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Explore the ultimate New York Red Bulls guide! Dive into detailed tryout processes, rich club history, iconic stadium tours, and profiles of players. Your comprehensive source for all things NY Red Bulls, for aspiring talents to seasoned fans.



New York Red Bulls

The New York Red Bulls are an American professional soccer club based in the New York metropolitan area. The Red Bulls compete in Major League Soccer (MLS) as a member of the Eastern Conference.

New York Red Bulls History

The New York Red Bulls, originally known as the New York/New Jersey MetroStars, are a professional soccer club based in the New York metropolitan area. The team was one of the ten original clubs of Major League Soccer (MLS), starting play in 1996. The early years of the franchise were marked by mediocrity on the field and struggles to carve out an identity and fan base in a crowded New York sports market. Despite featuring notable players such as Roberto Donadoni and Tony Meola, success was limited, and the team underwent several rebrandings and management changes in an attempt to improve fortunes.

In 2006, the club underwent a significant transformation when it was purchased by Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian company known for its energy drinks. This acquisition led to a complete rebranding of the team, changing its name from the MetroStars to the New York Red Bulls. The takeover marked a new era, with substantial investment in the squad, the coaching staff, and a new stadium. Red Bull Arena, a state-of-the-art soccer-specific stadium located in Harrison, New Jersey, opened in 2010 and has been hailed as one of the best soccer venues in the United States.

Under the Red Bull ownership, the team’s fortunes began to improve. The Red Bulls have been known for their high-pressing, energetic style of play, aligning with Red Bull’s corporate image. The team has secured several major signings over the years, including Thierry Henry, one of the greatest players of his generation, in 2010. Henry’s presence boosted the team’s profile and performance, leading them to regular playoff appearances and elevating the standard of play.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – AUGUST 18: David Beckham #23 of the Los Angeles Galaxy takes a free kick against the New York Red Bulls at Giants Stadium on August 18, 2007 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images for Red Bulls) *** Local Caption *** David Beckham

The Red Bulls have experienced a mix of successes and disappointments in MLS. They have been regular contenders in the Eastern Conference and have secured the Supporters’ Shield, awarded to the team with the best regular-season record, multiple times. Despite their regular-season successes, the Red Bulls have often struggled in the playoffs, a source of frustration for the team and its fans. The quest for an elusive MLS Cup continues to be a driving force for the club.

Off the field, the New York Red Bulls have been active in developing soccer in the local area. The Red Bulls Academy is renowned for producing talented players who have gone on to succeed both in MLS and abroad. The investment in youth development is part of the club’s long-term strategy to foster a strong pipeline of talent and maintain competitive consistency.

The New York Red Bulls continue to be an integral part of Major League Soccer and the sports landscape in the New York metropolitan area. The team remains committed to its aggressive style of play, community engagement, and pursuit of silverware. With a dedicated fan base, state-of-the-art facilities, and a clear vision for the future, the New York Red Bulls are poised to continue their quest for success in American soccer.

New York Red Bulls Youth Development System

New York Red Bulls Academy System

The New York Red Bulls Academy is the multi-layered youth system of the New York Red Bulls. It is the first cost-free program in MLS that provides a professional soccer training environment for youth players in the New York metropolitan area. The soccer programs are operated as part of a global approach to player development.

New York Red Bulls Youth Program Overview

The New York Red Bulls Player Development System is a multi-layered approach that provides a professional training environment for youth players. The youth programs are operated as part of the Red Bulls homegrown approach to player development. The Red Bulls draw on extensive support and expertise from a global soccer brand to offer the highest level of youth soccer programs in the Tri-State area. Our coaches receive extensive training that continues throughout their tenure with the Red Bulls, all supporting the coaches’ ultimate goal: help players develop and reach their highest potential.

There are seven levels which make up the pyramid. At the base is our Development Programs which serves players, clubs, and coaches at the grassroots level. The next level, our Regional Development School, is a training program for talented players that are recruited through a tryout and scouting process. The RDS also acts as an identification platform for our boys and girls Pre-Academy teams, the first level of the pyramid where players join a Red Bulls team full time. At Level 4 of the pyramid, the most talented players have the opportunity to represent Red Bulls Academy teams. The goal of the Academy teams is to develop future professional soccer players for Red Bulls II and the First Team, who play in USL and MLS respectively.

