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Orlando City SC

Orlando City Soccer Club is an American professional soccer club based in Orlando, Florida. Orlando City SC competes in Major League Soccer (MLS) as a member of the Eastern Conference.

Orlando City SC History

Orlando City SC, an American professional soccer team based in Orlando, Florida, has a relatively short but eventful history. The club was established in November 2010 when Phil Rawlins and his investors announced their intentions to bring professional soccer to Orlando. The team’s roots can be traced back to the Austin Aztex FC, which moved to Orlando and rebranded as Orlando City SC. From the outset, Orlando City aimed to join Major League Soccer (MLS) and began playing in the USL Professional Division in 2011.

From 2011 to 2014, Orlando City SC was a dominant force in the USL Pro, capturing two league titles and three regular-season championships. Their success on the field, combined with strong community support and robust attendance numbers, bolstered their case for inclusion in MLS. In November 2013, their efforts bore fruit as MLS awarded Orlando an expansion franchise. The announcement marked a significant milestone in the club’s history, as they prepared to transition to the top tier of American soccer.

The team’s inaugural MLS season kicked off in 2015, with their first match drawing more than 62,000 fans to the Citrus Bowl. While the team showed promise, their first season in MLS ended without a playoff berth. However, the club quickly became known for its passionate fan base, particularly the supporter group known as the “Iron Lion Firm” and “The Ruckus”, who created a vibrant and colorful atmosphere at home games. Brazilian superstar Kaká, the team’s first designated player, became the face of the franchise and helped elevate the club’s profile both domestically and internationally.

In the following years, Orlando City SC faced several challenges on and off the field, including coaching changes and roster turnovers. Despite these hurdles, the club continued to develop, moving into their own soccer-specific stadium, Exploria Stadium, in 2017. This move solidified their presence in the city and provided fans with an improved matchday experience. Although playoff success eluded them in the initial years, the team’s dedication to growing soccer in Orlando remained unwavering.

The 2020 season marked a turning point for Orlando City SC under the guidance of new head coach Oscar Pareja. The team showed significant improvement and reached the final of the MLS is Back Tournament, signaling a new era of competitiveness and ambition. Despite falling short in the final, the tournament showcased Orlando’s potential and set the stage for future successes. The team built on this momentum, securing their first-ever MLS playoff berth in the same year.

Orlando City SC continues to develop and strengthen their roster, aiming to build a lasting legacy in MLS. With a committed ownership group, a dedicated fan base, and a growing youth academy, the future looks bright for the Lions. The club remains focused on achieving success in MLS while also contributing to the growth of soccer in the Central Florida region. Their journey from a USL powerhouse to an established MLS club highlights the growing popularity of soccer in the United States and Orlando’s role in that expansion.

Orlando City SC Youth Development System

MLS dissolved its reserve league in 2014. Like most MLS teams, Orlando now has a USL affiliate by way of Orlando City B, a USL League One team based at Osceola County Stadium. Orlando City originally had an affiliation agreement with Louisville City FC, the club that bought the USL license from the owners of the Orlando City. The agreement provided that Orlando City will loan at least four players to Louisville City during the season. In 2016, Orlando City ended their affiliation with Louisville and began its own USL expansion franchise OCB who originally played at Titan Soccer Complex. The team played two seasons in USL before going on hiatus in 2018. The team returned in 2019 following a league restructure and became a founding member of USL1, the third tier of the US Soccer pyramid.

In 2010, the founding year of Orlando City’s original USL franchise, the team allied with Central Florida Kraze of the Premier Development League to assist player development. Following their successful first season, Orlando City acquired a controlling interest in the Kraze and renamed them Orlando City U-23. The team has a legacy that includes several current and past MLS players, and won the PDL Championship in 2004. In lieu of OCB’s creation, the U-23 team was folded after the 2015 season.

After their 2011 season, Orlando City also acquired controlling interest in the Florida Soccer Alliance youth soccer club, renaming them Orlando City Youth Soccer Club. The club is now a member of the Elite Club National League (ECNL) and has several boys and girls teams competing at local, state and national level with age groups from 8 to 18.

