Is 17 too late to become a professional soccer player?

At 17 years old, you still have fairly good chances of becoming a professional soccer player if you stay determined. At this point, if you are not playing with a professional soccer teams academy, you should be actively involved in the highest level of competition you can compete in depending on your area.

It is important that you maintain your cardiovascular condition at the highest peak throughout the whole year because professional clubs tend to notify about open tryouts with very short notice. At 17 years old, you need to take advantage of every moment and capture highlights from your game throughout the weeks. Use these videos and put them online. Create a resume of videos that allows you to showcase your talent.

These videos can be used by reaching out to scouts or agents and notifying them of your intentions. Make sure your highlight videos are of high quality. Scouts and agents have many athletes who are all searching to an opportunity as well.

You need to make your self stand out from others. This means that not only should you excel at the sport of soccer, you also need to be professional outside of the pitch. You need to carry yourself in a way that you show leadership and a desire to reach the highest levels. Arrive before all your other teammates to games and practices. Be the last one to leave practice because you stayed a little longer to practice additional skills.

These small things will be noticed by others. You never know when a scout is watching and you can be one call away from an open trial with a professional club such as Borussia Dortmund, LAFC, Real Betis, or Sao Paulo FC.

You can search for open tryout information from clubs all around the world who are looking for players by visiting our website here at or by visiting each clubs official news section on their website.


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