Rosario Central Tryouts

Club Atlético Rosario Central is a sports club based in Rosario, Argentina. The club competes in the Argentine Primera División, the top flight of Argentine football.

Rosario Central Youth Development System

Rosario Central Academy Reserve Team

The objective of the Reserve Division is to narrow the margin in the Transition from Youth Soccer Player to Professional. Our idea is to project the best players from the Rosario Central Child – Youth Project to the First Team, preparing these players in the fundamental aspects of the formation of an elite soccer player. Consolidating the structures of the Elite Athlete:

  • Coordinative
  • Cognitive
  • Conditional
  • Partner – Affective
  • Emotional – Volitive
  • Creative
  • Expressive

This will allow a closer and more fluid contact between the Professional Team with the Rosario Central Child – Youth Project, allowing a better and faster adaptation of the footballer to the demands of the high level, but above all the interaction of two of the important sectors for the structure of the institution.

The objective of lowering the average age of the Reserve squad is given with the possibilities of empowerment of our footballers in view of being able to nurture the first team of Rosario Central.

Rosario Central Academy Lower Division Teams

The Central Method, inferior in growth

At the end of 2014, an ambitious project was launched, with the aim of positioning Rosario Central as one of the main clubs in the continent in terms of training new talents for world football. His historical mark as a trainer of great footballers of the stature of Ángel Di María, Cristian “Kily” González, Cesar Luis Menotti, Edgardo Bauza or José Chamot (one of the main leaders of the process) added to the recent appearances of Franco Cervi and Giovani Lo Celso, among others, have given our Club a strong identity. 

Currently, the training plan for Rosario Central is going through a decisive moment. Day by day, the professionals in charge seek to convey to the youngest, the values, vision and culture of what it means to defend the colors of this great institution. 

The city of Rosario and its surroundings have always been a geographical area where very great soccer talents have appeared worldwide. The hiring of great professionals together with the player-raking work that takes place throughout the country and the structural conditions that the club offers, generate a high level of competitiveness and position Rosario Central as a model institution. 


The Club has three properties devoted entirely to the child – youth training project.

The Ciudad Deportiva , located in the town of Granadero Baigorria -a few meters from the north entrance of Rosario-, has historically been the cradle of youth football at our institution and currently functions as the epicenter of the comprehensive training plan for professional footballers . On the banks of the Paraná River, its 14 hectares are mostly used for the football project of the institution, which makes the furniture one of the largest sports facilities in the country. It has six professional size playgrounds, two seven-player fields for Baby Soccer, two seven-player synthetic turf fields, and a first-class hotel where young talents from other cities are housed. 

In the southern access of the city, the San Jose property, baptized as “Rosario Central Sur” , houses the structure of training schools. The youngest children take their first steps at the “Kily González” school in honor of the historic player of the Argentine national team, who took his first steps in that area of ​​the city. The place has four professional size courts and nine playing fields for seven players. As in the Sports City, all have artificial light to perform night shift work. 

The Sub-Headquarters Cristalería , in the northwest access of Rosario, completes the list of properties destined for youth soccer, which are strategically located for the recruitment processes in the Rosario and Gran Rosario area. In this establishment, the Club has two professional size pitches and four pitches for seven players, which are used by the middle-aged categories that compete at the local level. 

Doors inside each property contain thousands of stories of lives. Dozens of categories of boys work hard, hour after hour, fighting for the same goal: to defend the auriazul jacket at the highest level of competition.  


In Rosario Central we have a main premise that goes above all else. We are confident that a good sports professional will lay firm foundations in his career when he becomes a great person. 

The training of a soccer player has to do directly with cognitive, coordinative and emotional aspects. In Rosario Central we choose to accompany the boys in interdisciplinary training, generating ties with both their teammates, as well as with their coaches, so that in the future they can develop them in their personal life. 

We offer ourselves as an institution that accompanies the growth of young people, educating and training them first as a person and then as footballers, prioritizing effort, struggle, discipline and the ability to overcome obstacles above all else. 

Between great people, and an institution of level that makes all the tools available to its professionals so that they can develop, we will achieve a highly effective work group and supply our first division of talents with great potential worldwide. 

A level structure

At the end of 2014, when the club decided to give way to the training plan for elite players, the institution’s conditions both in terms of infrastructure, as well as human resources for the training divisions, were not up to the ambitious project. . 

To start the process, the year 2015 found the Club making a large investment, seeking to give a leap in quality to the premises and the professional structure. For this, a restructuring of the entire area was developed, and a rearrangement of the lower divisions was carried out.

