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Nashville SC

Nashville SC is an American professional soccer club based in Nashville, Tennessee that competes in Major League Soccer (MLS) as a member of the league’s Eastern Conference.

Nashville SC History

Nashville SC’s journey to Major League Soccer (MLS) began well before the team’s formal establishment. The city of Nashville had been home to several lower-division soccer teams, notably the Nashville Metros and Nashville FC. Nashville FC, a community-owned club, emerged after the Metros’ dissolution in 2013, showcasing the city’s continuous passion for soccer. Despite Nashville FC’s short lifespan of three years, it laid the foundational community spirit for the eventual rise of Nashville SC. This was part of a broader cultural movement in Nashville, where soccer fans were eager to see professional soccer thrive in their city​​.

The formal bid for Nashville to join MLS started in January 2017, with businessman John Ingram purchasing a majority stake in DMD Soccer, the entity behind Nashville SC. Ingram’s involvement was pivotal, providing the necessary financial backing and showing MLS a unified effort from the city. Gary Smith, a seasoned coach with a history of success, was brought in to lead the technical side. By December 2017, MLS officially awarded Nashville an expansion team, setting the stage for the club’s debut in the league in 2020​​.

Nashville SC’s first MLS game was on February 29, 2020, against Atlanta United FC, attracting a record soccer crowd for Tennessee. The team’s early days in MLS were challenging, especially with the pandemic disrupting their inaugural season. Despite these challenges, Nashville SC made a significant impact in their first season, reaching the conference semi-finals in the MLS Cup playoffs​​.

The club’s visual identity, including its crest and colors, draws heavily from Nashville’s rich musical history, featuring electric gold and acoustic blue to represent Nashville’s flag and musical vibrancy. The team initially played at Nissan Stadium but later moved to Geodis Park, a soccer-specific stadium that underscores the city’s commitment to the sport and the team​​.

Nashville SC’s pre-MLS years in the USL were marked by steady growth and success. The team had respectable showings in the 2018 and 2019 seasons, with their performance improving significantly in the latter year, demonstrating their readiness for the higher competition level in MLS​​.

Since joining MLS, Nashville SC has seen progressive improvement, highlighted by the standout performances of players like Hany Mukhtar. The team has grown significantly in both on-field success and fan engagement, marking an exciting chapter in Nashville’s soccer history. Their journey reflects not just the aspirations of a team, but the broader ambitions of the city and its passionate soccer community​​.

Youth Development System

The Nashville SC Academy is a fully funded, elite youth soccer program based in Nashville, Tenn. and playing at the highest level of youth soccer in the United States. It will provide each player with an unparalleled youth soccer experience. It’s a vibrant, player centric learning environment where players will be exposed to the Nashville SC development plan and will be asked to be the protagonists in their own development. Players will get access to:

  1. Coaching, guidance and evaluation from a highly qualified technical staff
  2. Access to cutting edge sports performance technology and equipment
  3. Invitation to participate in domestic and international tournaments against some of the world’s best clubs

Nashville SC Academy Recruitment

The Nashville SC Academy will participate and play against other Major League Soccer clubs at the highest nationwide level of youth soccer in the United States.

There are four ways for players to be selected for the Nashville SC Academy. The Nashville SC Academy staff will work with directors and coaches of local clubs in identifying talent. Players will be evaluated in their own clubs’ environment first where they will have the potential to be invited into scheduled Nashville SC Academy ID Clinics, practices, and events:

  1. Players from local clubs may be recommended by their club coaches to participate in a Nashville SC Academy practice. These practices allow NSC coaches to evaluate the player and possibly select them for the academy team. This process may happen at any point during the season. (If you are a club coach wanting to recommend a player, please contact Kevin Flanagan at [email protected].)
  2. The Nashville SC Academy have scouts that actively look for players in the Nashville, TN area and beyond. They regularly attend tournaments, select events and league games to identify potential talent.
  3. Parents can send their player’s credentials to the Nashville SC Academy staff. If you are a parent wanting to introduce your player to the Nashville SC Academy Staff, please fill out the following Recruitment Questionnaire:
  4. The Nashville SC Academy will hold open ID Clinics throughout the year. These tryouts provide Nashville SC Academy staff the opportunity to identify players who may have been missed, have relocated to the area, or were unaware of the Nashville SC Academy.

