Soccer tryouts for many athletes can be overwhelming due to the uncertainty that is to come. Going into the tryout with the right mentality can have you focused on the game as opposed to worrying about messing up.

1. Arrive early to the tryouts

Nothing will stand out more than arriving late to the tryouts. If you arrive late, you will immediately have a bad first impression with the coaching staff. They are searching for players who not only have skills but also players who will follow the rules.

2. Focus on your strengths

Don’t go to the soccer tryouts trying to do more than you are capable. If you know you don’t have very good skills to take a defender 1v1, don’t think you have to do everything on the field. If your strength is playing defensive midfield, play that position how you always play it. Doing too much might leave the coaching staff confused on where you play. If you focus on your main strengths, it will immediately show the coaching staff where you belong on the field.

3. Interact with other players

Soccer skills and technique are very important but so is the personality of players. Many coaches want players who not only can play but who can get along with the rest of the team and build chemistry. 

4. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

There is always a time and place for giving feedback but sometimes a player has to step up and let the coaches know how he/she feels. During a tryout, there could be many players who attended the event. You might be placed in a position that you rarely play. The coaching staff has many people to observe and take notes on so they might forget you are playing in the wrong position. During a break, bring the concern to the coaches attention and politely request if you can alternate positions to play your natural position. 

5. Show leadership skills

Leadership skills is something that you will continue to learn throughout your career and life. Make it a habit to consistently improve upon being a leader. There are many natural leaders who naturally enjoy being the leader and are very good at it. If you are in a position where you naturally don’t have those skills, don’t worry, this is a skill you can learn. Focus on observing people who naturally take charge and take note of their actions and the type of words they use. Also focus on reading specific books on leadership.

6. Know what scouts are looking for

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, thus creating a large competitive pool of players all looking to reach the highest level possible, to maybe one day play for Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. This level of competitiveness should entice you to learn about what specifically scouts are looking for when evaluating players.

Scouts typically break down a player skills into a quadrant, which include:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Technical
  • Tactical

Also, there are in-game movements that scouts look for when evaluating players such as:

  • Defensive/Offensive transitions
  • Defensive/Ofensive Organization
  • Defensive/Offensive Set Pieces


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