Orlando City Academy

The Orlando City Youth is Florida’s leading program for developing players from 8-18. Orlando City Youth offers team levels from local league level (Greater Central Florida League AKA GCF) to State Level (US Club and Florida State Premier League) to National League Level. The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) program is a national level league for both Boys and Girls. For those with ambition to play collegiately, the ECNL gives players exposure to College coaches through its Showcases. Orlando City Youth hosts the Winter Showcase annually with attendance of over 300 College coaches.  ECNL is only available to players born 2000-2006 (U13 – U18/19 ages).

Orlando City Academy Structure

Orlando City Academy is divided into Junior Academy and Senior Academy. Teams are determined by age and then team level. Our Senior Academy is for players born 2000-2006 and who play on 11v11 teams (full sided games). Our Junior Academy refers to all players aged 2007-2011 who play on either 7v7 or 9v9 teams (small sided games). 

Orlando City SC Senior Academy

  • Our top level teams are called “ECNL” and play in the ECNL Southeast League between August and May.
    • They attend 2-3 ECNL showcases annually (including the Winter Showcase that we host at Seminole Soccer Complex).
    • They train at minimum 3 times a week. 
  • Our second level teams we refer to as “Purple” or “Purple/League” for example if the second team plays in the National Premier League (NPL) we would refer to them as Purple/NPL or Purple/FPL.
    • They train 3 times a week.
    • Participate in FYSA State Cup or Presidents Cup.
  • Our third, fourth, fifth teams we call White 1, 2, etc. The difference between Purple and White is the training frequency.  White teams train 2 times per week in season and they participate in the GCF league, a local league in Central Florida.
    • ​Participate in FYSA Presidents or Commissioners Cup (where appropriate).

Orlando City SC Junior Academy

  • ​Similar to the Senior Academy our top teams are called Pre-ECNL and participate in the Pre-ECNL Developmental League.
    • ​Train 3 times a week in season.
    • Participate in Presidents or Commissioners Cup (where appropriate and determined by Club staff).
  • ​Our second level teams are called “Purple” or “Purple/League” for example Purple/Pre-NPL.
    • The train 3 times a week in season. 
    • Participate in Presidents or Commissioners Cup (where appropriate and determined by Club staff)
  • Our third, fourth, fifth teams we call “White” 1, 2 or “Bridge”. They participate in the GCF League, a local league in Central Florida
    • They train 2 times a week in season.

All players are coached in the Orlando City system and philosophy of play by professional coaches. All players tryout for teams in May, this is a standard time for all clubs in Florida and is dictated by our governing bodies (FYSA and US Club).  Player movement between teams is possible throughout the year, when a player demonstrates improvement.

*Deposits are non refundable. Returning players receive a $150 loyalty discount on the deposit when registration occurs during the tryout period. This discount is available until May 5 for ECNL/US Club tryouts and May 11 for FYSA tryouts. This reduces the total annual club fee by $150.

Uniform Fees

All OCYSC players must purchase their uniform kit online from soccer.com made available to you by your Team Manager. A link will be available to you late June of each year.

OCYSC uniforms are provided by Soccer.com. They provide the end to end management of all uniform and gear ordering process as well as our spirit store. Uniform cycles are every two years. Our cycle began in 2017-18, those players returning for the 2018-19 season will not need to purchase a new uniform kit unless they choose to. All new players for 2018-19 must order a uniform kit. 

A complete kit includes; Adidas Home & Away jersey, shorts and socks, training jerseys and socks. Additional items include but are not required, warm up and backpack. Youth sized kits are approximately $257 and adult sized $272. 

Team Fees

We recognize that teams and families make their own choices regarding how to travel. Some prefer to fly, others prefer to drive, some like to car pool, others prefer to drive alone. We leave these choices to you. In addition to travel related expenses, all team decisions are paid for by the families participating. An example of this would be College Showcases and Tournaments. 

More information?

If you would like more information about Orlando City Youth or the 2018-19 season, please contact the appropriate director below, or call our youth office at 407.321.5264.

