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Asociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors is an Argentine sports club based in La Paternal, Buenos Aires. The club competes in the Argentine Primera División, the top flight of Argentine football.

Argentinos Juniors Youth Development System

Argentinos Juniors ACADEMY


We introduce you to the new players joining our lower divisions thanks to the tireless work of our recruitment area.

The catchment area is one of the fundamental members of the Semillero del Mundo. For years he has been carrying out a permanent work looking for cracks in the country and Latin America looking for the best values ​​to nurture our quarry. In recent weeks, the team recruited three players from three different recruitment points in different parts of the country.

Valentín Serrano is a left-back in the 2004 category from the city of Buenos Aires on May 25. He came to our lower divisions from the work of Ignacio Ponce, who selected him after rigorous tests carried out at the catchment point of that area in the center of the province: the Club Atlético Sportivo in that city. From the institution we wish him the best of success in this new stage together with us and we appreciate the work of Ignacio Ponce in his recruitment.

Felipe Miter also belongs to the 2004 category. He is a sturdy central striker from Entre Ríos who was incorporated into the club through the existing recruitment point in the city of Paraná, capital of his province. We also welcome him with open arms, knowing that his development and success as a footballer will be a reflection of the hard work of recruiters, coaches and coordinators of our amateur football.

Lastly, Kevin Dobler also recently joined the club. It is a 2006 category central steering wheel incorporated through the existing catchment point in the North Zone of the Buenos Aires suburbs. Happy to have a continuator of the Cristian Ledesma tradition, a historical number 5 who also came from the northern suburbs, we welcome him with joy and wish him the best for his future with our jersey. 

Day after day, year after year, the Semillero del Mundo continues to grow. Dozens of people from the catchment area spread throughout the country and the region are the key to sustaining this development. We thank both them and the families of our brand new soccer players for trusting Argentinos Juniors. The future of the boys is in the best hands.


The Recruitment Area in Argentinos Juniors goes for everything, always thinking of trying to be one of the first options in the choice of the child and youth soccer player. We develop a work methodology for the recruitment area to be able to massively promote and recruit the talents that we have in our territory as well as in the world, generating results and guaranteeing that the field work generates the fulfillment of the objectives that the football department that it is coordinated by Norberto Batista.

Talent in soccer is when a person can naturally develop a certain task or action, making it stand out from others.
Recruitment in football
 is when, through some measurement instrument or by experience, the football professional captures that player, based on a strategic model that will help nurture both human and sports talents to our club.
Abilities to be assessed
 : the technical, tactical, physical and psychological qualities that make a difference for each evolutionary stage of the footballer will be assessed. 
For their selection, the level of the player will be taken into account according to his maturation stage and what objectives he meets.

We aim to be a great family. Today the club has an important base of boys in the First Division squad. I am proud of the work that is done on a daily basis at El Bicho. It is wonderful to be a sports director for Argentinos. I’ve been there for 2 years and I’m with the First team every day. We are also with the inferiors in what is the formation of the player, the development consists of learning specific technical skills and beginning to understand the tactical game. The identification of talent is not based simply on what the player knows at the time of being evaluated, but also on their ability to learn, develop and progress in their ability to execute their skills.

Sports Director: Raúl Sanzotti.

Strategic model “The Seedbed of the World”: Paulo Arena.
It is a work methodology based on the integration of collaborators from all over the country. It will help us quickly find the  PLAYER MODEL FOR THE WORLD’S SEEDS.

  • Long-term objective: The recruitment of players is carried out in order to follow a process of training soccer players that can include their stage in grassroots football to youth stage.
  • Short-term objective: Players who have finished their formative stage who will be required to achieve a level according to their category.
  • Medium-term objective: Recruitment of players who have completed their training stage, but continue with their training to improve their performance.

The methodology is based on 6 important points.

  • STEP 1: Summon
  • STEP 2: Select
  • STEP 3: Capture 
  • STEP 4: Decide
  • STEP 5: Train 
  • STEP 6: Correct

These Flows and filters established in the model are fed by training and communication , they are paths that we travel throughout the year in order to reach the talent we are looking for. Each circuit has approval filters, in this way only talents arrive with characteristics evaluated by the Argentinos Juniors Soccer Coordinator.

“We will evaluate each player who arrives from abroad in a meticulous way.”

Paulo Aren

Communication abroad is important, reaching each point. That is why we are developing through all social networks that connection link so that Argentinos Juniors is the first choice of many future talents. 

We strengthen ties with each collaborator in various parts of the country. The project is based on the integration of 50 collaborators strategically focused on areas defined by the catchment area. We have objectives about the assigned work, needing support from both human resources and management to accelerate the model and quickly achieve the objectives proposed by the area.

As a basis for communication, we brought together the team of collaborators and recruiters to explain to them why this decision was made to choose this model as a work methodology.

