Estudiantes de La Plata Tryouts

Club Estudiantes de La Plata, simply referred to as Estudiantes, is an Argentine professional sports club based in La Plata, Argeintina. The club competes in the Argentine Primera División, the top flight of Argentine football.

Estudiantes Youth Development System

Estudiantes Reserve Team

The Reserve team is the training staff that nurtures the First Division with young people who are promoted from lower divisions year after year.

The team is part of the Reserve Tournament belonging to the Professional League, competing with the most prestigious clubs at the national level.

  • Coach: Pablo Quatrocchi
  • Field Aide: Maximiliano Marquestaut
  • Physical Trainer: Ezequiel Muzzio
  • Goalkeeping coach: Marcelo Salinas 
  • Video Analyst: Mariano Giménez 

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Estudiantes Youth Soccer Teams

The lower divisions of the club train young people both professionally and humanely, instilling the values ​​that characterize our institution that date from its beginnings, such as the culture of work and effort.

Divided into six categories, they dispute the top championship of the Argentine Football Association, also competing in international competitions for which our club is invited in a special way.

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Estudiantes Kids Soccer Teams

Children’s soccer is the gateway for boys to our institution, with the values ​​of fun and companionship prevailing over competition.

Children from 6 to 11 years old participate in the Children’s League of Independent Soccer Platense Amateur, also participating in important national and international competitions with excellent results.

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The activities take place at the City Belly Country Club in the Las Palmas Complex. The ages of the children are from 6 to 16 years old.

All the people who make up the coaching staff are teachers in physical education or soccer technical directors graduated from ATFA (Associations of Argentine Soccer Technicians)

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Estudiantes History

In Argentina, the club’s team is one of the most successful there is. Estudiantes was the first team from a league other than the traditional “big five” to win a professional championship in 1967. They did so in Argentina. It has achieved even greater success on the international stage, garnering a total of six international titles, in addition to its previous four league championships. There have been a total of five international title championships won by Estudiantes. These include four Copa Libertadores (including three in a row from 1968–1970), one Intercontinental Cup, and one Interamerican Cup.

In 1905, a group of players and spectators chose to split away from Gimnasia de La Plata, which prioritized playing indoor sports over outdoor football. This decision led to the establishment of the club. The rivalry between these two teams is known as the “Clásico Platense” in Argentina.


In the city of La Plata, Argentina, there is a football stadium known as Estadio Jorge Luis Hirschi. The Estudiantes de La Plata play their home games at this stadium. The field is known as Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium, and it is situated on First Avenue between 55th and 57th Streets. Jorge Luis Hirschi was the president of Estudiantes during the years 1927 to 1932. Therefore, another name for it is 1 y 57.

On December 25, 1907, it was formally opened for business for the first time. The stadium was the location where Estudiantes won the amateur league championship in 1913. It was also the place where fans got to see “los profesores,” which was the team’s famous attacking line in the 1930s, consisting of Lauri Scopelli Zazaya Ferreyra Guayta.

The stadium was the first significant venue in Argentina to accommodate night games when a new lighting system was constructed in 1937, making it the first year that night games were played there.

In its first iteration, which lasted from 1907 until 2005, the stadium had a capacity of up to 28,000 people, most of whom stood throughout the event, despite the fact that security measures would eventually bring that number down to roughly 22,000. Due to its relatively small capacity, Estudiantes was forced to play its Copa Libertadores games at the Bombonera stadium, which is owned and operated by Boca Juniors.