This page explains each level of the New York Red Bulls player development pyramid, from the grassroots level to the professional team.

Level 7 – New York Red Bulls Development Programs

Level 7 is the foundation of the Player Development System, which offers a variety of training programs for players, coaches, and organizations at all levels of the game. LEARN MORE

Club Development

  • Youth soccer clubs can partner with the Red Bulls and benefit from a fully-integrated club development program.
  • Partners receive access to Red Bulls’ professional youth coaches, curriculum, programming, camps, clinics, coach education, consulting, and branding.


  • Offered throughout the year during school breaks.
  • Camp types include: Skills, Team, RDS, and Residential.
  • Available for boys and girls ages 5 to 16 years.
  • 125+ locations offered throughout the Tri-State area.


  • Offered on a seasonal basis during the spring, fall and winter.
  • Focused on individual technical development.
  • Available for boys and girls ages 3 to 14 years.
  • 30+ locations, including indoor facilities.


  • Regional Select and Young Olympian Programs operated in partnerships with local leagues and state associations.
  • Weekly training and team play opportunities.


  • Our Urban Soccer Program provides underserved areas with programs that help engage children in physical activity, using soccer as a vehicle to teach life skills, encourage the values of teamwork, and promote discipline, confidence, and self-esteem
  • Our Believe Program is an outreach initiative for young athletes with special needs. Specially designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to children of all ages and abilities.

Level 6 – New York Red Bulls Regional Development Schools

Level 6 of the Player Development System focuses on advanced training for ages 7 to 14 years, offered through our Regional Development Schools (RDS). Through high-level year-round supplementary training, these programs offer a direct player development pathway to Pre-Academy teams. Acceptance to these programs is by assessment only. LEARN MORE

RDS Camps

  • Day and Residential Opportunities
  • Day Camps offer open registration programs for travel level players and the only opportunity to participate in RDS without a tryout.
  • Residential Camps are subject to try out for new applicants.

RDS Clinics

  • Offered on a seasonal basis during the spring, fall, and winter seasons.
  • Available at a range of indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • Each location is accessible by tryout.

Talent Development Centers

  • A cost-free training and identification program offered in underserved communities.
  • Focus on scouting and developing future talent.

Showcase Teams 

  • Supplementary teams that train and participate in winter and summer tournaments.
  • Participation by invitation only, with players identified via RDS camps and clinics.
  • Ages 7 to 14 years.

Level 5 – New York Red Bulls Pre-Academy

Level 5 of the Player System consists of boys and girls Pre-Academy teams. Players are asked to commit to the teams full-time and represent the Red Bulls in elite level leagues and tournaments throughout the year. LEARN MORE

  • Regional boys teams are offered at the U10 and U11 age groups.
  • Regional girls teams are offered at the U12 and U13 age groups, with plans to extend into additional age groups.

Level 4 – New York Red Bulls Academy

Red Bulls Academy teams participate in MLS NEXT and other elite regional, national, and international competitions. This nationally recognized program features:

  • Fully funded, year-round training for the area’s top male soccer players, supporting teams U12 to U19.
  • Professional training environment staffed by elite level coaches.
  • Program based at the Red Bulls state-of-the-art Training Facility, the same facility that houses the Red Bulls U23, USL and MLS teams.
  • A proven pedigree of homegrown player success with a significant number of Academy graduates representing RBNY and NYRB II, along with other MLS and international club teams and the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Level 3 – New York Red Bulls U23

The U23 team provides an opportunity for RBNY Academy graduates and elite college players who have been scouted as potential NYRB II or First Team prospects. The team operates over the summer months and participates in USL 2.

Level 2 – NYRB II

NYRB II is a professional team which provides a bridge between the Academy and First Team. Playing in the USL Championship, the team is a vital component of the Red Bulls homegrown player strategy. The team plays it home matches at MSU Soccer Park on the campus of Montclair State University. LEARN MORE

Level 1 – New York Red Bulls First Team

The Red Bulls First Team is the pinnacle of the Player Development System. Making the First Team is the ultimate achievement for any aspiring young soccer player and the club’s philosophy places a heavy emphasis on giving opportunities to homegrown talent. Through this system, the dream of becoming a professional New York Red Bulls player can become a reality. The New York Red Bulls play in Major League Soccer, the nation’s top-flight professional soccer league. The team plays at Red Bull Arena, a state-of-the-art, soccer-specific stadium in Harrison, New Jersey. LEARN MORE

New York Red Bulls Player Identification

The Red Bulls Academy scouting team is continually watching, evaluating, and keeping track of potential youth talent both locally and nationally. Through our homestay and school program, we are able to accommodate and support top talent near and far, and provide them with a sense of family and belonging.