 A substantial improvement was made in the playgrounds, which began to be treated professionally with first-rate seeds. Clothing was purchased for all footballers and professionals, as well as training material for both field work and the gym. In addition, the medical area was created, where each soccer player is continuously monitored with doctors, kinesiologists, nutritionists and psychologists, to complete the process of accompanying our youth. 

In the strictly football field, the club’s recruitment area carried out more than one hundred tests throughout the country during 2015, where the recruiters saw more than 18,000 young applicants to join the training divisions of Canalla. 

Rosario Central managed to become the first club in the interior of the country to enter the AFA Children’s categories , where it presents a highly competitive team against the main clubs in the capital. from the country. 

The vast trajectory of the main leaders of the project, led by José Chamot, as youth soccer coordinator, Alberto Boggio as youth soccer coordinator, and Lucas Maggiolo as director of the methodological area, give the Club a surpassing and high-level mark, where day by day work is done directly on the methodology, seeking to enhance the different areas of the project aiming at continuous improvement.   

Rosario Central Recruitment

Rosario Central works comprehensively with its footballers, both in the medical and professional areas. In the same way, it is carried out in the macro scope of the project, where all categories seek to target a defined tactical system: 4-3-1-2, where the figure of the hitch stands out as the person in charge of managing the team’s game. and the wingers seek to go on the attack and exercise the double function in a correct way and trying that both the centrals, as the containment midfielders, are exit.

 We aim for a tactical system according to the club’s mother idea, which is aligned with the professional squad, since the idea is that players arrive at first with a defined idea of ​​the game and the transition is harmonious. 

Through the recruitment area we seek to provide our quarry with top-level footballers. It consists of a process of testing and selection of footballers, strategically planned. 

The work begins with the programming of screenings in different parts of the country and the promotion of these sessions in the chosen area. In the first instance, a massive test is carried out where various institutions attend, which are filmed and a personal monitoring of each player is carried out. 

In these tests, the main factors that are taken into account are: specific characteristics and movements, individual technique, intellectual capacity to understand the game, football kit related to the club’s model, temperament, physical condition and the possibility of development, clear wishes and goals. professional footballer and cultural level. 

If there is a selected player who meets these characteristics, a second test is carried out at the Rosario Central facilities, where the footballer is included to work alongside the official teams of the club in order to determine the level that the player has. Once this stage is passed, it is defined if it is incorporated into the training divisions of the institution. 

Rosario Central is a club that trains. It offers everyone the opportunity to develop as players, coaches and people, whether for the Rosario community or for young people from other parts of the country and the continent who choose to dedicate their lives to soccer. All have the doors open to be part of our quarry, since the working methods offer them healthy competition, excellent training, physical development and specific education programs. 

From the club we will do everything possible to produce young players with the skills, qualities and attributes necessary to play football professionally at the highest level. By delivering high-quality training programs for the development of elite players. Always putting the growth of youth soccer players above sporting results.  

Rosario Central Academy News

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Rosario Central History

The club was formerly a part of the Rosario Football Association, but in 1939 they became members of the Argentine Football Association (AFA). Since then, Rosario Central has been victorious four times in Argentina’s First Division, with the most recent victory coming in the 1986–1987 season.

In addition, Rosario Central won a total of six national cups, the most recent of which was the Copa Argentina in 2018. In addition, Rosario Central holds the distinction of being the only team in the province of Santa Fe to have ever won an official international title that is recognized by FIFA. In 1995, they were victorious in the Conmebol Cup, which was the predecessor to the present Copa Sudamericana.

In 2012, FIFA ranked the club as one of the 11 most classical clubs in all of Argentine football, and it was one of those clubs. Rosario Central and Newell’s Old Boys are bitter rivals in Argentine football.

El Clasico Rosarino is one of the most intense rivalries in Argentina due to the popularity of both teams as well as the city of Rosario as a whole. The matches between the two teams are known by their rivalry’s name, “El Clasico Rosarino.”


In the city of Rosario, in the country of Argentina, there is a stadium known as the Estadio Gigante de Arroyito. It is the property of the Rosario Central football club, which uses it as their home field for matches. There have been multiple matches played there by the Argentina national football team.

The area of Arroyito, where the stadium is located, inspired the naming of the venue. The stadium was formally opened to the public on November 14th, 1926, and it is able to accommodate 41,500 spectators. In addition, Argentina played home to both the 1978 FIFA World Cup and the 1987 Copa América, and Gigante de Arroyito was one of the stadiums used during those competitions.