What age is too late for soccer?

Generally, a soccer player will find it very difficult to become a professional soccer player past the age of 24 years old. Although not impossible, many clubs are looking for players at this age group to have a decent amount of experience in their resume.

The chances of going professional past the age of 24 in a first division team are very unlikely but the chances for joining lower division teams is still fairly high if you possess the required skills. A prime example of a professional soccer player who continued to pursue his dream is Jamie Vardy. He was playing in lower division teams until he got his break at the age of 26 and signed for Leicester City, which he helped promote to the English Premier League in 2014 at the age of 28. Later in 2016, he managed to score 24 league goals and clench the Premier League title with Leicester City at the age of 30.

The point is if you are in your mid 20’s and know you have the skills and ability to one day make it to the first division team, go look for trials in second or third division teams. You should really evaluate your decision and see where you currently stand in life. Do you have the time and willing to commit to playing in a lower division team? Are you able to live financially playing in a lower division team while you strive to make it to a first division team?

If you decide you do want to commit during your mid 20’s, make sure you do everything possible to stand out from others. Have a family member or friend record your games. Take some time to edit those game videos so you have playing highlights. Once you have some experience playing competitively in a lower division team and have highlight videos, start expanding your network.

Try and look for scouts or agents in your area and start to connect with them. Let them know your intentions and prove to them that even though you might be older, you have what it takes to play at the highest level of the game.

Throughout this process, take some extra time to take care of your body. One of the hardest things that can happen is an injury, especially at this crucial age where you are looking to excel and reach the top. Research online tips and techniques on post game recoveries.

Nevertheless, live a life with no regrets. If you really want to make this dream happen and know you have what it take, go for it. The last thing in life you want to do is reach an older age and always think about not following your dreams.

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