New York Red Bulls Talent Identification Mechanisms

New York Red Bulls Scouting Network

We pride ourselves in recruiting, retaining, and developing the best domestic talent by providing a clear pathway from the Youth Programs to the Academy and on to the Professional Teams. An established scouting network helps provide player referrals.

New York Red Bulls Scout Identification

Red Bulls Academy scouts observe games on a weekly basis and use a detailed, long-term talent identification model in order to discover our future players. Our scouts follow a strict communication pathway and always connect with a players current club first.

New York Red Bulls Youth Programs Identification

Players are identified by staff at our Youth Programs, which are held at various times and locations throughout the year. We follow an official protocol during this process. All scouting reports obtained at camps are communicated directly to the Senior Manager, Player Development. For more information on Youth Programs click here.

New York Red Bulls Direct Player Application

To apply for a trial or to find out more information, submit your application using this link. Please note that due to the high volume of interest not all applications will receive a response.


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New York Red Bulls Colors & Badge

The New York Red Bulls’ primary colors are red, white, and blue, reflecting both the energy drink company’s branding and American heritage. The team’s jerseys typically feature a dominant red color with white and blue accents. These colors are used in various combinations for both home and away kits, with the home kit predominantly red and the away kit often featuring more white.

The badge of the New York Red Bulls is a distinctive emblem that combines elements associated with the Red Bull brand and soccer. The center of the badge features two red bulls charging against each other in front of a soccer ball, symbolizing energy, strength, and competition. The background of the badge is a shield, a common element in soccer crests, which adds a traditional sporting element to the modern design. Above the bulls, the words “New York” are written, identifying the team’s location, and below the image, “Red Bulls” is inscribed, completing the team’s name. The entire badge is framed with a dark blue border, incorporating the team’s color scheme and completing the visual identity of the New York Red Bulls.

New York Red Bulls Kit

The New York Red Bulls’ kit typically features the team’s primary colors: red, white, and blue. The home kit is predominantly red, symbolizing the energy and passion of the team and its connection to the Red Bull brand. This kit usually includes white accents such as stripes or trim, and sometimes blue details to complete the color scheme. The design of the home kit can vary from season to season, with changes in the patterns and the placement of the white and blue accents, but the dominant red color remains a constant.

The away kit traditionally contrasts with the home kit, often being primarily white but still incorporating the team’s red and blue colors as accents. This can take the form of red and blue stripes, trim, or other design elements. Like the home kit, the away design is subject to change with each new season, providing variations while maintaining the team’s identity.

Both kits display the team’s badge prominently on the chest, typically on the left side over the heart, symbolizing the players’ commitment to the club. The kits also feature the logo of the team’s sponsor and the Adidas logo, as Adidas is a major supplier for Major League Soccer teams. The design and features of the kits, such as the material and technological aspects, are updated regularly to provide players with comfort and performance benefits while maintaining the team’s aesthetic and branding.

New York Red Bulls Stadium

The New York Red Bulls play their home matches at Red Bull Arena, located in Harrison, New Jersey. Red Bull Arena is a soccer-specific stadium, which means it was designed specifically for soccer and provides an intimate, engaging viewing experience for fans. The stadium opened in 2010 and is known for its steep, bowl-shaped design, which ensures fans are close to the action on the field, enhancing the atmosphere during games.

Red Bull Arena has a seating capacity of around 25,000, making it one of the medium-sized stadiums in Major League Soccer. The design includes a partial roof that covers all seating areas, providing shelter from the elements while still allowing natural grass to grow on the field. This feature is particularly appreciated by fans and players alike, as it contributes to a more comfortable and enjoyable match-day experience.

The stadium is equipped with modern amenities and facilities, including VIP areas, club seats, concession stands, and fan zones, catering to a wide range of spectator needs and preferences. The architectural design and layout of Red Bull Arena are highly praised for their focus on fan experience and soccer atmosphere, making it a benchmark for other soccer-specific stadiums in the United States.