The U12 Academy team will have a pool of 24-30 players. Based on tournament requirements and at the Academy Director’s discretion, not all players will participate in practices and events. The U13, U14 and U15 Academy teams will carry rosters of 16- 22 players.

Nashville SC Academy Cost?

The Nashville SC Academy does not charge a fee. It is a fully funded program giving players from all backgrounds the opportunity to play for the Nashville SC Academy.

Nashville SC Recruitment Tryouts

Players do not have to be a USA citizen to play for the Nashville SC Academy. However, non-USA citizens must have their appropriate Visa completed and approved to be eligible to play. International players must also be eligible for an ITC transfer if under 18 years old. Please visit U.S. Soccer’s ITC Eligibility webpage for more information.

At this current moment, there is no information on Nashville SC tryouts. Please come back at a later date while we monitor this club for any new tryout/trial information.


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Nashville SC Colors & Badge

Nashville SC’s primary colors are electric gold and acoustic blue. These colors are directly inspired by the city’s flag and are intended to represent Nashville’s rich musical heritage and vibrant community. The electric gold symbolizes the energy and vibrancy of the city, while the acoustic blue reflects its musical and cultural depth.

The club’s crest is designed to embody Nashville’s identity closely. It features a gold octagon with a central monogram “N” surrounded by vertical blue bars. These vertical bars are meant to represent sound waves and vibrations, paying homage to Nashville’s status as a music city. This unique design aims to connect the team with the city’s historical and cultural roots, underlining the shared identity between the team and the people of Nashville​​.

Nashville SC Kit

Nashville SC’s kits have evolved since their inception, reflecting both the team’s identity and Nashville’s vibrant community. Since joining MLS, Nashville SC’s kits have been manufactured by Adidas starting from 2020. Prior to that, they were made by Under Armour until the end of their tenure in the USL Championship in 2019​​.

The “Homecoming Kit,” introduced for the 2022/23 seasons, incorporates distinctive elements like the latitude and longitude coordinates of the center circle at the Nashville SC Stadium, located on the back of each jersey’s neck. Renasant Bank, the official jersey partner, features prominently on the front of the kit, alongside Nashville SC’s crest on the heart side. Additionally, Hyundai is represented on the right sleeve, indicating the club’s partnership ties​​.

In the 2024/25 seasons, Nashville SC unveiled the ‘615’ primary jersey, a design rich in local symbolism. This kit celebrates Nashville’s community spirit by recognizing various neighborhoods where the club’s fans reside. The design includes special patches representing different areas of Nashville, underlining the strong connection between the club and its supporters. Renasant continues as the official banking partner and jersey sponsor, while Hyundai maintains its position as the primary sleeve partner​​​​.

These kits, beyond their aesthetic appeal, signify the deep bond between Nashville SC and its city, underscoring the club’s commitment to representing the spirit of Nashville both on and off the pitch.

Nashville SC Stadium

GEODIS Park, the home of Nashville SC, is prominently situated in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood and is recognized as one of the top sports and entertainment venues in the U.S. The stadium boasts a capacity of 30,000 seats, making it the largest soccer-specific stadium in the United States and Canada. It features innovative design elements such as a 360-degree canopy and a 65-foot-wide shared concourse, providing an immersive and engaging experience for fans. The design ensures that even the farthest seats are only 150 feet away from the touchline, allowing spectators to feel close to the action​​.

The stadium has faced its share of challenges and controversies, notably around land agreements and the impact on local fairground activities. After negotiations and legal disputes, agreements were reached that shaped the stadium’s development and its relationship with the community, including the construction on a specific parcel of land and its use for public space. The design of the stadium was led by Populous, with contributions from local firms, underlining the blend of global expertise and local insight​​.