How to join the Orlando City Soccer Club Academy?

At the Orlando City Development Academy they strive to become the best and most successful academy in Major League Soccer and the United States.

Their Mission is to offer a role model program to maximize our youth players’ capacities while teaching them good sportsmanship and respect for their coaches, referees, spectators, opponents and the game.

Interested in joining the Orlando City Development Academy? Fill out the form here and Orlando City SC staff will be in touch!

Why Join The Academy?

  • Perfect pathway to increase opportunities for young players. 
  • Integration of academy players into usl league one and major league soccer at younger ages. 
  • Centered around player development. 
  • Economically rational (no costs).

Orlando City Soccer Club is an American professional soccer club in Orlando, Florida, that competes as a member of the Eastern Conference in Major League Soccer (MLS). Orlando City SC began play in 2015 as the 21st franchise in MLS, succeeding the USL Pro team of the same name. In doing so they became the first MLS team in Florida since Miami Fusion and Tampa Bay Mutiny both folded following the 2001 season. The team plays at Exploria Stadium in Downtown Orlando.


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Orlando City SC Colors & Badge

Orlando City SC’s team colors are purple, black, and gold. These colors are prominent in the team’s branding, merchandise, and fan apparel. Purple is the primary color, representing the unique identity and vibrant spirit of the club and its supporters. Black and gold serve as accent colors, adding a touch of elegance and tradition to the team’s aesthetic.

The Orlando City SC badge features a gold lion’s face set against a purple background, symbolizing strength and pride. The lion has eleven sun rays emanating from its mane, representing the eleven players on the soccer field. The round shape of the badge mirrors traditional soccer crests, while its modern design elements reflect the club’s contemporary and forward-thinking ethos. This badge is a symbol of the team’s connection to its community and the unity among its players and fans.

Orlando City SC Kit

Orlando City SC’s kit traditionally mirrors the team’s primary colors of purple, black, and gold. The home jersey is predominantly purple, serving as a vibrant symbol of the team’s identity and reflecting its distinctive color scheme. This primary kit often features gold and black accents, such as stripes, trim, or detailing, which add contrast and visual appeal. The club’s crest is prominently displayed on the chest, alongside the kit manufacturer’s logo and the sponsor’s branding.

The away kit usually offers a variation in style and color to provide a distinct contrast to the home jersey. While designs may vary from season to season, the away kits often utilize lighter colors such as white or grey, sometimes incorporating purple, black, and gold details to maintain a connection to the club’s identity. Like the home kit, the away jersey features the club’s crest and the logos of the kit manufacturer and sponsor.

Over the years, Orlando City SC has also released special edition and third kits, which might diverge from traditional colors or designs to commemorate significant events, celebrate community themes, or support charitable causes. These kits maintain the club’s branding while offering fans and players unique apparel options for different occasions.

Orlando City SC Stadium

Orlando City SC’s home is Exploria Stadium, located in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida. The stadium was specifically designed for soccer and opened in March 2017. It has a seating capacity of approximately 25,500, making it one of the larger soccer-specific stadiums in the United States.

The stadium’s design focuses on creating an intimate and electric atmosphere for fans. One of its most notable features is the steeply pitched, fully covered seating areas, which are designed to amplify crowd noise and provide shelter from the weather. This design element helps maintain a loud and vibrant atmosphere during matches, enhancing the home-field advantage for Orlando City SC.

Exploria Stadium also includes a range of fan-friendly amenities, such as a wide variety of food and beverage options, fan zones, and club areas. The north end of the stadium is home to “The Wall” — a large, single-tiered stand dedicated to the most passionate supporters. This section stands out for its continuous, standing-only rows, where fans chant, sing, and cheer for the duration of the match, contributing to the stadium’s lively and intense matchday experience.

Sustainability was a key consideration in the stadium’s construction, featuring environmentally responsible practices and materials. It also has dedicated spaces for community events, reflecting the club’s commitment to being an integral part of the Orlando community.

