Free Recruitment Profile Service Agreement

Free Recruitment Profile

This agreement (the “Agreement”) is made on the date of signup by and between Athlete (“User”). In consideration of the mutual agreement made herein, both parties agree as follows:

Scope: This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions whereby agrees to produce the services described above to the User.

Description of Services: The User hereby engages, and accepts such engagement to provide the following Free Service for the User (hereinafter, the “Service”):

Service Deliverables, Milestones, and Response Time:

Recruitment Profile – agrees to provide (1) a recruitment profile to the User with an active signup registration. The User is responsible to provide with the required information for the profile. and the User both agree free recruitment profile will be publicly available on the domain and will only remain publicly available unless asked to be taken offline by the User. agrees to update the User free recruitment profile at a minimum of once (1) a quarter (every 3 months), at the request of the User and a max of two (2) times a quarter (every 3 months). Additional updates to the User’s free recruitment profile will be at the discretion of the team. The User communicates any free recruitment profile updates via email ([email protected]) and agrees to update the User profile within 14 business days of the User sending email and receiving the email.

User and may agree in a separate service agreement, to expand the scope of Services to include additional tasks, which can include paid services offered by Additional paid services can include but are not limited to, the removal of advertisements on profiles, image edits, and video edits.

Email Communication – is not responsible for consistent email communication on academy or trial updates to Users as the newsletter is a free courtesy service that will be sent out periodically. Academy and Trial information will be based on information provided by clubs from their official website and will be disseminated at the discretion of All email notifications will be from official club news sources such as the official website and no third-party websites will be used by is not responsible for providing third-party communication with clubs in the representation of the User. The User is free to view such information provided by as an aid and is not responsible for any actions taken by the User after the dissemination of information. Upon signup of the free recruitment profile, the User agrees to enroll in’s email database using the email provided during the free recruitment profile signup. will not distribute or sell email addresses to any third party under no circumstance.

Acceptance of Terms: The User promises to abide by this free service agreement rendered by for the Service as agreed upon. By signing up for the digital product, the User agrees they have read and understood these terms. If the User is under the age of 13, consent from a parent or guardian is agreed upon to accept this service. We will NOT knowingly collect, use or distribute personal information from children under the age of 13.

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