Atlético Clube Goianiense Tryouts

Atlético Clube Goianiense, usually known as Atlético Goianiense or just as Atlético, is a Brazilian football team from the city of Goiânia, capital city of the Brazilian state of Goiás. The club competes in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, the top flight of Brazilian football.

Goianiense Youth Development Center

Atlético Clube Goianiense Academy

Currently Atlético Clube Goianiense has 4 categories in its formation process, U-13, 15, 17 and 20. The Antonio Accioly Stadium, in addition to hosting the matches, also has the structure of the Academy, Medical Department, accommodation and administration the basic categories.

The trainings take place in fields in the city of Goiânia, where athletes take the club’s own shuttle bus. The training work in our club evolves every day, with the recent result of the call of two athletes to the Brazilian team, promotion of athletes to the professional team, among other achievements of state and regional championships.

Goianiense Trials/Tryouts

Stay tuned on our website and our social networks to know the dates and locations of our next evaluations. Click here to access their official website for trial information or come back at a further date for updates here.

Next evaluation: To be determined.


The form must be printed and delivered on the day of the assessment, attached to the medical certificate. If you prefer to register in person, the Form can be filled directly in the Administration of the basic categories, at Estadio Antonio Accioly. After completing (online), the Form must be sent to the email (below) and the registrant must pay attention to the website and our social networks for the dates and times of the evaluations. Athletes must present themselves directly at the training site. Mandatory training material: Football boots, socks (white, black or red), shin guards, shorts (white, black or red) and shirt (white, black or red). Clothes of other colors, team shirts (except ACG), earrings, necklaces, will not be allowed. Delays will not be tolerated. 


Instagram: @dragaobaseoficial

Email: [email protected]

Contact phone:  (62) 9.9821-7167


Atlético started in 2020 a remodeling project of their official soccer schools. The project is under development by the club and will be put into practice in 2021. Currently, the club has five official schools in full operation. Check out:

Urias Magalhães:  Avenida Marechal Rondon, qd. 
D, lts 26/29, Panorama Parque, Setor Urias Magalhães, Goiânia- Goias
Phone: 4141-1013 / 98413-9856
Kaikan: Avenida Planície, s/n, Setor Itatiaia. Goiânia- Goiás
Telefone: 4151-1013/ 99324-9397
Unidade Campinas: Clube do Sindergo: Av. 24 de outubro, nº 2777, Setor Aeroviário (ao lado do CROF).
Telefone: (62) 99233-0753
Unidade Bairro Goiá: Clube do Bradesco: Rua G-5, nº10, Bairro Goiá (Baixada do João Braz).
Telefone: (62) 99233-0753
Unidade Novo Planalto: Arena Planalto: Rua da divisa, esquina com rua D, Setor Novo Planalto (Região Noroeste).
Telefone: (62) 99391-6678



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Goianiense History

The Atlético Goianiense football club has the distinction of being the oldest in the city of Goiania. The club made history by being the first team from their state to win a national competition when they took home the Série C championship. After being absent from Brazil’s top level Série A for 23 years, Atlético Goianiense returned to the competition in the year 2010.

Atlético Goianiense made history in 2016 by being the first team to ever win the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B championship. They defeated the Tupi, who were already in the lower division, with a score of 5 to 3, so clinching the championship two rounds early.


Estádio Antônio Accioly is a multi-use stadium located in Goiania, Brazil. The majority of its time is spent hosting football games, including those played at the stadium by Atlético Clube Goianiense.

The stadium has a maximum capacity of 12,500 people.


Atlético-GO utilized not one but two shields throughout the decades of the 1940s and 1950s. The initial one included the initials “ACG” woven together. The second design, which resembled an upside-down triangle and came into use almost exclusively beginning in 1959, went through a few iterations before finally becoming the one that is in use today.

The new design was unveiled in the year 2020, and it featured the traditional red-and-black color scheme, the acronym “ACG” by Atlético Clube Goianiense, and the three stars (champion of Series B (2016) and bi of Series C (1990 and 2008)), but it did so in a more contemporary manner, as was desired by the board of directors.