In addition to hosting New York Red Bulls matches, Red Bull Arena has been used for various other soccer events, including international friendlies, women’s professional soccer matches, and college games. It has also been a venue for concerts and other community events, making it a significant cultural and sporting landmark in the New York metropolitan area.

New York Red Bulls Club Culture

The culture of the New York Red Bulls is deeply influenced by the diverse and vibrant backdrop of the New York metropolitan area, reflecting the energy, diversity, and ambition of the region. The club’s culture is a blend of passionate local soccer traditions and the global, dynamic identity of the Red Bull brand.

Fan Base and Supporters’ Groups: The Red Bulls boast a dedicated and diverse fan base, with multiple supporters’ groups that contribute to a lively and energetic atmosphere at home matches. The most notable of these groups include the Empire Supporters Club, the Viking Army, and the Garden State Ultras. Each group has its own identity and traditions but collectively, they create a vibrant and intimidating atmosphere at Red Bull Arena, known for their colorful displays, chants, and continuous support throughout the game.

Community Engagement: The club places a strong emphasis on community involvement and engagement. This includes hosting soccer clinics, charity events, and educational programs, which help to build a strong bond between the team and local communities. The Red Bulls are committed to promoting soccer at the grassroots level in the New York and New Jersey areas, contributing to the growth of the sport in the United States.

Youth Development: The New York Red Bulls are also known for their focus on youth development, with one of the most successful academy systems in Major League Soccer. The Red Bulls Academy has produced several players who have gone on to succeed both in MLS and in leagues around the world. This commitment to developing homegrown talent is a core part of the club’s identity and culture.

Playing Style: On the field, the Red Bulls are known for their high-energy, high-pressing style of play, which aligns with the Red Bull brand’s emphasis on intensity and endurance. This approach has become a hallmark of the team, appealing to fans who appreciate the relentless effort and attacking mindset.

Rivalries: The New York Red Bulls have intense rivalries with other teams, most notably with New York City FC, with whom they contest the Hudson River Derby. These derby matches are highly anticipated each season, bringing out fierce competition and passionate support from both sets of fans. The rivalry adds an exciting dimension to the club’s culture and the overall soccer landscape in the New York area.

Overall, the culture of the New York Red Bulls is characterized by passionate support, community involvement, commitment to youth development, and a distinctive, energetic style of play, all set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most dynamic urban environments.

New York Red Bulls Harrison, New Jersey

The New York Red Bulls, while associated with New York City due to their name, actually play their home games in Harrison, New Jersey, a town situated in the Newark metropolitan area. This proximity to New York City allows the team to draw from the vast and diverse population of the New York metropolitan area while also serving the communities of New Jersey.

Harrison, New Jersey: Harrison is part of the larger Newark area, which is New Jersey’s largest city and serves as a crucial transportation hub for the region. The area has a rich industrial history but has seen significant redevelopment and growth in recent decades, with Red Bull Arena playing a key role in the revitalization efforts for Harrison. The stadium and the team have helped to boost local economy and community spirit, contributing to the town’s ongoing transformation into a more vibrant, modern urban area.

New York Metropolitan Area: The New York metropolitan area, also known as the Tri-State Area, is one of the most populous and culturally diverse regions in the world. It encompasses a vast array of neighborhoods, communities, and lifestyles, making it a global hub for finance, arts, media, and sports. The area’s diversity is reflected in the fan base of the Red Bulls, which includes a wide range of backgrounds, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the club’s supporters.

Soccer in the Metropolitan Area: Soccer holds a significant place in the New York metropolitan area’s sports landscape, with a long history and a growing presence. The area’s diverse population contributes to a strong grassroots soccer culture, with many youth leagues and adult soccer organizations. The presence of the New York Red Bulls, along with New York City FC—their cross-city rivals—helps to fuel the popularity and growth of the sport in the region.

Transportation and Accessibility: Red Bull Arena is well-connected to New York City and the surrounding areas via public transportation, including the PATH train and NJ Transit, making it accessible to fans from across the region. This ease of access helps to draw fans from a wide area and contributes to the vibrant atmosphere at Red Bulls’ home games.

In summary, while the New York Red Bulls are based in Harrison, New Jersey, their identity and fan base are deeply intertwined with the broader New York metropolitan area. The team represents the sporting aspirations of this dynamic and diverse region, contributing to its rich cultural and sporting landscape.

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