being played throughout the community. No matter where you are playing, make sure you always act professionally and carry your self in a way that shows you are ready for the highest level of professional soccer.

Announcement for these open tryouts can be found for specific clubs on our website here at or by visiting the official website of each club and checking our their news section. Always confirm with the official club on any open trials. Trials for professional clubs are usually free of charge. If you are ever asked for a payment, make sure you verify it is from a legitimate staff member from the club by contacting the club directly with information found on the clubs official website.

If you would like to explore tryouts for clubs around the world, browse through the regions on our website to see what is open in an area near you.


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