In terms of amenities, GEODIS Park is equipped with premium seating options including concourse-level clubs and loge boxes, especially along the west side of the concourse. There are 27 suites and approximately 4,000 premium seats available, catering to different preferences and providing diverse experiences, from music-themed lounges to sports-themed areas. Despite its design for inclusivity and varied fan experiences, there have been initial challenges, such as navigation around the concourse and access limitations​​.

Parking at the stadium has been noted as a concern due to the limited number of spots controlled by the team and the layout of the surrounding area. Planning your visit with parking in mind is recommended to avoid inconveniences. Nonetheless, GEODIS Park is positioned as a central hub for both soccer and non-soccer events, including concerts, which complement Nashville’s vibrant entertainment scene​​.

Overall, GEODIS Park represents a significant development in Nashville’s sporting landscape, offering a state-of-the-art facility for soccer fans while also serving as a versatile venue for a wide range of events.

Nashville SC Club Culture

Nashville SC’s club culture is deeply connected to the city’s vibrant community and musical heritage, with a strong emphasis on inclusion and community involvement. The Backline Supporters Collective serves as an umbrella for various supporter groups, ensuring a unified and dynamic matchday environment. It embodies the spirit of Nashville, integrating music, community service, and soccer passion. Each supporters’ group under The Backline has unique identities and contributions, yet all aim to boost the team’s morale and community engagement​​.

The Roadies, one of the original supporters’ groups for Nashville SC, play a significant role in this culture. They pride themselves on being first to arrive and last to leave on match days, creating a welcoming and energetic atmosphere. Their activities extend beyond cheering; they’re involved in community service and ensuring the sport is accessible to everyone in Nashville. The Roadies embody the spirit of soccer being a sport for all, reflecting the inclusive and community-oriented nature of Nashville SC’s fan base​​.

These groups, along with others like The Assembly, Eastern Front, Music City Heaters, and La Brigada de Oro, offer diverse ways for fans to engage with the club and each other, reflecting Nashville’s diverse cultural fabric. Each group has its unique flavor but shares the common goal of supporting Nashville SC and enriching the community​​.

For more about the club culture and how to join these supporter groups, you can visit The Backline Supporters Collective and The Roadies websites.

Nashville SC Home City

Nashville SC is rooted in a city with its own unique cultural and historical background. Nashville, Tennessee, is widely recognized as the heart of the country music scene and is often referred to as “Music City.” This vibrant, energetic city is known for its rich musical heritage, live music venues, and annual festivals that attract visitors from all around the world.

Cultural and Musical Heritage: Nashville’s identity is deeply intertwined with music, particularly country music. The city is home to iconic venues like the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium, places where many legendary musicians have performed. Nashville’s music scene, however, is not limited to country; it encompasses a wide range of genres, making the city a hub for musicians and music lovers alike.

Economic and Educational Center: Beyond music, Nashville is a significant economic and educational hub in the South. The city is home to numerous colleges and universities, including Vanderbilt University, which contribute to its vibrant cultural scene and youthful energy. Additionally, Nashville has seen significant growth in sectors like healthcare, finance, and technology.

Culinary Scene: Nashville is also known for its culinary scene, which includes an array of dining options from traditional Southern cuisine to international dishes. The city is famous for its hot chicken, a local specialty that has gained nationwide popularity.

Sports and Recreation: While known for music, Nashville is also a city with a growing interest in sports. Besides Nashville SC, the city hosts NFL and NHL teams, and there are various recreational activities available, from parks and greenways to rivers and lakes that offer outdoor adventures.

Community and Diversity: Nashville is characterized by its welcoming atmosphere and diverse population. The city prides itself on its friendliness and community spirit, which is evident in its neighborhoods, festivals, and community events.

Impact of Nashville SC: The introduction of Nashville SC to the city has added a new dimension to its sports culture, bringing soccer to the forefront and uniting fans across the region. The team’s presence has helped to diversify the city’s sports landscape and has contributed to community engagement and local pride.

Overall, Nashville is a city that combines its rich musical heritage with a dynamic and diverse cultural scene, making it a unique backdrop for Nashville SC and its fans. The city’s mix of history, music, education, and sports creates a vibrant community atmosphere that reflects in the support for the team.

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