How do you join a professional soccer team?

Joining a professional soccer team will vary depending on your age. The younger players typically around the age of 5-14, join professional soccer teams by first joining their academy teams and working their way up the age group ranks. For players around the age of 15-18, the options can either be playing for affiliated clubs from the professional soccer team or having a scout notice you or attending one of their open tryouts.

For players older than 18, the highest chances are searching for tryouts at professional soccer clubs. Open tryouts for clubs also can be for players younger than 18. Many clubs when they announce open trials, they will typically include age groups that are allowed to participate.

For athletes in the United States, one of the most common routes that can result in joining a professional soccer team is through the MLS Super Draft. This is where MLS teams pick players from various colleges around the United States and allow them to sign a professional contract with the club.

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