We communicate that it is only to have an order in everything that they do very well every day, shaping a work that only works as a team and achieves only one result: That the best players in Argentina play in Argentinos Juniors.

Now our team wants to start working and we have to do a daily and weekly monitoring to know if the objectives are being met. If not, why? It is possible that we have to go down to the field and see what the team needs, so we can see what is wrong in the management of the collaborator. Formerly there were the name and history getters. Now, instead, there are fast and slow getters.

Employees will be evaluated by indicators that will lead us to make decisions year after year.

This network model guarantees that Argentinos Juniors always accompany the country’s talents, inviting them to go through the sporting flow that the area planned for their development as players and as people.

We define that we have to go out and search and the way in which it is going to go out, we investigate how we can optimize the path of talent within the flow of leaks of the model.

  • Reduce Risks.
  • Increase income from TALENTOS to AAAJ.
  • Increase the satisfaction of the football department.

We are putting together the entire map of Argentina with collaborators with high knowledge in the search for talents and with direct connections with clubs in the interior, neighborhood and town.

Recruitment is the area in charge of generating field indicators and scheduling activities to maintain the established connection so that the recruitment flow is fast and successful. It is a collective work where the final decision is made by the catchment area. Analyzing and crossing information between the different managers, better decision-making is achieved.

Sports internships – Player training and recruitment center: Martin Tula
Planning is the area in charge of exploring and linking all the catchment points of the continent, organizing and maintaining sports relations with all training centers, inland clubs and neighborhood and town clubs linked to the model proposed by the Argentinos Juniors catchment area. . We develop an innovative work methodology to attract talents around the world.

The Semillero del Mundo also invites you to participate in the operation of the Argentinos Juniors soccer training centers based on strict compliance with the training methodology used by the club’s amateur soccer department.

To strengthen the guidelines of the institutional policy and the sports training programs, Argentinos Juniors presents a project with the process of planning, orientation and sports participation, offering training strategies taking this project to the entire national and international territory.

The lack of trained pedagogues and technicians in the world of soccer with the development of improvised learning without planning has been a reflection of our soccer reality.

Argentinos Juniors works constantly on this issue, knowing that its ideology is formative and widely recognized worldwide. That is why we try to train and project based on these methods dedicated to children and young people in this world.

The trainer, using the game well designed and adapted to the current needs and capacities of the child, knowing that the game is a form of natural behavior, typical of the human being. It manifests itself with greater intensity during childhood and adolescence, thus achieving a closer relationship with the world that surrounds it. Be it with your parents, relatives, friends and even with new friends that you can get thanks to the game. Sports activity is promoted as one of the most important in football and is the activity in which the child participates freely, knowing that it is one of the most efficient formulas to achieve these purposes. We know that it is important that the training centers and Argentinos Juniors have these objectives clearly programmed in the project.


Recruitment and training centers of the Argentinos Juniors 2021 Athletic Association.


  • Formosa (Pirané) 

CF  CSDE – Address: Av. Balbin 280 (North of Argentina)
Contact: Héctor Galeano – 5493704338408
[email protected]

  • Entre Ríos (Concordia)

CF  Defensores Barrio Nebel – Address: Chajarí and Condaroli (Mesopotamia)
Contact: Gustavo Gonzalez – 5493454184427
[email protected]

  • Neuquén (Capital)

Address: Diagonal 25 de mayo 260

Contact: Simón del Pino – 5492995172894
[email protected] 

  • Buenos Aires 

Oeste (Pontevedra) –  Address: Av. Otero 4539 (GBA)

Contact: Daniel Ottone – 5491153313268
[email protected]

Munro – AAAJ Academy – Address: Luis María Drago 5790 ( GBA)  Contact: Leonardo Mas – 54939078995 [email protected]

General Rodríguez –  CF El Pampa – Address: Origone 5781 (GBA) Contact: Osvaldo Rodríguez – 5491159765372 [email protected] 

Malvinas Argentinas –  Address: Jacarandá 200 (GBA)
Contact: Martin de Felippi – 1123714382
[email protected] 


  • Colombia, Bogotá (Cundinamarca)

Address: Carrera 73 # 56 – 45 (South America)
Contact: Luis Antonio Gómez Rodríguez – 5933202051486
[email protected]

  • Ecuador, Cornejo Zambrano (Azuay – Cuenca)

Address: Av. De las Américas and Camino Baños 
Contact: Diego Cornejo – 593988398143
[email protected]

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Estadio Diego Armando Maradona is a football stadium in Villa General Mitre, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentinos Juniors play their home games at this stadium, which can hold up to 26,000 spectators.

It was renamed in 2004 to honor the former Argentina national team player Diego Maradona, who made his debut as a professional player at this venue in 1976. This was done in conjunction with the club’s centennial year and followed the completion of renovations to the stadium.