The vast majority of players who excel at soccer from an early age go professional within the ages of 16 to 18. This is typically players who have been playing at the clubs academy team from a young age and will sign their professional contract with the first team at 16 for a change to play with the first team.

The age of 16 is usually for players who show they are ready from a young age to play with the first team and have been promoted through the ranks of that academy. For players who did not have a chance to join an academy as a child, they usually go pro around 19-23. Going professional at an older age involves them searching for clubs to tryout for or in some cases, college can lead to entering a draft such as the MLS super draft.

Although the age can vary, someone who has been with a professional soccer team’s academy will typically have a higher chance of making their professional debut. This is because they have been playing competitively with a club for many years and can climb the ranks within the club to reach the first team.

If a soccer player makes their professional debut at a later age such as 19+, they could come from a college team or were recruited from a professional soccer teams trial.

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