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Deportivo Ñublense is a Chilean fútbol club based in Chillán, Chile. The club currently plays in the Chilean Primera División, the country’s highest level of professional club fútbol.

Deportivo Ñublense

Ñublense Recruitment Trials

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Ñublense History

In 1916, a group of adolescents established a sports club in the city of Ñublense with the intention of providing a safe refuge for people to engage in various sporting activities. On August 20 of that year, the club for the male students of the high school was officially renamed the Liceo Ftbol Club. Basketball and boxing were two of the other sports that were sponsored.

The football squad competed in local competitions for a significant amount of time and became victorious 11 years in a row during their time there. The squad was given the moniker Club de Deportes Ñublense in 1942, when Lautaro Vásquez Landa was hired as the head coach.

It continued playing in local leagues until 1957, when team president Moisés Noriega Alarcón moved the team to a regional league, where it competed against teams like Lord Cochrane de Concepción, Universitario, Gente de Mar, Galvarino, and Arturo Fernández Vial. After that, it returned to playing in local leagues until the present day.

In 1959, Ñublense became eligible to participate in the professionalism under the direction of coach Mario Avedao, and Ñublense was accepted into the Chilean professional league. Luis Venzano Justiniano, a goalkeeper from the Universidad de Chile, was one of the many young players that joined the club while Argentine coach Martin Garcia was in charge (the first professional football player on the team). José Borello, who had previously played for Boca Juniors and the Argentine national team, was signed by Ñublense in the year 1961. Players like Carlos Abel Jarpa Vallejos, Vicente Cox Vial, and Luis Fischer contributed to the club’s consistency, which contributed to the team’s fourth-place result.

During the first two years of the club’s existence, Ñublense played their home games at the only paved football field in Chillán, which was the stadium of Seminario School. During this time, the grass was being planted and the stands and locker facilities were being constructed. With Pedro Guzmán Alvarez serving as president and Isaac Carrasco as coach, the team enjoyed one of its most successful seasons in 1976, winning the Primera B (Chile’s Second Division) and earning promotion to the Primera División Chilena for the next season.

It was during Ñublense’s second season in the Primera División that the club hired Nelson Oyarzn Arenas, who was given the nick name “Consommé” because he mandated that his players drink consommé after each game. Arenas was the most influential coach in the club’s history and won the respect of the fans. On September 10, 1978, Nelson Oyarzan passed away from cancer. That same day, in the afternoon,

Ñublense defeated Colo-Colo in a game that will be remembered for a long time. In recognition of the coach’s contributions, the Chillán Municipal Stadium was rechristened not long after the event as the Estadio Municipal de Chillán Nelson Oyarzn. In 2004, the club was purchased by former sportscaster Sergio Zarzar, and in the same year, it was promoted to the Primera B after winning the title of the Tercera División under the direction of coach Luis Marcoleta. Ñublense finished in second place in the Primera B in the year 2006 and made his comeback to the Primera División Chilena the following year, when he placed ninth.

In summer 2008, Fernando Díaz became coach after Marcoleta’s departure for Curicó Unido. The most successful season for Ñublense was during Dáz’s tenure as coach in the Torneo de Apertura. With 41 points, the club finished the regular season in first place, five points ahead of Universidad Católica and O’Higgins. Despite being ousted by Colo-Colo in the play-off semi-finals, Ñublense was able to compete in the Copa Sudamericana 2008 for the very first time thanks to its first-place performance in the first round.

At this competition, however, Sport ncash of Peru was able to rapidly eliminate Ñublense from contention by compiling a score of 4–1 throughout the course of the match. Since 2008, the team’s performance has been steadily declining. In the 2009 season of the Primera División Chilena, Ñublense finished the season in 13th place in the yearly table with 39 points (coming very close to entering the promotion play-offs), and they achieved the same performance in the 2010 season.

Ñublense Stadium

Estadio Bicentenario Municipal The municipal government of Chillán, Chile is the owner of the Nelson Oyarzn stadium, which can be found in Chillán. It is the stadium that the Ñublense football club calls home. It was given his name in honor of Nelson Oyarzn Arenas, a coach from Bolivia. It was first opened in 1961, and it is capable of holding 12,000 people.

Ñublense Estadio Municipal Nelson Oyarzún Arenas

In 2007, the stadium was selected as one of the venues for the 2008 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup. In order for it to comply with FIFA standards, it was completely demolished and rebuilt (even the direction the pitch is facing was altered), its capacity was decreased from 17,500 to 12,000, and a roof covering all seats was built. In addition, the stadium was completely redesigned to accommodate more spectators. On November 2, 2008, the stadium underwent a re-dedication ceremony.