To become a professional soccer player without college, you have to get involved with various clubs. This can mean that you join the academy of a professional soccer team and work your way up within their different age groups. If you are past the age limit to join an academy team from a professional team, you can join affiliate clubs from those professional soccer teams. Typically, every professional soccer team will have soccer clubs around the area who they are affiliated with. This means that the professional soccer team supports those clubs either financially or by scouting their players.

Many pro clubs around the world have affiliate teams that they send scouts out to observe any players that stand out. The scouts will then bring these players to join the professional soccer teams youth academy or onto their B team.

University or College can be a good idea for some athletes around the world who are looking at gaining education while pursuing their dreams. Just because you join a University/College doesn’t mean you have to wait until you graduate. If the opportunity arrives and you find a professional team that is conducting trials, you can still go and tryout for that team.

Finally, clubs all around the world offer tryouts/trials throughout the year and offer players the chance to prove that they belong to that club. This is why it is very important to stay in shape all throughout the year so you are always ready. To find affiliate clubs of professional soccer teams or tryout/trial information, browse around our website here at We strive to provide up-to-date information on club tryouts/trials for players to view.

The main thing you should consider when answering this question is your age. If you are still under 15, you have an opportunity to possible still join professional soccer academy teams such as their U14 or U15 teams. If you are older such as 20 year old, one of the most recommended things to do would be to stay in shape, join highly competitive local clubs while you search for open trials.


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Remember to create a game plan and have a back-up plan.