Exploria Stadium not only serves as the home for Orlando City SC but also hosts the Orlando Pride of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and other sporting events, concerts, and community activities, making it a versatile and central hub for entertainment in Orlando.

Orlando City SC Club Culture

Orlando City SC’s club culture is vibrant, inclusive, and deeply connected to the community of Orlando and the broader Central Florida region. From its inception, the club has worked to foster a strong bond with local fans, creating an environment that is welcoming to all, regardless of age, background, or soccer knowledge. This inclusive approach has helped build a diverse fan base united by a love for the team and the sport.

The supporters’ groups, such as the Iron Lion Firm and The Ruckus, are integral to the club’s culture. These groups are known for their passionate support, colorful displays, and loud chanting throughout matches. They play a crucial role in creating an intimidating home atmosphere at Exploria Stadium and represent the heart and soul of the fan base. Their pre-game tailgates, marches to the stadium, and community events help strengthen the bonds among fans and between the supporters and the team.

Orlando City SC is also committed to community engagement and philanthropy. Through the Orlando City Foundation, the club participates in various initiatives aimed at improving the local community, focusing on areas such as health and wellness, education, and inclusivity. These efforts help reinforce the club’s commitment to being more than just a soccer team but a positive force in the community.

The team’s identity is deeply tied to the city of Orlando itself, often referred to as “The City Beautiful.” The club has embraced this connection through its branding, community efforts, and public responses to local events. For example, following the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016, the club paid tribute to the victims and showed solidarity with the city, which underscored the deep emotional connection between the club and its community.

Orlando City SC’s culture is also characterized by an ambitious and forward-thinking attitude. Since joining MLS, the club has strived to not only succeed on the pitch but also to grow the sport of soccer in the United States. This includes investing in youth development, enhancing the fan experience, and fostering a winning mentality within the club.

Finally, the culture of Orlando City SC is one of growth and evolution. As the club continues to develop, it remains focused on building a legacy in MLS and contributing to the growth of soccer in Orlando and across the United States. This ongoing journey creates a dynamic and evolving culture that invites fans and community members to be part of the club’s story.

Orlando City SC City

Orlando, Florida, is a vibrant and dynamic city, known for its warm climate, diverse population, and status as a premier tourist destination. Often dubbed “The City Beautiful,” Orlando is famous worldwide for its extensive theme parks, including Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, which attract millions of visitors from around the globe each year.

Beyond its theme park fame, Orlando is a bustling metropolitan area with a rich cultural scene. The city offers a variety of performing arts venues, museums, and galleries. The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts hosts Broadway plays, ballets, orchestral performances, and more, contributing to the city’s vibrant arts scene. Additionally, the Orlando Museum of Art and the Mennello Museum of American Art provide residents and visitors alike with access to a wide range of artistic expressions.

Orlando’s demographic is diverse, with a significant Hispanic population contributing to the city’s rich cultural tapestry. This diversity is reflected in the city’s culinary scene, festivals, and daily life, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Neighborhoods such as Thornton Park, College Park, and the Mills 50 district offer unique shopping, dining, and entertainment options, showcasing the city’s variety beyond its tourist attractions.

The city is also an important hub for business and innovation, particularly in the technology, aerospace, and biotechnology sectors. The Central Florida Research Park, located near the University of Central Florida, is one of the largest research parks in the country, driving innovation and job creation in the region.

In sports, Orlando is more than just soccer. The city is home to the Orlando Magic of the NBA, the Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL, and hosts numerous college sports events, including bowl games and basketball tournaments. The presence of these teams and events highlights the city’s love for sports and its role as a significant player in the American sports landscape.

Lastly, Orlando’s natural beauty should not be overlooked. The city is dotted with lakes, parks, and gardens, offering residents and visitors a chance to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. The nearby Atlantic coast and the plethora of springs and nature reserves in Central Florida provide additional recreational opportunities, from beach outings to hiking and wildlife watching.

In summary, Orlando’s reputation as a tourist haven is just one facet of this multifaceted city. Its growth, diversity, and cultural depth make it a vibrant and exciting home for Orlando City SC and its fans.

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